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Invoice Manager(Free)

  1. Users of the website can do payment online through paypal.
  2. Admin of the website can do setting such as currency, env mode and paypal email account.

Invoice Manager Professional(Only $6)

  1. Website admin can request money by sending invoice by filling email address and user can click link and pay there unpaid invoice.
  2. Manual Invoice is possible. Admin can issue manual invoice for payment like cash, cheque, draft or for other payment options. New Features in v 1.4.
  3. PDF's of invoices are possible now. Admin or frontend user can get PDF of invoice. New Features in v 1.4.
  4. In Invoice Customer information is showing like there name, billing address, phone number etc.New Features in v 1.4 .
  5. It provide features such as frontend control panel for users where they can do payment and also see history of payments they done and there status when they login into there account.
  6. Backend control panel for admin where admin can view payment received and do setting of paypal payments.
  7. User of the website can refereed there invoice number which admin provide him to do payment this is optional.
  8. Users and website admin can print out paid invoices.
  9. List of unpaid invoices are also shown in admin side in pending invoices.
  10. Admin can modify invoices like add email, website url , Payment type, footer info, address and other fields.
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Best Component with all features as required for a small business.

Good Component

Posted on 04 March 2012

Simple and good extension. Easy to install and easy to implement in joomla.

Easy to install,good for my business, cost effective and excellent support response. Cheers team

Not worth it

Posted on 29 January 2011

Yes, its only $5 or even if it was for free, I think I believe it should be fully supported and backed up.

Owner's reply: This component is used for getting payments through paypal website.It is not used for any kind of "backed up" of the website or database backup. Joomla provide facility to install and uninstall component or you can use any component to backup of the joomla website.This user even not know what is paypal site used for.

Excellent component

Posted on 20 January 2011

Good extension. I try free version and paid version both provide good outcomes. 100% recommended for business website.Support is also quick by team.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your positive review. We will improve further in future.

Hard to have a clear idea of what this component does.

It basically allows you to send a money request directly to a customer through an email.

The customer can then follow a link back to the Web site and pay the invoice in part or in total through PayPal.


- Very easy to install and get going

- Very simple to use for administrator and paying customer


- Cannot detail invoice

- Invoiced not liked to a user account

- Customer cannot see invoice from front-end

- No rigid validation with PayPal (no IPN) - if the customer does not return from PayPal, the payment is not registered with the component

For the price you can hardly complain - but it fits only basic billing needs and it is easy to outgrow.

Owner's reply: Cons are not 100% true. This component support detail paid invoice through frontend and backend,When user login into his account and pay invoices than paid invoices are linked to his account,Customer can see invoices from front-end after login into his account.

Promising Extension

Posted on 10 December 2010

It is an affordable way to accept invoice payments from customers when starting out. One thing that would be good is to be able to easily see the updated account information the customer puts in. Can't see that in the back end when logged in as Administrator.

Osticket connect

Paid download | CRM bridges | Dr. Joomla Team
2.5 3
2 reviews
This component is used for osticket and joomla integration by a form. User fill the form and info is loaded automatically into osticket.
Fb Connect

Fb Connect

Paid download | Site Access | Dr. Joomla Team
0 reviews
This component and module is used for login through facebook website into joomla website. First user will enter his facebook email and password than form is automatically fill out with his facebook information. Then he can fill out password for the website and this information is saved into joomla website.After completion of the process a username and password of the joomla website will be displayed to user.
c m

Invoice Manager

Dr. Joomla Team
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater:
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