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Content Construction

10x-20x more features in free version, compared to other Free CCK/Directory components

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FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)

  • Content Types (=custom forms)
  • Many highly parametrized powerful fields with select content plugin triggering
  • Drag-drop templating
  • Multi-Category assignments (secondary & featured)
  • High performance FACETED filtering !!!
  • Author management with limitations for subscriptions sites
  • etc

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense:
- articles,
- image or video galleries,
- job offers,
- product catalogues,
- business directories,
- hotel directories
- etc
within a single user interface.

  • This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place.
  • Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
  • For the web designer / end user / developer, it means a lot less headaches of interoperability/maintenance

Some of FLEXIcontent Unique features:
(none in other component's Free versions, many unique compared to commercial versions)

  • Multi Category assigments, with multiple featured categories (configurable via our Advance Route Plugin, see our FAQ)
  • Multiple Document versioning version by item and FIELD (combined with workflow and powerful notifications messages, see below)
  • Multi-state Workflow to assist both editors & publishers to add/update content to your site
  • Highly configurable powerful notification system: (Global) Component + Per Content Type + Per category
  • High parametrized Fields(=joomla plugin each) (carefully structured to assist configuration and be performance wise)
  • Powerful relation/reverse Relation fields to create custom Content Item sub-listing inside a Content Item
  • An powerful image/gallery field to create DB-reusable image/galleries or item-field specific galleries with numerous parameterization options
  • Multiple filter apperances: text field/single select/dual text range/dual select range/toggle radio/toggle checkbox(multiple filter values)
  • FACETED filter behavior for almost all searchable fields: showing filter values according to current filtering and current
  • A -Free- Advanced Search view (to host the above 2, but also available in categories too) and create content-rich listings
  • Directory/Catalog features, directory view + a powerful Alpha-Index with character aliases, character aggregations, language customizations
  • Selective plugin triggering in all fields
  • High performance frontend views and items manager, with steady performance as sites grows (installing on EXISTING larges sites 20,000+ items is still slow), (and works with full page caching extensions)
  • 30+ ACL actions (e.g. edit field value, multi category, number of item by user etc)

4 built-in module
- Universal module : you can create all list of item with powerfull scope (you can create all type of module with only one !).compatible with template, NEW carrousel template (carrousel, slideshow and Responsive)
- Search module : search module with link to advenced search, autosuggestion option link finder of joomla
- **Filtering module **: powerfull module to display search and filtering
- Tag module : simple module with tag

... many more UNIQUE

### FLEXIcontent est un système de gestion de contenu (CCK) développée pour améliorer grandement le gestionnaire de l'article natif de Joomla! (com_content)### - Types de contenu (= formulaires personnalisés) - Beaucoup de champs très puissants paramétrables via l'administration et compatible avec tous les plugins Joomla! - Templates par glisser-déposer - Multi-Catégorie (catégorie secondaires et en vedette) - Haute performance filtrage Multi-FACETTES !!! - La gestion des auteurs avec des limitations de souscription des sites - etc ** 10x-20x plus de fonctionnalités dans la version gratuite, par rapport à d'autres composants CCK/annuaire gratuit** FLEXIcontent a été conçu pour gérer le contenu dans un sens large: - Des articles, - Image ou vidéo, des galeries - Offres d'emploi, - Catalogues de produits, - Répertoires d'entreprises, - Répertoires d'hôtel - etc **Le tout sein d'une interface utilisateur unique. ** - Cela signifie pour l'utilisateur final, la simplicité d'utilisation inégalée, tout se passe en un seul endroit. - Devoir maîtriser 10 composants pour être en mesure d'administrer un site web complet n'est plus nécessaire. - Pour le concepteur du site / utilisateur final / développeur, cela signifie beaucoup moins de maux de tête de l'interopérabilité / maintenance ** Certains caractéristiques uniques de FLEXIcontent : ** (Toutes ces fonctions sont gratuites ... et beaucoups ne ce retrouvent que dans les composants payants voir pas du tout) - ** Catégorie multi-assigments **, le même article peut être dans plusieurs catégorie sans le dupliqué avec plusieurs catégories en vedette (configurables via notre Plugin AdvanceRoute, voir notre FAQ) - ** Versions multiples de documents ** Versioning ** par article et par CHAMP INDIVIDUEL ** (combinée avec des messages de workflow et de notifications puissants, voir ci-dessous) - Multi-État Workflow pour aider les éditeurs et les éditeurs à ajouter du contenu / de mise à jour de votre site - ** Système de notification de contenu puissant **: (Global) Composant + Par type de contenu + par catégorie - Champ hautement paramétrable (= Avec gestion des plugin Joomla par champ) (soigneusement structuré pour aider à la configuration et avoir des performances optimales) - Champs de relations et relation inverse puissants pour créer du contenu personnalisé lié entre 2 articles - ** Une puissante image / galerie ** gestion par base de donnée pour avoir des images ou galeries réutilisable ou des galeries spécifiques par article avec de nombreuses options de paramétrage - ** Apperances multiples des filtres **: champ de texte / sélection unique à double plage / texte / double sélection / bouton radio / Case à cocher / liste déroulante / sélecteur de date ... (valeurs de filtre multiples) - ** Comportement du filtre multi-facettes pour presque tous les champs ** : montrant les valeurs de filtre en fonction du filtrage et des articles courants - ** Une vue Recherche avancée -gratuit-** pour pouvoir créer des liste d'annonces ou annuaire trés puissantes - Fonctionalités Répertoire / catalogue, vue répertoire + un puissant Alpha-Index avec des alias de caractères, agrégations de caractères, personnalisations linguistiques - ** Haute performance pour les Vues du frontal et le gestionnaire des articles (administration) **, avec une performance assuré pour les sites qui montent en chargent (** installation sur des sites EXISTANTS de 20.000 articles sans aucun problème **), (et compatible avec les extensions de mise en cache) - Plus de 30 actions ACL (par exempleedition de champs, publication dans une ou plusieurs catégorie, le nombre d'article par l'utilisateur, etc.) 4 ** Module intégrés ** . - ** Module universel: vous pouvez créer tous liste des élément grâce à des régles puissantes ** (! Vous pouvez créer tous les types de module avec un seul) compatible avec la notion de template, ** NOUVEAU modèle de carrousel (carrousel, diaporama et responsive) ** - ** Module de recherche **: module de recherche avec lien vers la recherche avencée, ** autosuggestion comme pour le finder de joomla ** - **Module de Filtrage ** : module puissant pour afficher la recherche et le filtrage dans la position que vous souhaitez - Module de Tag: module simple avec tags ... Et beaucoup d'autres fonctions UNIQUE

