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The Live Chat extension installs live chat to your Joomla website in just a few minutes. Allow your visitors to chat with you live if they have any questions or need support!

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You can use the out-of-the-box Formilla Live Chat web interface to begin live chat immediately. The live chat button will appear on your Joomla website upon installation/activation of this extension. Live Chat software allows you to use your favorite live chat client as long as it works with Google Talk (e.g. Pidgin, Trillian, IMO, etc.).

Respond to chats on the go via your iPhone, Android, or any smart phone live chat client supporting Google Talk (gtalk). Our Google Talk option allows for up to four concurrent chats per chat agent.

Real-time visitor monitoring/tracking allows you to see the number of active visitors on your website, and initiate live chats with them. View each visitor's page URL, referring site, new user vs. returning, and more. Formilla Live Chat visitor monitoring comes with any of our Premium account packages.

Enable proactive chat to initiate an automatic live chat window to be displayed to your users.

Get alerted with desktop notifications now every time you receive a live chat! Live Chat software will automatically queue chat session requests if your agents are busy with other customers. Your visitors will know what position they are in the queue with automatic updates as their position changes. Live Chat allows multiple customizations, including the ability to setup your hours of operation for when you appear available or unavailable, language support, and custom themes so you can choose your own colors and skin your live chat widgets! You can also choose whether your chat button appears on the bottom left or bottom right corner of your website.

Our Language support allows you to customize the text of the live chat buttons, chat forms, and offline email forms. Customize your live chat widget in any language, including Spanish, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, and much more! Live Chat software automatically displays as an 'Email us' button on your site when you're offline. You can manage offline messages through the Customer Inbox or on the go by using your preferred email client. The Customer Inbox comes with your account as a Help Desk solution for managing customer email, customer feedback, prioritization, and ticket management.

You can search your live chat history or offline emails by customer email address, priority, status (new, read, pending, complete), flagged vs. unflagged, and also assign an item to another user of your Live Chat account.

Access your chat history and offline emails as well via the Live Chat Customer Inbox help desk solution.

Export emails you collect via Formilla Live Chat for email campaigns.


Works well and works with google chat on my phone.

Ease of use

Easier to use than many other extensions. Very flexible.


Quick response to support issue.


Great online videos and it is simple to follow.

I used this to: Joomla 3.0

This chat tool is extremely easy to set up. Maintaining the support communication is easy done by either using the interface provided by the developer or - as I do - by rerouting the requests directly to the workstation. When I asked the developer to provide a german version of the plugin, he did this whithin a few hours and he responded my support questions in a personal and friendly manner. Great fun to have this tool running!

Installed the module, registered an account on the author site and within a minute had the module up and running.

Operating on Joomla 3.2.2 site without any issues. Great work!

Formilla Live Chat

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Jan 05 2015
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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