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Events Management, Booking, Events Calendars, Events Registration, Appointment & Schedule

JomEvents is an advanced Events extension for Joomla, offers great look and functionality including Online Tickets and Google Calendar integration.

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Great design seamless integration with your current Joomla design, no need to employ further design consultants to develop a design specifically for this part of the site.


  1. Unlimited categories and address levels
  2. Multiple layouts and colour schemes
  3. Custom fields and groups
  4. Resizeable images and images ratio
  5. SEO friendly
  6. Multilingual
  7. Google calendar integration
  8. Powerful front admin with statistics, listing manage for front-end users
  9. Tickets sell online
  10. Membership with unlimited levels
  11. and much more...

Events Specifications
- Events With Title, Description Content And Venue
- Ability To Define Custom Fields for An Event
- Ability To Upload Multiple Images For An Event
- Ability To Add Joomla Articles For An Event
- Unlimited Number Of Event Occurrences
- Ability To Search Events Using Smart Search Feature
- Ability To Filter The Events By Dates, Event Categories, Venues And Custom Fields
- Ability To Edit / Delete Event Venues

Great Events Extension

Posted on 09 July 2015

Complete list of features to manage an events site

Ease of use

Very simple to instal and use.


We have been using JomEvents for months now and everytime some customization needs to be done, the developers are ready to help us out.


Crisp and clear documentation that really helps. The screenshots help a great deal in understanding the functionality.

Value for money

It is absolutely spot on in terms of value for money.



Paid download | Booking & Reservations | Comdev
5 reviews
Are you looking to create a booking site that is sophisticated yet simple? Be it a hotel trying to beat the competition with its innovative booking site, a travel agent with a flexible booking system to cater to various holiday destination or a full-fledged website in the likes of or airbnb, what you need is a flexible booking system that lets you customize as per your personal taste. With 3 plans that cater to different booking system needs, you can get your site up and running in no time. If you want to start a booking site and try JomHoliday, get started with the Community plan. Create your travel booking portal with robust framework using the JomHoliday Professional and Business plans. All plans come with unlimited access to support and forums, which means help is around all the time! Here is what you get when you decide to build your booking site with JomHoliday! Highlights • Advanced search and filter capabilities that makes searching for listings much faster and that much more precise. • Online Booking and Resource addition. So, you want to create a complete booking solution and create accommodation options that unique to each listing? JomHoliday provides an easy interface to do just that. • Booking Add-ons and prices individually when you create listings. You no longer have to struggle with times when promotional discounts need to be added for a particular time period. Also, adding additional services such as additional beds, TVs or others is simplified with the booking add-ons. • Gorgeous look and colour schemes. This extension was created taking into account feedback received by customers who were unhappy with the look and feel of other booking templates. The colour schemes are pleasant and very easy on the eyes. • Be social with advanced ratings and reviews features. Since every listing owner wants to know how their property is faring in a booking portal, we include a very advanced UI for ratings and reviews that present the listing value in a glance to interested customers. • Add attachments to give additional information. If you want to share brochures or entertainment information available for your listing before booking it to the customer, you can now attach these in PDF format. • Membership plans. Segregate users and customers that access your booking portal based on privileges for each membership. You can control what screens are available for which membership type. • Tags supported. Tags help in making your listing more SEO and search friendly. With tag support, you can make sure that none of your customers miss out on your listing. • Ajax driven booking form. Ajax support means compatibility and flexibility. It also means that no matter how big or small your booking portal is, the booking forms will support it nonetheless. • Advanced user dashboard to manage booking. Dashboards provide multiple options to the user to manage booking and see booking related information in a single glance. Functionalities • Powerful front end administration. Front end is not only intuitive but supports hosts of features such as statistics, intelligent booking management and much more. • Detailed statistics. As a booking portal manager, you always want to know which listing is the one creating more traffic, and in turn, more sale for you. These statistics let you analyse which the favourite listing and also the most viewed listing is. • SEO friendly with rich snippets. Meta descriptions are where you mention a brief summary about what you listing has to offer. This needs to be SEO friendly for search engines to be able to tap into it and put it out there when a customer searches for similar type of a listing. • Create custom fields as per your business needs. No matter how well built your booking portal is, there is always scope for adding personalized or customized additions. This is exactly why JomHoliday presents this flexibility directly to the user in the interface. No complex coding required! • Cascade categories and address to unlimited levels. You can now display even the smallest detail in an address without worrying about if the system will support it. Cascading categories and addresses that go in unlimited levels means that you can add as much details as required. • Multiple layouts to showcase listings. We understand that some customers prefer text rich sites while some image rich. That is exactly why we provide multiple layouts that customers can switch based on their preference. • Joomla Smart Search integrated. Your customers can now search for multiple combinations and reach to the exact piece of information that they were looking for in your booking site. So don’t wait to create a booking site that stands apart and gives you optimum return on investment. Get started with JomHoliday now!
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Paid download | Directory | Comdev
5 reviews
JomDirectory is a very powerful multilingual Directory component that gives you the flexibility to create any type of Directory website: Business Directory, Product Showcase, Movie Database, Member Directory and much more. It has been developed using the latest standards and it is perfectly integrated with Joomla Smart Search, ACL, Users and Articles. Administrators have complete control over the Directory from the back-end. You may define unlimited categories and unlimited addresses. Standard fields are not enough? You may enter as many custom fields as you like. Enter your Directory listings with photo, attachments, map location, etc. Define metadata for directory categories and listings. Do you have an agency with many agents? Do your partners want to publish their listings to the directory? They can do that on their own using the powerful Directory Front-End Admin. Use the Membership feature to define several subscriptions options and your partners/agents will have the tool to manage directory (enter/edit/delete) their own listings. Administrator can review directory posting before publishing. Detailed statistics will help your partners/agents to control how many visitors are visiting their listings. Are you interested in feedbacks from your directory visitors? They may rate and review all listings and administrators can moderate those reviews. JomDirectory is responsive ready so you may create your directory site and your visitors may access it from any device. Save time on design using the professional Business Pages directory template. Main features: 1. Unlimited directory categories and sub-categories with images and descriptions 2. Multilingual Addresses with any deep levels 3. Custom Fields and Groups 4. Multiple layouts and colour schemes 5. Resizeable images and images ratio 6. Support to Joomla Breadcrumps 7. SEO friendly withg Rich Snippets 8. Multilingual 9. Joomla smart search integration 10. Powerful front admin with statistics, listing manage for front-end users 11. Ratings and reviews 12. Attachments with meta data 13. Membership with unlimited levels 14. Joomla Articles Integration 15. Control all messages being sent, Email content, From, To etc. 16. Responsive Ready 17. and much more... Additionally: 1. Ajax Powered Live Map Search Module 2. Advanced Slideshow Module 3. Business Pages Template 3. Quick Start Package (fully-automated installation)
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JomEstate PRO