Best CCK ever

Posted on 17 December 2014

The best CCK I have ever tried, should be part of Joomla core. There are some options who have been included such as multicategory since.

Ease of use

Everything isn't perfect but it's quite easy.


Good support forum. Fast answers and if some options isn't available it's added to future feature list or bug report so that Flexi evolves.


There are many tutorials on the site, it's still a bit messy and I think there should be more video tutorials but it's quite good to start.

I used this to: Multi-language website with multiple categories, custom types and filtering functions.


This program has an incredible level of functionality and I have just begun using the front end forms and hope to continue to grow my content with it

Ease of use

This program is great and the basic features are very easy to use. More advanced features may leave less experienced developers such as me desiring better documentation and support options.


I have searched the forum to better understand certain features. It can be difficult to understand what do do if you are not an experienced developer but I have figured out enough.


I would like to see more video tutorials in English and an easier to use forum with more focus on using front end forms. Where do I get more help?

I used this to: I use this extension to manage categories, tags, and items on my site. I have been building my own site for a year and use most features. I continue to find better ways to use the extension and am excited about the flexibility and power to create fields on frontend forms.


Posted on 14 October 2014

watching this extenion for 2 years now on svn googlecode, using flexicontent forum for detailed questions,recherche and learning...

1.)if i am struggling with custom modifiactions, using the component, and also features request, Theres is always HELPFUL!!, DAILY!!, COMPETENT!! answer/solution!!!!

That makes using this very complex component a dream, and ideas or visions of extented use are not bordered by own technical knowhow...

2.)The component is in ACTIVE Developed all TIME:

feautures, bugs, Joomla LTS. updates,...

understanding how to make custom changes to fe. templates UPGRADABLE is very important, because the component gets constantly optimized, feautures upgraded,

3.)Versions of Joomla compatibility from 1.5 to 3.3.x neatless!!!!always in time, NO LTS philosophy!!!

even Version for Joomla 1.5 users where(are?) maintained a long time after joomla removed support.

3.)the component itself:

depending on the homepage-project dimension and knowledge, offers IMPORT of CSV, alot of plugins, template-Views of DATA, filtering, really something to dive into.

It is not totally easy, but iam glad about projects, where this component gets used and shows its power.

GREATEST WORK, AWESOME flexiteam/developers/moderators!!!!!!!

Really incredible extension. It has a solution for everything I was looking to do.

Best of all the support is one of the best I've had.

Great job guys!

This extension has been excellent from the beginning. It has an easy to use template system, and field level acl support. This amazing feature allows us to use this as the core of our library, while securing full access for only subscribed users.

Also, the support team is very responsive with suggestions and solutions. Overall, I could not be happier.

Lots of options, infinite possibilities, great forum support. Way yo go if you need more than Joomla's core functionality.

So powerful that we view every day.

A question, a problem? No worries, a community available and reactive. Quick updates and continuous developments.

Joomla, it is.

Joomla flexicontent, It's better.

Thanks to the developers, translators and the user community.

Almost any application can be designed through Flexicontent.

His framework for various joomla plugin modules can continue to use.

Unlike any other CCK, he has maximum flexibility and compatibility.

He does not need to find support modules, because he is compatible with any of the articles module.

If you are good at design templates, you can easily create anything is possible.

You can design any conditions through Flexicontent module content presentation.

Thank Flexicontent ongoing development efforts.

FLEXIcontent is by far a Great component.

Really Good!, Awesome product, Very useful and excellent support, User-friendly, Excellent Team.

The best under this category, and all this for free.

The missing in the FLEXIcontent for non-developers like me, it is a form generator.

Thank you very much for this Big compoment.


(Sorry for my poor english)

Excellent product

Posted on 27 June 2014

Quick and intelligent support.

Extremely FLEXIble extension, I have searched for months, but all I needed were here!

Since my site is non-commercial, it is great, that people like me can get top-quality product with that level support.


v2.2.0 stable
FLEXIcontent Project
Last updated:
Dec 19 2014
Date added:
Dec 11 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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