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Just install this FREE module and enable the following features on your Joomla website:

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1) SOCIAL SHARING - Let users share your web contents on over 90 social networks resulting into dramatic increase in referral traffic.

2) SOCIAL COUNTER - Add social counters (Like, Tweet, Google +1, Linkedin Share, etc) on your Joomla site.

JomSocial, Community Builder, Jcomment, JomFish, Kunena, K2 content management, VirtueMart


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Greek, Danish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Estonian, Polish, Portuguese

More about Social Share: http://www.loginradius.com/social-sharing
LoginRadius: http://www.loginradius.com
Live demo: http://demo.loginradius.com
Blog: http://blog.loginradius.com
Our video: http://www.youtube.com/loginradius

After some initial problems the extension works really well, definately a good social log in component!

I love this extensions. Easy to configuration and runs without bugs.

There was a little problem with the german language file and the support was very quickly at weekend.

Thank you very much to the support-team!


Posted on 27 January 2013

All I get are server time-outs wich makes it completely useless.

You have to depend on their servers working correctly. Wich they don't in my opinion. Had to de-install the component and look somewhere else.

Functional but Clunky

Posted on 27 January 2013

Be prepared to be nickeled and dimed... 99 cents per month to remove the ugly icons. Setting it up is a bit difficult but it does function as it promises. There site on which you have to add API details for each service is slow. I spnt the time to setup Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But will likely remove it functionality from our site for the following reasons. No ability to remove backlink to author, no control over module width, no ability to add my own nicely designed icons. The deal breaker is that you have to pay .99 cents per month to change to icons they have designed.

I found this extension is very useful and very configurable, but the best part is amazing technical support!!! which solved my problem (about saving configuring parameters) in a half hour! I really didn't see so much professionalism as they show to me. I recommend it.

Great product and great technical support I think it's one of the most functional free products I've ever tried, but the most important thing is the availability, reliability, competence and speed of technical support to solve problems, excellent!

awsome extension

Posted on 09 November 2012

after updating extension. it's looking awesome with share and counter. so going to be build a complete social site.

Nice little module

Posted on 24 October 2012

The module was very easy to set-up and the website is very good at walking you through setting up the various apps required for social login to work.

The support group is very responsive.

**FYI - this module will help to keep spam registrations down if used as the sole login agent. check to be sure other modules are not allowing access to the standard joomla login. I had Kuena board allowing this. I have since disabled it.

Basic free use allows 5000 users. very generous!

Would have marked it excellent; however, it appears like the analytics portion of the service is still a bit wonky.

We still plant to keep this extension deployed on our website.

Nice Job!

This is a great product. It makes adding social login through sites like facebook and linked in super easy.

But the best thing about this component is that the service Loginradius offers is absolutely top notch. They explain how to get the API keys from the different providers step by step (you really can't go wrong) and offer quick and accurate support through their 'public question' system.

could be great

Posted on 26 September 2012

I really like how fast this is the only thing I do not like is all I want this plugin for is to login from other social networks but after you login the plugin is still there on the home page and it takes up alot of room. I sent a email to them last night and I am still waiting for a reply back. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you

Social Login and Social Share

Social Login and Social Share

Free | Site Access | Deepak Gupta
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Note: The extension is developed with open APIs by Facebook and Google and have the linking from these ID providers. The extension is developed by LoginRadius team to contribute to Joomla community. Install the FREE Joomla extension and enable the following features on your Joomla website: 1) Social Login - Let users login to your Joomla website with Facebook and Google authentication. Also, capture the user profile data. 2) Social Sharing - Let users share your web contents with Google and Facebook social networks resulting into dramatic increase in referral traffic. The APIs for Facebook and Google provided AS IS and located inside the extension files.
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Social Sharing

Deepak Gupta
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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