JomEstate PRO

Paid download | Real Estate | Comdev
3 reviews
Real Estate JomEstate component allows you to create an Real Estate Portal or Real Estate Agency Website in minutes. It is perfect for independent estate agents, property rental companies and property developers! Thanks to years of experience, we've developed the new version of our Estate component. JomEstate seamlessly integrates, and uses most of Joomla has to offer for best compatibility. Modular build creates multiple configuration options for most demanded requirements. Real Estate Front Admin allow Real Estate Agency and Real Estate Brokers to manage property site. Your partners/agents will have a powerful Front-End Panel to manage their own listings. It also integrates a Membership Plans feature which you can customise to limits on each plan. Annualy and monthly payments are possible using PayPal. Do you have a local Real Estate agency or a Real Estate multi-country company? JomEstate can be configured with as many address levels as you need with multilingual translations. Enhance your visitors experience showing them the environment around your properties with Street View from Google Maps and search for point of interests. JomEstate Real Estate comes with nice and clean layout that can be easy customized. Enable your website to be visited from any device thanks to the responsive design! Save time on design using the professional Realty Finder Joomla template. Features include: 1. Unlimited categories and sub-categories with images and descriptions 2. Multilingual Addresses with any deep levels 3. Multiple layouts and colour schemes 4. Agents & Companies 5. Custom fields and groups 6. Resizeable images and images ratio 7. SEO friendly with rich snippets 8. Multilingual 9. Map POI search 10. Google Street View 11. Joomla Smart Search integration 12. Support to Joomla Breadcrumps 13. Energy Class 14. Powerful front admin with statistics, listing manage for front-end users 15. Membership with unlimited levels 16. Multiple Price Types 17. Responsive Ready 18. and much more... Additionally: 1. Ajax Search module to live search on the map 2. Advanced slideshow module 3. Realty Finder - Joomla Estate Template 4. Quick Start Package (fully-automated installation)
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Jun 16 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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