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Content Construction

Build high-end websites faster than ever.
Fit your clients' needs.. has never been so easy.

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SEBLOD is a WEB APPLICATION BUILDER for Joomla! This concept extends the functionality of the most used CMS in the world, without hack.
A simple and 100% open source environment to meet the most specific needs...

Based on the concept of CCK (Content Construction Kit), SEBLOD enables the advanced management of content types while remaining compatible with all Joomla extensions. It's well possible to produce custom catalogs to showcase products, real estate, films ... But also directories, calendars, or more complex Extranet applications.

Main features:
Total integration in Joomla!: Use comcontent, comcategories, com_users...

Advanced forms & content types: Drag&Drop Interfaces, AJAX, over 40 field types...

Multi criteria search & list views: Custom criteria, list of results templates...

Template Framework: 42 positions...

Out of the box applications: Create / import /export your own apps (including content types + search features + list templates...)

Multi-site system: One Joomla installation for many sites, separated front and admin for each site, so easy to use... The first multisite solution integrated to Joomla.

Custom storage: Data Table Field, JSON, XML...

Flexible Plugin system: Field, validation, typo, storage, link, live...

I don't know how to write a line of code, php, MySQL are just strange language for me. With Seblod, learn a bit of their syntaxe and you will have the possibilities to create all the apps your website need. If you need help, forum or professionnal support is a real plus. Thanks to all seblod team for their work and their availability.

While I am excited to see the potential of what Seblod can do for a CCK solution. Its a very buggy and temperamental component and poor use of Ajax technology.

Just opening a exiting list or content type can completely reset your template layout making it very nerve racking when updating a clients site. Default template layout is very buggy with eratic displays for list view on front end. These issues have been well expressed to the developers yet there is so far no 100% fix, usually just workarounds.

Power and patience

Posted on 15 July 2014

At our first meeting at JandBeyond in 2012, we were introduced to SEBLOD. Thank you for that.

The CCK with the most powerful options you can imagine.

This has helped us take a new view on how projects can be worked on, making almost every project we do achievable.

For those who are struggling, take the time to learn the system, it will be worth the effort.

Thanks to Sebastien and his team.

Most powerful CCK

Posted on 15 February 2014

Seblod has powerful image gallery, template overrides and Search options. It's amazing extension. Thank you

SEBLOD is by far the most powerful component for Joomla!

I have used SEBLOD for 3 years and am continually amazed by the new features and updates that the development team produce. All of my Joomla! projects now run SEBLOD as it gives you flexibility to tailor your content types and forms specifically to your client's needs.

The SEBLOD community on the forums is great too. Everyone is willing to help out where they can. This is something really special and is evidence that everyone who uses SEBLOD believes in it's unlimited possibilities.

SEBLOD allowed me to create powerful websites without knowing PHP or SQL. My development time for websites has reduced dramatically. It is fantastic.

Add fields to the Joomla! article form, create your own new custom content types, create dynamic list pages, create powerful search functionality and much more.

Thank you, and continue the great work.

I have been using Joomla for last 4 years, after trying approx all CCKs and Application Builders, I found that this is the best extension if one wants to create something special in less time.

Years ago I met Saba on a JUG, and he told me all about Seblod. I didn't get it. I figured it was just another K2.

It's so much more. It allows for the total conversion of your Joomla platform, making it ideal for commercial use.

There is a lot to learn with this CCK / App Builder. It's not for any novice, but you don't have to be an expert programmer to work with it.

The ability to build completely unique custom content types for a variety of clients makes this the most valuable extension available for Joomla! Best of all you can keep the core content models as an option for flexibility.

I'm currently working on two huge projects I wouldn't dream of doing without Seblod. A Client-Side Auction Site and a Customer Resource Manager.

The only drawback is the community isn't active enough, there's not much support from the mods, and they don't share Apps on the Seblod website (such as Forum or Ecommerce).

On the other hand, you can find great documentation and tutorials just by googling.

My only question at this stage... how is Seblod supposed to be pronounced?

Very unstable

Posted on 10 December 2013

If have tried to use Seblod many many times, started with the first releases and know 3.1.5.

