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The Club Registration Component is an extension for Joomla 3. It can be used to manage social or sporting clubs or groups which are made up of paying members (Players or Swimmers) and Club Officials (Team leaders or Coaches). Players can be assigned to groups and sub groups. Club officials can add notes to players, add emergency contact details, add simple payment details, upload file as well as keep a log of all items (assets given to players)

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The component can be used to recieve expression of interest from either senior players or from guardians of junior players. These EOI can then be approved or declined. If they are approved they form the starting point for gathering player registration information


Posted on 27 April 2015

I can't really speak to the functionality because I've yet to be able to get the product to work and I'm not new at using joomla,

Ease of use

I've found this component to be very difficult to use. It's extremely unintuitive.


I feel the support offered is sorely lacking. I can't understand why they have not set up a user forum where questions can be posed.


Very little documentation is available and what is available is not geared to basic functionality of the product. There is no step by step.

I used this to: I'm trying to use this as a member list for a group I organize. I've spent hours trying to figure it out to no avail

Excellent support

Posted on 31 October 2014


I was having trouble installing the extension, and got quick support via email and managed to the extension installed. Thank you guys!

It's always a great plus when you know an extension comes with help when needed. :)

I'm using this component to manage a youth sport club and I've found exactly what I was looking for.

It was not so easy to set it up at the beginning but the developer gives a friendly and immediate support and it works great.

This is a worth paying free extension. Good job. Thanks

A lot of thought and expertise went into this component. I'm developing a youth sport club site and the ability to associate players with guardians is a must which this does very well. I'm excited to see which way they go with this. I have had a couple of questions for the developer and received very prompt reply.

Amazing & Unique !

Posted on 08 April 2014

So powerful ! difficult (for me) to understand how it works, but very powerful and there's nothing else doing what it does ! I'm ready to pay for that and to help !!Thanx to authors to share...

i dont believe that is free.

i think is very good to be true.

I communicate with the administrator and he was very helpfull and i think i'm very glad to him.

I think i'm lucky i had this application for free.

Its a matter of time to be a well payed extension.

Great Potential

Posted on 27 November 2013

I've recently installed this and absolutely loving it. After looking for ages for a team management plugin for joomla, i've finally found what I'm looking for. Quick, friendly support is an bonus too. Really looking forward to further updates/enhancements

Club Registration

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Nov 19 2014
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