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JoomISP is a native component of Joomla! which offers various Internet services such as web hosting, server rental or VoIP.
All offers, orders, customers and domains can be managed via Joomla! backend. Customers can also view their orders in the frontend.

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With plugins for Confixx, Plesk, ispCP Omega and i-mscp, Cpanel/WHM, ISPConfig and LiveConfig an automatic creation of webhosting accounts is possible.

*** Frontend Features ***
- Choice of different offer categories possible
- Domain names checked for availability (Whois-check)
- PDF forms for transferring assigned domains automatically generated
- Payment via direct debit, bank transfer and several online payment gateways (with specific plugins) like Paypal, Alertpay, Moneybookers and credit card payments via 2Checkout.
- An e-mail with all necessary information will be sent to the customer and the administrator
- Joomla! account will be automatically generated
- Overview of orders and running contracts for existing customers
- Existing customers can change their customer details in the frontend

*** Backend Features ***
- Orders/contracts administration
- Easy change to another package or to a customized package
- Specified term of contract instead of automatic prolongation
- Modification of status with optional customer notification
Domain administration
- Different terms of duration for each domain possible
- Modification of the status with optional notification for the customer
- Customer administration
- Order administration
- Offer features administration
- Configuration
- Customization of e-mail text
- Customization of explanatory texts for the steps of the order process
- Administration of status reports for domains and orders
- Installation of sample data
- Installation and Managment of Payment Gateways and Control Panel Plugins
- Generation of vouchers

A version for Joomla! 1.5 is also available but does not include all features listed above.


Functionality for Virtualman is none..

Ease of use

Can 't use is..


Was not any


None for my system

Value for money

I would pay if I had something to get I could use...

It is difficult for customers to use to order a service. It is clear as mud as to how to create a service. Plus was promised a year ago extension for ISPConfig but never received now wants us to pay for an "upgrade" Really? I expect this from Microsoft but not from here.

Owner's reply: Thanks for your feedback. The plugin for ISPConfig is officially released now and was already available as beta for a while. I would also be happy to hear what problems you had with setting up JoomISP - so you are welcome to send us an e-mail.

I was very interested in this extension after reading the reviews. Unfortunately that interest disappeared after visiting their site. No Forum access unless you have purchased the extension - as far as visitors go, there is NO forum at all. I only think there is a forum due to it being mentioned in a previous review.

No documentation on the site - I cant even tell if this is going to be suitable for me as I cannot read any documentation to get an idea of its capabilities - I only wish to sell subdomains of my own domain, and cannot tell if it is within this extensions mandate.

I sent a question on the 'contact us' and have not received and answer in 4 days. Not a great way to entice new customers.

I would recommend the ability for people who havent purchased the software to at least be able to VIEW the support forums just in case any questions they have are already answered there.

Bought the component, good solid code made in E.U.

Unfortunatly the payment plugins and server plugins are very restricted. Most of the major payment methods besides paypal are not available.

Fantastic Extension

Posted on 28 December 2012

This is a superb extension for managing hosting and does exactly what it should. We would have bought it, but the infrastructure we use doesn't use any of the supported panels unfortunately.

We were hoping for Virtualmin support, but apparently we were the only first ones to ask them about support for it. If anyone else is interested in Virtualmin support please contact the developer to show them your interest in Virtualmin support! If we show enough interest they may support it. When they can support it I'll be buying this for sure. ;)

The extension joomisp does what it needs to do! For small beginning companies it's a very good solution! For now i can't say anything more than it works just fine!

Needs to say Jonas does a great job in responding to quastions and give the needed support to theire customers.


Posted on 26 July 2012

Not only does this extension fit the bill for what we required it for, but the superb support from Jonas was second to none.

Kudos Sir Jonas

Despite what the listing says, there is a version that works with 1.5 as well, and it's included in the same subscription.

I am really amazed at how easy and robust this extension is. It works great! It is so versatile, that you can use it to sell ANY recurring subscription, not just ISP services. The attributes you can give each subscription are completely customizable so you can sell any service with any feature that you want.

You can sell monthly or yearly recurring.

I was really impressed at how easy it was to customize the style. Sometimes other extensions are very difficult to customize, but this was easy.

When it comes to support Jonas was very fast and friendly, and answered my questions professionally on the forum.

I only have ONE complaint: There is not really any documentation. When I first installed the component, I didn't quite understand how the features worked, and I would have liked to read about it. I asked on the forum and Jonas was very nice and explained it to me though.

Otherwise, this is probably the best extension I've ever downloaded out of hundreds!

Hello,Jonas Brand is a Wonderful person and courteous.

- a great component and easy to install and use!

- Enormous Capabilities.

- Technical support is excellent and fast and effective.

- Cheap Price,,Compared with the possibilities of the component.

I am very happy and I advise everyone need it,to using this component!

Best Regards,


It is very simple and works fine... thanks Jonas...


1.5 Stable
Jonas Brand
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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