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IPrice calculator is the mini e-shop for your Joomla site.

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Main features:
- Two ways to display of products: functional and flexible interactive price-list and interactive catalogue.
- Calculation of totals, taxes, discounts "on-the-fly".
- Allows to make "Quick order" without adding items to a shopping cart.
- Flexible discounts.
- One step shopping cart.
- Multicurrency.
- Import items from CSV file.
- Two level of hierarchy: Section-category.
- Allows to insert the price-list, catalogue or "Buy" button into an article or content of other extensions using the content plugin IPrice.
- Allows to redirect to the specified URL after sending order. Such as redirect to PayPal to pay an order.

Languages: English, Russian

Version history:

- Now You can specify the default sorting for product list. Also You can allow/disallow to sort a product list by any field.
- Some minor improvement of usability of selecting quantity.

- Now You can configure up to 5 additional custom searchable fields for an item in price-list
- Impoved automatic database upgrade from IPrice calculator LIGHT.
- Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 or higher.

- Now User can view and print order after sending order (need additional setting of component parameter) (DEMO).
- Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 or higher.

- Now it is possible to force user authentication before making an order.
- Improved order layout.
- Some minor improvements.

- Now it is possible to add, edit. remove, publish/unpublish order contact fields.
Now you can specify the default selected quantity for an item.
- Now you can use 'camera' icon instead of image of an item in price-list to make price-list more compact (Demo).
- Now you can specify more parameters to configure an order layout: 'Show short description column', 'Show unit column', 'Show discount column', 'Show total item column'
- Some minor improvements.

- Improved support Captcha. Now the component supports any captcha plugins installed on your Joomla site.
- Improved "quick order" mode - the user can send an order without adding items into shopping cart.
- Some minor improvements.

IPrice calculator LIGHT

IPrice calculator LIGHT

Free | Sales quote | Igort
5 reviews
IPrice calculator LIGHT is the simple and flexible component for a quote calculation. It allows to create interactive price lists of products or services on your Joomla site. User can select necessary products or services and send order to the manager. Features: - Hierarchy of items - categories; - Calculate an item total, a category subtotal, grand total; - Multicurrency - allows to choose the currency for item list; - Import items from CSV file; - Allows to use tabs for items of a category; - Allows to send an order to the manager and to the customer. Store the order into the order table; - Viewing and removal of orders; - Captcha protect an order form from spam; - It is possible to organize several price-lists using the filter of categories in the menu item parameters of the component; Updates: version 1.1.16: - Added parameter "Force user login for view price list". It allows to force login for non-registered users to view price list. - Improved '+', '-' buttons for a quantity field: disabled a text selecting when double click these buttons. version 1.1.15: - Fixed the bug: decimal separator does not show for amounts. version 1.1.14: - Fixed incompatibility with K2 system plugin. - Fixed rounding error of amounts in a price-list and in an order. - Some minor improvements. version 1.1.13: - Improved an order layout. Now HTML layout of an order is not truncated by web-mail clients, which are not support CSS styles in e-mail body. - Some minor improvements.


Free | Images | Igort
34 reviews
Many Joomla! users have faced the need to output articles in a category or section blog layout, especially multi-column, with smaller pictures while retaining their original size inside the article view. It may sometimes also be necessary to include a picture of reduced size accompanied with a link to the full size image in the article view. SmartResizer plug-in is a universal solution to those needs. This light plug-in creates two thumbnails for an image inside an article: the first is for inclusion inside the article and the second is for a category or section blog. This makes it possible to create a small thumbnail for a category blog, section blog and front page articles, and a midsize thumbnail for the article view. The plug-in also automatically creates a link to a full-size image if the picture has the thumbnail inside the article. The plug-in can create a third large thumbnail to open as the fullsize image. Nice feature, if a site upload photos directly from the camera with a very large size. There are some features of the plugin: - crop or fit image to thumbnail size. - Auto ajust size of thumbnail, if you set only width or only height of thumbnail. - Three ways to store thumbnails: in the same folder as original image; in cache folder; in subfolder 'smart_thumbs' of original folder. - Processing of remote images. - Three ways to open original image: popup window, Joomla SqweezBox, Highslide effect. - Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail. Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German Read more at Documentation URL. Version updates: verion 1.18: - Bug fixed: large thumbnail do not open in popup window as original image. - Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail. verion 1.17: - Bug fixed: double initialization of Highslide when processing more than 1 image. - Bug fixed: do not show the full image in Popup window, if the image path is relative. - Bug fixed: do not show the full image with Highslide effect, if the image path is relative. verion 1.16: - Plugin is now compatible with Joomla 3.0. - Bug fixed: incorrect size detection of the original image. - Now plugin allows to create large thumbnail for fullsize image. Nice feature, if your users upload photos to site directly from the camera with a very large size. Plug-in can create a thumbnail given size to open fullsize image.

IPrice calculator

Last updated:
May 16 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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