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Virtuemart Products Display, Virtuemart Promotions

Draw the attention of your visitors to new, featured, discounted, topseller or sold out / low stock products! Or badge individual products or all products of specified categories.

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This plugin automatically adds badges(stickers) to those products in your shop.


- badge new products
- badge featured products
- badge discounted products 
- badge hot products (topsellers)
- badge sold out / low stock products
- badge up to 5 sets of products of specified product ids
- badge up to 5 sets of specified categories
- use included badges or your own images
- use of multiple badges (even for one product)
- options for positioning the sticker
- multilingual badges

Supported languages: english, spanish, portuguese, german, slovenian, serbian, russian

Not recommended

Posted on 27 February 2015

After you buy this product you must change 5 or 6 files on server and add new codes to get function that plugin. Otherwise it does not work.

Ease of use

Mine plugin is not working even after following 4 pages instruction line to line.

Value for money

Wast of money. I don't even understand how can anyone ask money for program that is so difficult to get work at first place.

Does exactly what it says in the tin - we had a load of different badges decorating our Virtuemart (VM2.6) products within minutes. You do have to copy and paste a bit of code into your VM template files but this is easily done as the documentation tells you exactly which files and where the code snippet goes (it's only a couple of lines). This genuinely took about ten minutes.

You can badge up to five sets of categories and five sets of products. After using it for a while we decided we could do with having more (so we could badge products staff use with a different badge for each member of staff).

I contacted Petra and she agreed to write us a custom version for a small fee. I had the new version without a few hours.

Great product and faultless developer support.

Thoroughly recommended.

Chris Rowe

Nice Plugin

Posted on 08 March 2014

Very good plugin, it's easy to replace the images.

The programmer lady was helpful, I have a problem setting, I wrote an e-mail. He promptly helped.

Everyone I recommend :)

This product has only pros: great value, low cost; works like a charm, my website looks so much better with it. I have to say the product support is out of this world. Many thanks to the support team for ajusting the pluginon the spot in order for it to work on my website and with my specification. The product is perfect. I have to rate it excellent++++++++!

Very good extension, clear documentation. Easy to install, set up and run smoothly. It is perfect.

Dr. Petra provides extraordinary support when I seek advice from him on how to make the badges display on 3rd party extension, he has gone out of his way to test it and advice me with the solution immediately.

Thanks again Dr. Petra

Great extension + support

Posted on 06 January 2014

Extension works perfectly when placed in the correct folder, nice overview in the manual which helps you with placing it correctly. Had a question and support by Petra was friendly and quick. Even got some badges sent to me by email which I liked!

* * * * *

I had some problems as Im using 1.5.26 and Petra gave me a really nice support and fix the issue.

Now my shop online loos great and new products and top sales products look much better. Totally recommend.


Posted on 27 August 2013

Great extension looks great , I had a problem with it as I was not using the default virtuemart product extension. The support team went out of their way to solve this quickly and efficiently . SUPERB!

My experience with this product is really good. It works fine, but the best thing is that if you have any kind of problem with it, the developer is always available to solve it immediatly.

I found a little bug and have the solution within minutes. Five Stars.

I'm very pleased with this plug-in. It does what it says and more. You are able to add a badge for different discounts, so eg. 10%, 20% or 30% have their own badge. Just make any custom badge, and assign it to a product! Very simple and very powerful!

I had an issue with compatibility view on in IE, customer service solved it in no time!

BIT Change Shopper Group for Virtuemart

BIT Change Shopper Group for Virtuemart

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This plugin lets you change automatically your customers' shopper group. This can be useful if e.g. you need different calculation & tax rules for anonymous visitors and customers who perform a guest checkout. Plugin features: - automatically assign a specified shopper group or - let the customers select a shoppergroup during checkout or - assign a specified shopper group upon filling in a certain shopper field - assign a specified shopper group upon a valid EU VAT ID (plugin "BIT Check VATID for Virtuemart" additionally required) - handling of guests and registered customers - select different groups for guests and registered customers Supported languages: english, german, portuguese (Brazil), czech System requirements: Joomla 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x
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BIT Virtuemart Google Analytics

BIT Virtuemart Google Analytics

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This easy-to-use plugin allows you to report back your Virtuemart transactions to Google Analytics! Plugin features: - tracking of the pages of the ordering process (from cart to checkout goal page) - selection of arbitrary page names for the setup of Google Analytics Goals and Funnels - automatic handling of all payment methods provided by Virtuemart - parameters for handling other payment modules - tracking of your orders for Google Analytics E-Commerce - tracking of products (incl. variants) - tracking of user IDs - tracking of all (also non-Virtuemart) pages of your site - report of anonymized ip adresses of your visitors (optional) - report of demographics (optional) - check for Google Analytics Optout Cookie - choose between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics Code Supported languages: german, english System requirements: Joomla! 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x
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BIT Manufacturer Links for Virtuemart

BIT Manufacturer Links for Virtuemart

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This plugin displays a link list with the following manufacturer links on your product detail pages: link to all products by this manufacturer link to all products by this manufacturer with the same category link to all discounted products of this manufacturer link to all featured products of this manufacturer System requirements: Joomla! 1.5/1.7/2.5, Virtuemart 1.1/2.x Supported languages: english, german
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BIT Virtuemart Most Popular

BIT Virtuemart Most Popular

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2.5 3
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Need an overview of the most popular products of your online shop at a glance? BIT Virtuemart Most Popular lists the best selling/most viewed products in Joomla's control panel. The module - counts the views/clicks of your products - counts the sales of your prdoucts - handles products with variants (child products) - lists the most popular products together with their views, sales and categories in Joomla!'s control panel (cpanel) Parameters that can be set in the module's backend: - number of listed products - handling of child products (list them separately or sum up their sales and views) - primary order (sales or views) - evaluation of the module (immediate or delayed) The handling of child products and the primary order can also be set for each evaluation in the control panel, so that you can gain different analyses. Supported languages: english, german System requirements: Joomla 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x
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BIT Check VATID for Virtuemart

BIT Check VATID for Virtuemart

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2.5 3
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While the validation of a European VAT ID used to be a built-in option in Virtuemart 1.1, this feature is no longer available in Virtuemart 2.x/3.x This plugin lets your customers enter a VAT ID and checks its validity. Features: - javascript based syntactic check of the entered ID and - validation of the number using the service of a European server (optional) - configurable error messages - marking of invalid IDs Important: This plugin only CHECKS if the entered number is valid. If you would like to offer your products without tax for customers with a valid VAT ID, our plugin "BIT Change Shopper Group for Virtuemart" is required additionally. Supported languages: english, german System requirements: Joomla 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x
p e
BIT Conditional Shopper Fields for Virtuemart

BIT Conditional Shopper Fields for Virtuemart

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2.5 3
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This plugin provides the possibility to show/hide fields in Virtuemart's registration form depending on the values of other fields. This can be a useful feature if you would like to present your shoppers a concise form where only those fields are visible that are relevant for the current customer. Features: define up to 3 conditions that determine the display of other shopper fields up to 5 values for each condition easy selection of shopper fields by a drop-down list of available fields Supported languages: english, german System requirements: Joomla 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x
p e

BIT Virtuemart Product Badges

1.5.1, 3.0.0
Last updated:
Dec 17 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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