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Easy Profile is a powerful component for Joomla that allows you to profile users by using custom fields.

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  • Custom Fields
    Profiled users by creating custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, textarea/editor, image, radio, checkbox, email, date, GoogleMaps (Pro version only), hidden, link, delimeter.

    • Avatar Easy Profile allows users to configure their own avatar.
  • User List & Search
    You can search users using the custom search form.

  • Basic Conditions with Usergroups
    You can set conditions for each field to hide/show other custom fields and assing Usergroups.

  • Redirect
    You can set redirect for first login, or for each login.

  • Jomsocial Bridge
    Many components are integrated with jomsocial. Good. Now thanks to the extension Jomsocial Bridge will also integrate with Easy Profile.

  • Registration & Edit Profile Tabs View
    You can set the layout for registration and editing the profile by breaking it down into tabs. In this way, each group of fields will be presented in a tab.

  • Name Style
    One of the limitations of Joomla is the name of the user, it uses a single field to profile the user name. With Easy Profile you can outline the users you want (example. name, first name and last name or first name, middle name and surname).

  • Joomla Registration & Edit Profile
    The development of Easy Profile seen in seamless integration with Joomla API. The user registration and profile modification are those of native Joomla. This allows us to have a guarantee on the security and lighten the load on the CSS Stylesheet. Easy Profile integrates seamlessly into the native user management of Joomla.

  • Author & Content Plugin
    With the Author Plugin you can insert a link to profile to each article. With Content Plugin you can insert any user field into article.

  • Joomla Native Multilanguage
    The field labels, descriptions, field options and everything else included are translated from native multilingual system of Joomla.

  • Login Type
    You can choose to login via username, email or both.

  • Privacy Control
    Easy Profile allows you to decide whether the user can set privacy for each field.

  • Social Connect (Pro version only)
    Integrate your website with the top 4 online social networking platforms. Easy Profile currently allowing you to login or link account with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Thumbs Up!

Posted on 21 May 2015

Worked great!

Ease of use






Value for money


I used this to: Social media logins and custom user fields.


Works exactly as detailed by the developer and better than expected.

Ease of use

Works right with Joomla's core (which is a very smart way of making things work): hence, no hassle at all.


I could not believe the length to which the developer goes to help you: sometimes, he makes you think you're buddies.


I gave a high score, even though the documentation is less than complete, because the developer more than makes up for it via his support.

Value for money

Personally, I think it's worth more than its price (almost double, I'd say): and you get a free social network plugin with it, too.

I used this to: I use this extension on a travel blog that was just opened: it must have been my lucky charm, as I already have many registered users. :-)


Wow. Beautiful component. Incredibly powerful. I have been playing with it all day.

Ease of use

Fairly straightforward. with no shortage of options!


Unbelievably fast. Very helpful.


Quite good.

Value for money

I would pay double. Triple maybe!

I used this to: Custom profiles


A much needed tool for importing users into Joomla

Ease of use

Easy to use - install free version of Easy Profile component, install import plugin. Create csv file making using semicolon sperators


Very responsive and concise support


Pretty east to follow.

Value for money

Free - great value

I used this to: Importing a list of members into professional organisation website - great time saver

I spent a lot of time looking for a directory-type component for a site in development, only to find they were all way more than the client needed. This extension did just the trick and accomplished everything very easily. Perfect for small clubs or member-based organizations that just need basic member display options rather than extensive online registration and user-management processes. At first it seemed the documentation was a bit lacking, but the component is really rather intuitive and there wasn't anything that didn't become really obvious after a few minutes of poking around. Thanks for saving me a ton of time!

Good extension!

Posted on 30 August 2014

Don't look for much documentation other than the basic installation stuff. Actually using the extension is pretty much trial and error until you get it.

I got this so that I could modify user registration and automatically assign new users to appropriate groups. This extension does that!

It did take me some time to figure out how to configure options and conditions for the new fields so the user group would properly change but, with some playing around, I got there.

What more to say?

Posted on 06 August 2014

Perfect, easy, fantastic ! THE solution for the poor user-profile in Joomla.

This is by far the best Joomla experience I EVER had! and I use Joomla extensively since 2005!

Now the support is incredible and the software VERY WELL done.

It extends the Joomla usermanager and allows you to have multiple user profiles and custom fields. You can generate userlists by creating a menu link and entering a simple SQL command.

Easy profile is also the foundation of an impressive community software that can be installed as a plugin! However you may not need this so easy profile is the PERFECT so long awaited extension of the Joomla user manager and should be integrated in the core!

Since I profited a lot from the support and the software itself (I used CB for 5 years with 25.000 users)and must rate this component 10 stars! Gracie!


Posted on 06 June 2014

All i wanted is to add an image and a few extra fields in the registration process of my website. I searched a lot in JED and found enough solutions, but most of them too complicated, tricky and full of extra features i didn't really want.

This wonderful extension offered exactly what i need! Installed fast, integrated well with my Joomla 3.3 and had no conflicts with my template.

Documentation is a little poor, and balloon tips in Back-end are worst.. but there is an active forum and those people seem to be very helpful -although i didn't post anything i saw fast replies there.

The package installs three plugins. Don't forget to enable these plugins after your first installation, otherwise you will be wondering - like me- why it's not working..

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your vote! you are right with regard to the documentation, we are sorry and surely will improve, indeed thanks for the suggestion. The plugins should be activated after installation, we will investigate this issue. Thanks again.

Easy profile is really very easy and powerful Joomla profiler component.

Also they provide the best support to their customers

Thanks to developer, I recommend it to all Joomla users

Easy Profile - Social Network

Easy Profile - Social Network

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | JSN Project Company
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With Social Network Plugin you can make Easy Profile as Social Network. --- REQUIRE Easy Profile Basic or Pro - --- Some features: User Profile Newsfeed Friendship with Friend Suggestions Cover Image Private Message Notification Center Like/Dislike Reports Featured Members Groups Newsfeed Group Photo, Video and Discussion Invitation System Different group types: Private,Public or Restricted Categories for Group Featured Group Video Sharing Share video from Vimeo or Youtube Tags Related Video Categories for Video Comments & Likes Privacy Options Photo & Album Photo Tagging Categories for Albums Comments & Likes Tags Privacy Options Events RSVP Tracking Event Map Newsfeed Invitation System Categories for Events Blog Tags Categories for Blogs Comments & Likes Upload Image Discussions Tags Related Video Categories for Video Comments & Likes Pin/Lock Topic Upload Attachment

Easy Profile

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May 22 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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