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Ecwid is a powerful and easy-to-use shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your Joomla website. Join over 800,000 sellers in 175 countries and sell globally with multi-currency support, over 40 international payment options, real-time shipping integrations and support for 45 languages.

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Embeddable Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a free shopping cart solution that seamlessly blends into your existing site. Simply set up this extension and your products, categories and checkout pages will automatically embed on your Joomla site and adjust themselves to the given page size and layout.

Data Security and Seamless Upgrades

With Ecwid, your e-commerce functionality and data is stored on our secure servers. Regardless of the hosting you use, you get free of cost:
- unlimited storage and regular backups
- seamless upgrades and security updates
- secure checkout via encrypted HTTPS connection

Never worry about software updates, security patches and server maintenance. Your store gets updated with new features and enhancements without causing your business any downtime. You sell, we do the rest.

Mobile Responsive Design

Your Ecwid store looks perfect on any smartphone and automatically adapts to your customer’s screen size — laptops, tablets, smart TVs or smart watches.

Social Commerce

Set up an Ecwid store on your Joomla site and then start selling on Facebook as well. Ecwid is the #1 e-commerce app on Facebook with over 40,000 stores. Join!

Sell Everywhere

With Ecwid, you can mirror your online shop on multiple websites, blogs, social networks and marketplaces like eBay, Google Shopping, Yahoo and and sell simultaneously everywhere. Add your store to as many sites as you want and manage it all from one place.

Lightning Fast

New-gen technologies make Ecwid much faster than usual shopping carts regardless of the hosting service you use.


Although Ecwid is packed with high-value features, Free plan is always available with no setup charges and no transaction fees. Get your store up and running without paying anything.

Install Ecwid on Joomla:

###Встраиваемый интернет-магазин Эквид – это бесплатный интернет-магазин, который гармонично встраивается в любой существующий сайт не изменяя его внешний вид. Просто установите это расширение и ваши каталог товаров и страницы оформления заказа автоматически подстроятся под размер заданной страницы и появятся на вашем сайте не нарушая его целостность. ###Автоматические обновления и безопасная передача данных Всё содержимое вашего интернет-магазина хранится на наших защищенных серверах. Вне зависимости от используемого хостинг-провайдера вы бесплатно получите: - Безлимитное хранение данных и регулярное резервное копирование - Автоматическое обновление возможностей магазина и его систем безопасности - Безопасные покупки для ваших покупателей через зашифрованное HTTPS-соединение Забудьте о заботах об обновлении программного обеспечения – ваш магазин будет автоматически пополняться новыми возможностями и улучшениями без перерывов в работе. Вы – продаёте, мы – заботимся об остальном. ###Адаптивный дизайн Эквид подстраивается под размер экрана пользователя и выглядит превосходно на любом устройстве: смартфоне, планшете, ноутбуке и умных часах. ###Социальная коммерция Добавьте Эквид на свой сайт, а затем откройте новые точки продаж в социальных сетях ВКонтакте и Фейсбуке. Эквид – самое популярное приложение для онлайн-продаж на Фейсбуке с более чем 40,000 магазинов. ###Онлайн-продажи на любом сайте С помощью Эквида вы сможете за несколько минут развернуть зеркальную копию своего магазина на любом веб-сайте, в блоге и социальных сетях, а также загрузить товары на торговые площадки Яндекс.Маркет и eBay Россия. Добавьте свой магазин на любое количество сайтов и управляйте всеми витринами из единой панели управления – все изменения синхронизируются на лету. ###По-настоящему быстрый Эквид разработан с использованием самых современных технологий и поставляет всё содержимое магазина с наших серверов. Эквид откликается на любое действие пользователя гораздо быстрее, чем обычные интернет-магазины вне зависимости от загруженности вашего хостинг-провайдера, что делает процесс шопинга приятным и удобным для ваших покупателей. ###Бесплатный план Несмотря на широкие возможности Эквида, мы не берём деньги за регистрацию или комиссии с продаж. Начните использовать Эквид бесплатно и пополняйте возможности своего магазина по мере развития бизнеса через платную подписку.


