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Core Enhancements, Data Reports

jDBexport allows you to deliver data from your databases (JOOMLA and others) directly to your users. Write any valid SQL query in the administration of this component and combine such queries into multiple Excel worksheets/workbooks. The query is executed when a user clicks the downloadlink (frontend or backend) and the current result of the query is delivered to the user as a downloadable Excel file (or any other of the below listed document formats).

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Main features

  • create data reports in various formats (xlsx, xls, csv, html, pdf, json) from your web database
  • individualise these reports with variable substition or parameters entered by the user
  • format these reports with colors, fonts, backgrounds (also alternating backgrounds), images, headers and footers, borders and more
  • use a wide varity of conditions for conditional formatting (including SQL queries)
  • add additional cells with text, images or results from additional SQL queries
  • define autofilter areas within your worksheets
  • add any additional files (e.g. Excel Makros in an *.xlmx file) along with your workbook when compressing is activated
  • deliver these reports regularly and fully automatically to your users, utilising our sophisticated scheduler
  • or let users request these reports online or in the background or through the GoogleDocViewer
  • include virtually any accessible database - local or remote - into your reports (MySQL, MS-SQL, ORACLE, DB2, INGRES, SAP MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Firebird and others)
  • check the validity of your SQL query with our on-the-fly (AJAX-driven) SQL syntax checker, while preparing the worksheet
  • get inline help on creating your SQL queries, or reference the SQL manual that corresponds to your environment

  • jDBexport is translated in many languages (you can help us here...)

-jDBexport comes with a set of additional tools (frontend and backend module for easy access to your workbooks, datagrid and datafield plugin to embed worksheets or a single cell from a worksheet into any Joomla content, support for additional Truetype fonts in PDF creation)

and many other features

jDBexport was originally forked from the well known (Joomla 1.5 data reports) extension SQL2Excel (actually SQL 2 Excel Pro).

For helping with the translation of jDBexport into your own language, please visit or translation project at

For more details, please visit our website at


Export data from (joomla) tables to different formats. I use excel.

Ease of use

Relatively easy!


Always fast and good support!

Value for money


I used this to: I use this extension to create custom reports on my site. The extension allows me to use sql and create any query/report I want. By using access levels, I can define different reports for different users.


Easy to create tables in a lot of different formats. Able to mine data from database and insert into content or send in email as attachment.

Ease of use

The live SQL syntax check, clear user interface makes the component easy to use.


Support is excellent, fast and always delivers solution.


Online documentation available directly from the component.

Value for money

Definitely great value for money.

I used this to: I bought the paid version of its great predecessor, which was discontinued, so I was glad to hear about its reborn.
Since then, the component has been completely rewritten, with improved database support, extended file format support, with always expanding features.

I am using this extension for over two years now, it has a bit of a learning curve, but after you get it, it really produces rich excels, which we use in a professional environment. Support request got answered in now time in the forum, even some skype consolidation was possible. So if you need enriched excels exported from your DB, not only plain csv's, this is the component you need. Don't know of a better one for the job.

I work with my report that is littlebit unusual taken from Fabrik My report shown user ID in stead of Name and Surename I call support problem has been found and fixed durring a call, Wisch all companies to have such support.

I needed to extract several data from our site at regular interval to provide our key stakeholders with relevant informations.

I was able to arrange complex excel workbooks, update them very day and send them to the right user automatically.

The documentation should be improved but I have been always able to understand what to do with the support of the developer.

This is really a precious component.

Many thanks to Rüdiger.

I used the previous version of this component and was disapointed when it was discontinued. This new forked version is still as good. I use it on an intranet site for mining data from other extensions. You do need to know SQL in order to write the queries, but to be honest, I use a graphical SQL query tool, then paste the resulting query into JDBExport and voila!

I also have scheduled exports running weekly that email the spreadsheets and downloadable reports on the site with user set parameters. all working with no issues. I will certainly be looking at the J3 version when it comes to upgrading my sites.

I purchased this extension because I had a need to create some report based on data I had captured from a custom form on my joomla site. I tried other extensions to do this based on pure SQL queries but that wouldn't work due to how my tables were structured in the MySQL database for my site. I then purchased and installed this extension and am amazed with its capabilities. By combining the regular SQL queries and leveraging Excel to create multiple worksheets and utilize standard excel functions, I was able to create extremely detailed reports, exactly as I needed them all from a single MySQL table.

Along the way I have run into a few bumps but between the support forum and direct email contact with the developer, Ruediger, all of my issues have been resolved in lightning quick fashion. I normally don't write reviews but felt the need to here simply because of the truly 1st class support I have received on this extension.

This extension is pretty good (part which is working good).

However I have had some issues with this extension and I request support for it.

As first, reaction time of developer is very slow. Further I build a test site to show my problem and make possible to developer to test there. He did not do anything.

So I tried to get appropriate support for a year long, but without success.

Because my issue is not resolved I can not use this extension on my production site and is useless for me.

For me - pure waste of money.

The ability to generate reports - by administrators or end users - elevates Joomla! from a browser facility to an information system. In 1.5 the SQL2EXCEL product did the job. jDBexport recreates and improves the earlier one. The developer is very responsive to solving problems and receptive to suggestions for improvement. Top of the line!

Great component

Posted on 13 October 2013

This a great port of the old SQL2Excel and it delivers. I had a minor problem that was solved with more than one solution in a very timely manner. Anyone with a site with members or database records that need to be exported for use have to have this. I'm shocked that CBSubs or similar don't offer it built-in. This is what you need for your clients (or yourself) who need front end (or backend, of course) capabilities with user lists. Fantastic.


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