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Antivirus Website Protection is the security plugin to prevent/detect and remove malicious viruses and suspicious codes. It detects: backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, adware, spyware and etc. Antivirus Website Protection scans not only template files, it scans and analyzes all the files of your website (even if it's not a part of Joomla core files)

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Antivirus Website Protection will be especially useful for everybody who downloads templates and extensions from torrents and websites with free stuff instead of purchase the original copies from the developers. You will be shocked, how many free gifts they have inside :)

*** Main features: ***
- Deep scan of every file on your website.
- Daily update of the virus database.
- Heuristic Logic feature.
- Alerts and Notifications in admin area and by email.
- Daily cron feature.
- Scanner can detect a wide list of malware types.
- View Security reports online.

*** The list of malware types what our scanner can detect: ***
- MySQL and JavaScript injections (There is a lot of different attacks on your website but the most popular type and the easiest is probably MySQL injection. Our scanner will help you detect all possible issues with JavaScript and MySQL)
- Website Defacements (When hackers break in to your website they can change the appearance of your website or a webpage. We have set up a feature that can help you prevent any changes on your website)
- Hidden iFrames (If hacker gets an access to your website Ftp they usually set up a hidden iFrame. That way they can use your website to get the viruses on your visitors computers)
- PHP Mailers (Sometimes hackers use your website to send a SPAM emails from your web server. Our smart scanning module was made to detect all possible PHP mailing scripts on your website and prevent your website from sending SPAM)
- Social Engineering Attacks (There are a lot of social engineering methods to get an access to your website. Our scanning software will help you to protect your website)
- Phishing Page Detection (Hackers can install a phishing page on your website without you knowing it. Sometimes they can use your website)
- Redirects
- Website Backdoors (Allow to get full control on website and server)
- Website Anomalies
- Drive-by-Downloads
- Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
- .htaccess (Hack Detection)
- Rootkits and variants of this type of malware
- Trojan horses
- Internet worms
- Fraudtools
- Adware and spyware scrips and much more...

Protect your website before the problems come. Monitor your website and minimize incident time with our automated scans.

Please note: Plugin sends and receives the data to API.


Posted on 29 July 2014

Amazing plugin. Easy to use great functionality! A++++++

Ok,i got to try this extension. Installing was easy, getting API key was super-easy and fast. First thing i noticed - they give you "trial" for one month with 30 scans total. And that "month" always ends according to calendar, so if you try this extension at end of month you will get just few days to try it. After that its 5$ per month.

But thats is not problem, really.

Main problem is strange results - i mane scat, it taken 10-15 minutes and i got report that "8400 files scanned, all clean, but few is suspicious". Thats ok.

Next day, however, i started to get TONS of mails with "your site is HACKED". These mails all pointed to same file (part of one certain 3rd-party component), which, after visual review is perfectly ok. Mail i received was pointing to scan report with "null" id and repeated scan again said its all clean, but, this time its marked WHOLE cache as suspicious.

Somehow it feels to me that main purpose is to make it sound scary or something and force customer to get subscription, but it only a guess.

Owner's reply: When you got report with id NULL, that day we got a bug and it was fixed the same day.
jGraphic Captcha Protection

jGraphic Captcha Protection

Free | Site Security | SafetyBis Ltd.
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1 review
This plugin is good solution against spam on your website. jGraphic Captcha Protection is easy to setup and use. No extra hardware or complicated software to install. It protects your website against bots and spam software. Adds extra security for user registration page, lost password page. Possible to integrate into any Joomla template. jGraphic Captcha Protection is simple, but very powerful tool, what adds a higher level of security to your website. Main features: Easy to install, easy to use. Easy for human, complicated for robots. Prevents password brute force attack on login page. Prevents automatic new user registration on your website. Block spam software. Different levels of the security. Free support.

Antivirus Website Protection

SafetyBis Ltd.
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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