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The most popular and most loved event management extension for Joomla!

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With 99% of satisfied customers, premium support & powerful options, Ohanah is the right choice for you when it comes to deal with events. Fully compatible with any Joomla! version.

Over 1 million events have been created using Ohanah in just 3 years. People from all over the world are using Ohanah every day to organise their seminars, community gatherings, music shows and any type of event that you can imagine.


Ohanah will let you fully manage all aspects of your events.

  • event management (recurring events included)
  • venue management (geolocation included)
  • attendee management (notifications included)
  • and much more…

All at your fingertips, easy to use also for your clients, and with a beautiful interface. A great user experience is guaranteed.


No need to be a CSS expert in order to have an amazing looking site. Ohanah will automagically blend in with your existing layout and design, and your events will have the same look & feel of your site.


Let your visitors browse and access all your events on their smartphones. With Ohanah you get a fully customisable jQuery based Mobile app, which can even be converted into a native app.


Ohanah truly speaks your language. Translated into 36 languages and used in more than 100 countries, Ohanah is one of the few extensions on the JED that is really multilingual. Check the list of available languages here http://ohanah.com/features/powerful-options


Ohanah is developer friendly and provides a full REST API and a JSON output that let you take control over its customisation.

Have additional questions? Visit our website http://ohanah.com or check out our the demo http://ohanah.com/in-action/event-list


Posted on 12 October 2014

Great for our offroad-trips! But most of all .... great support.

Owner's reply: Thanks! We are not afraid to get our wheels dirty to help you to get to finish line :)


Posted on 09 September 2014

Fantastically useful extension for events!

Previously, I used RsEvents Pro, but often I had troubles with it's customization to customer's requirements. Once we switched to Ohana - all problems disappeared. Expansion Ohana has a very convenient and simple administration panel. Support service very quickly resolves any issues.

In Ohana it is very easy to add additional fields in the forms. And it has a fantastic application for smartphones!

I am very pleased with this extension, and will recommend it to everyone!

Owner's reply: Thank you deeprus, we really appreciate your kind words. The fact that you would recommend Ohanah to your friends make us very happy and proud!

Thank you very much for providing such a great event extension!

Top Class

Posted on 30 March 2014

Again I had a few problems but I have to say support is amazing!

Bojan really does care about ohanah and offers all the support you need and more!

Ohanha and bojan can be trusted 100℅

One slight dissapointment is that the add event page is not responsive but I'm sure bojan and team are working on it.

Thanks Bojan/ohanah

Owner's reply: Just a quick THANKS... I have to run, we have some responsive forms to sort out...

Great App Great Support

Posted on 17 March 2014

I've always loved the component. Works great out of the box, it has all the features you need while still being simple to use/administer.

Now I can say their support is great too. Dunno about technical support as I've never had a problem with the component. In terms of sales/admin support, they were very quick and very helpful. My team accidentally purchased two different licenses from them. After a few emails within 24-48 hours they refunded one of the licenses and synced up our accounts.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review. It took a while to connect all the dots, but we managed it. Thanks for your patience and cooperation in the process.

While there are many free extensions for Joomla that solve our problems, I dont mind paying for extensions that do the job or add something that I really need. So I buy this extension after the excellent reviews and promptly install it on an aging Joomla 1.5 website. It installed flawlessly and the detailed videos and documentation filled in the gaps to get it configured for my site. Discovered the need for a couple of tweaks to fine tune the styling of the pages and one problem that I needed support for. Here's where the authors of this extension separate themselves from all of the other vendors I have bought extensions from.

When I described the problem Bojan logged in to look over the site and find a fix. When the fix I requested (playing a video link with Allvideos plug-in inside of an event page) proved difficult to correct quickly, He offered to take a backup of our site, install it on a local machine and burrow into it and find a solution. The time commitment that he offered to get this extension rocking on my old Joomla 1.5 site was unexpected and I was grateful.

Since I am in the process of upgrading this particular site to Joomla 3.x and a new template, I didn't avail myself of their offer but I thought it would be helpful for potential customers to know that these guys know the secret to delivering an awesome customer experience.