What they do not tell you in the description is that you need to register with a third party site for the component to work

Ease of use

Didn't much further than installing


I was looking for a no-brainer e-commerce solution, and I am pleasantly surprised by Ecwid. The extension is easy to install, and the store is managed outside of Joomla, and very easy to manage. Free store for up to 100 products, can't go wrong with that! They have everything you need to get started selling, tracking and servicing your orders.

This is especially good if you do not have much/any development experience and need a plug-and-play solution for ecommerce on your Joomla site!

Great Work

Posted on 27 December 2013

I have configured my shop using this extension, this extension makes easy for me to organize my shop, one disadvantage it limited max product (100 for free, then pay for it). anyways thanks for nice extension.


Posted on 14 September 2012

Ecwid is a dream come true and I don't mind the nominal monthly fee for something stable, functional and easy for customers to use!

I've used Virtumart for years and have had to hack-together some very delicate additional components to get it to function in a comprehensive way, ie. uploads, and tons of css code cracking for a more pleasing and customer friendly layout. Additionally, I had many customers 10% or more that encounter cookie conflicts preventing 'add to cart' with their chosen browsers which has cause me to quickly help them perform an off-line sale.

Ecwid is fast - set up the store and gateway in less than two hours.

Ecwid is stable - off-site CRM handling, processing and tracking sales.

Ecwid is easy to design - click, click, save, done.

Ecwid is intuitive - Zero customers have called to ask how to buy something.

Since I switched over two weeks ago my store life has been a dream.

The only two features that I would add immediately is the ability to customize the emailed customer invoice so it uses less paper and uses a smaller font AND the ability to organize orders in the back end into product folders. This would help a great deal is keeping track of fulfillment.

Great job Ecwid team!

Many of the reviews below are of Ecwid. While some of the information is useful, it's misplaced on this extension page.

RokEcwid makes easy work of including your Ecwid store profile in Joomla and setting some of the basic layout parameters. Two thumbs up.

Seen a forum post stating that Paypal Pro would be ready first quarter of 2012... guess what? Yep, still not ready to use.

No SEF URLs and meta data capabilities out of the box and for paying customers as well. Your competitors will dominate you in the search engines.

Using Google Adwords? Well, you can kiss your quality score goodbye, because content does not showup on page the way that Google Adwords needs to see it... even with inline seo enabled with silver membership.

Looking to retarget / remarket to customers? You better forget that as well. There is no way to add codes to product specific pages. Again, your competitors will dominate you in the competitive search game.

If you're looking for an easy to install alternative shopping cart, Ecwid is for you. But if you are a serious business owner looking to make money, than it's best to look else where for a more robust shopping cart platform.

Thank you very much to the Ecwid team. I am very happy that i have found you. There is nothing better around. Product and Support are unique.

This extension is great. I love it. And I have recommended it to many friends.

But there is no Login Module, it becomes not so convenient. That's what we want next version to appear.

Not so cool !!

Posted on 04 January 2012

Ecwid is NOT a free tool !

It says Free everywhere but not true. I had to switch to VMart after using Ecwid for a couple of months... It turned out you have to purchase it for $17 a month if you need more than 100 products. Of course, after adding 100 products you will have to pay!

Very limited control over the catalog, ordering system, customer fields...

But, Rockettheme... Cannot say anything bad about them! Great service, products, support, and designs... All the best

What can I say more ?

Posted on 30 December 2011

Running a small businesses is the key to any country's growth but man it is tough to get going today versus yesterday. Not with open source helping out however. Set up web site with Joomla, set up CRM with sugarcrm, integrate them, then set up Ecwid.

Like everyone said it was a dream compared to using the other shopping carts some well known, others not so much. The support was the icing on the cake no matter the stupid questions that I may have asked. Thank you Rocketheme for leading me to the right solution.

Thank you Ecwid for giving our products and services a leg up out there. Just need the last step for integrating into Sugarcrm and later an ERP. Not sure about your order API fee. Maybe you should align it to your free up to 100 products policy, for instance free for x amount of transcations per month. I'll make do with work around meanwhile.

Make no mistake here: good product, good people, good support - please support. Thank you to the Ecwid team.


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