But unfortunately the main issues were never solved. The well known issue of "missing template" has a new look, but instead of making the error more fancy, Seblod should have fixed it.

The crux of Seblod is its implementation in Joomla! CMS. Instead of enhance the core items like articles, categories or users, or just live aside core items, Seblod is placed above them. This could work, if there weren't other extensions or the CMS itselfs.

Just a choice of points which makes me hate Seblod:

1. Editing content types is still bugged (breaks the whole site) and a crapshoot

2. Missing clear seperation of cck-items and core-items

3. High risk of breaking things if you do "natural" things like click on the edit-button on articles list

4. Super complex template system without the ability to create what you want

5. Not taking any advantage of Joomla! (like native template system)

But maybe the biggest point is:

Seblod had enough time to evolve and become a solid CCK, but nothing happens.

Owner's reply: Sybrek, it seems you miss a lot of things.

There is no "issue" about "missing template". If you don't assign a template to your view it's normal and the message is here to help you!

1. Not true
2. It's an advantage. The end user keep the same interface. Joomla article editing and SEBLOD article editing is exactly the same. On Joomla side it's static, on SEBLOD side it's dynamic and can you change any elements.
3. False, you can click on all Joomla action buttons in article manager, it's working nice with SEBLOD too!
4. You miss a lot of features on SEBLOD templates such as standard Joomla override
5. Totally stupid! SEBLOD is build on Joomla framework, totally integrated to Joomla and just bring you all features that Joomla can not do such as CCK features, form features, custom search features..

SEBLOD 3 use all new features of Joomla 3 and you have now just 60 new products around SEBLOD such as Importer Add-on, Select Dynamic Cascade Field, Developer Add-on..

Great, Great, Great

Posted on 10 December 2013

Seblod is not just a CCK it is a very nice tool for creating webapps i have created/Creating lots of Apps using it, it will boost your speed.

also i have to mention that it was user friendly enough for me, at list in my experience, i have not read any document before using it

I have built different types of websites using Joomla. No matter the content on each one, I always find myself coming back to Seblod to get things the way I want it.

It is a learning curve, but it is amazing how you can carve your content into whatever you want. The best part, I think, is that you can tell it where to store the data in the database.

Developer Add-on for SEBLOD

Developer Add-on for SEBLOD

Free | SEBLOD extensions | Octopoos
1 review
Developer Add-on for SEBLOD exports a zip archive including all files/folders to speed up the development of plug-ins for SEBLOD. Create any kind of plug-ins in a few clicks: - Field (cckfield) Plug-in - Link (cckfieldlink) Plug-in - Live (cckfieldlive) Plug-in - Object (cckstoragelocation) Plug-in - Typography (ccktypo) Plug-in - Validation (cckfieldvalidation) Plug-in Ease of use: Easy Requirements: Latest release of SEBLOD 3.x Target: Developers
c e
Tabs Template for SEBLOD

Tabs Template for SEBLOD

Paid download | SEBLOD extensions | Octopoos
0 reviews
Tabs Template for SEBLOD displays any list of items (Articles, Categories, Users..) with a Bootstrap tabs/pills style. Ease of use: Easy Installation: Ready to use, after install through the Joomla! Extension Manager. Requirements: Latest release of SEBLOD 3.x Target: Builders, Integrators
Accordion Template for SEBLOD

Accordion Template for SEBLOD

Paid download | SEBLOD extensions | Octopoos
0 reviews
Accordion Template for SEBLOD displays any list of items (Articles, Categories, Users..) with a Bootstrap accordion style. Ease of use: Easy Installation: Ready to use, after install through the Joomla! Extension Manager. Requirements: Latest release of SEBLOD 3.x Target: Builders, Integrators
Select Dynamic Cascade for SEBLOD

Select Dynamic Cascade for SEBLOD

Paid download | SEBLOD extensions | Octopoos
0 reviews
Select Dynamic Cascade for SEBLOD displays an AJAX Cascading Drop-down list. Each drop-down is filled dynamically depending on the value of the previous one. Example: a drop-down of cities dynamically populated after the selection of a country. Ease of use: Easy Requirements: Latest release of SEBLOD 3.x Target: Builders, Integrators
p e


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Dec 15 2014
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Jul 28 2009
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