Owner's reply: Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words. We are waiting for you to upgrade your site, so we can together make it awesome.

Ohanah is the best event management extension I know.

A lot of features and excellent support.

Owner's reply: Thanks!

I own three Event Management Extension

Ohanah - I always had a desire to buy but it looked too much married to JSN Venture Template and hesitated a lot.

When I tired it al-last It was so confusing with module Injector and shit like that but after couple of hours of concentration it fit my purpose so good that I will never regret buying it.

btw support is Great too...

"Maps for All events" Module is so crazy.

but people who are looking for event management extension without a Design but just functional like more dropdown options and Complex Configuration of Email and etc., please try OSDONATION Event Booking or TicketMaster.

Owner's reply: Hi,

Thanks. We really appreciate your time to write a review. Just to make few things clear:
- Module injector is not needed anymore in Joomla 3
- Ohanah will work with any template
- Map of all events module is crazy GOOD :)

Thanks again and have fun using Ohanah!

Ohanah Review

Posted on 04 March 2014

In my experience, this is not the most user friendly extension straight out of the box. A consolidated user manual would be very helpful also.

But anytime I needed assistance, the developer was extremely helpful and responsive to my requests.

The only thing that was disappointing to me (as a non-professional Joomla user) was the difference in appearance of the extension versus the demo site. I was hoping to have much more styling right out of the box, but I learned that all of the styling is inherited from my template. So I had to do many customizations to try to get it to look the way that I wanted. It still doesn't look as good as in the demo, but I do not have the required knowledge to write css.

All in all, it is very worthwhile for the price paid with great support.

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your review. We will have in mind your suggestions and we will strive to make Ohanah even better.
About customisation, as always, we are there for you. If you still need some work done to fit Ohanah perfectly in your template, we will be happy to help.

I must say that this extension does exactly what its supposed to do, out of the box and ALSO the support is incredible. I though I had a problem with the extension, wrote an e-mail to the support team and they just fixed it for me.!!!

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your kind words.
Ohanah Calendar

Ohanah Calendar

Paid download | Extensions Specific non sorted | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
1 review
Use a calendar to filter and list your events using Ohanah. Learn more: http://www.ohanah.com
m e


Free | Events | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
15 reviews
Add the most powerful event registration system to your Joomla site with one click. Publish your Eventbrite events as Joomla article with ticket dispenser to sell tickets and map widget embedded in seconds. About Eventbrite: Eventbrite is an online leading service that people everywhere use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Whether it’s a local photography class, or a sold-out concert in a city stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. Eventbrite enable event creation, promotion and ticket sales. Make an account for free at Eventbrite here: http://www.eventbrite.com/r/combrite Combrite in a nutshell: Search Eventbrite right from Joomla! admin Make standard Joomla! articles from events with just one click Article is based on simple HTML template that is easy to customize Map and ticket widget are automatically inserted into article Option to choose map size Ticket widget can adapt it's size based on number of types of tickets available Support by mail Opensource and free Learn more about Combrite: http://combrite.com
c p


Paid download | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
1 review
Mailchimp for ohanah is an extension for ohanah event management system. It easily and quickly integrates mailchimp features directly into your events. How does it work: After having installed ohmailchimp and enabled it, you just have to insert your mailchimp API Key in the setting view. From now on, whenever you create or edit an event, you will be able to connect them to a different mailing list previously created in your mailchimp account. When people register to your event, they will be automatically added to that list, populating it out of the box and allowing you to manage communication, before, during and after your event in a more powerful and easy way. Ohmailchimp also work with the new event frontend submission system Mailchimp for ohanah is distributed for free when purchasing ohanah.
c e
Ohanah Registration & Attendees List

Ohanah Registration & Attendees List

Paid download | Extensions Specific non sorted | Beyounic SA
0 reviews
List your registered attendees on your event page. Show payed only or show all of the registered people attending your event. You can even use gravatar to show their avatars based on their email address. Learn more: http://www.ohanah.com
m e


Beyounic SA
Last updated:
Dec 18 2014
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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