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Preachit is the #1 sermon manager for Joomla. Fusing simplicity, flexibility and a range of attractive templates it serves as an effective way to create and display multimedia for church ministry.

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We offer fast and personal support for our subscribers as well as a host of addons from the download center.

Don't want to take out a subscription. That's ok, we have a lite version of the component that is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x and is available free to download.

Setup a new site, upgrade from other Preachit versions or migrate from Sermon Speaker and Joomla Bible Study records. Setting up Preachit hasn't been easier.


Great package if you have media needs. Modules supply different ways to show media, and range of template designs.

Ease of use

Small learning curve. Uploads and 3rd party inserts are flawless


Although you must pay a small fee for support it is personal, and thorough.


All documentation is done by video, but there are available some documentation. Must pay fee

Value for money

Very tiny cost. Can't possibly make a living on the support

I used this to: Multiple church website to supply their media needs. Adds very classy style to Vimeo content, and audio is easily uploaded. PHP.INI file usually required for most sermons.

Developer has done such an excellent job with his module for Sermon Management.

Sermons are easy to set up and manage once uploaded. The Front-End templates are very high quality and your church members will be pleased with all the features.

Thank you Paul and keep up the great work.

This component was easy to install and configure. The documentation on the site included videos that were easy to follow.

The developer has put a great deal of thought into all the options. Whenever I thought, "gee, I wonder if it can do this..." I would discover, sure enough, the developer had already thought of that, and made it easy to implement.

This is one of those extensions that just make you a very happy Joomla lover.

Our church website previously had used another extension for our online messages (sermons), but back when we migrated to Joomla 2.5, we had to find a new solution. We ended up choosing Preachit after trying a couple other options. It has worked great and is multiple times better than what we previously had! We love the ability to categorize the messages into series, and having the option where people can find messages based on specific speakers or even tags to find a message that hits certain topics. Thanks for this great tool. We love it!

I absolutely love this component. It looks and works great.

Any plans to use Facebook integration for your comments?

Owner's reply: There aren't any plans to put facebook integration in with the standard comments, although Preachit allows you to use the facebook comments app and other commetns engines that link with facebook.

This is a very well designed extension. I've been able to do everything I've wanted with PreachIt and then some. The support is wonderful. It seldom takes more than a few hours before I get an answer and I've always gotten what I needed. I even purchased a custom add-on which worked beautifully and was not at all expensive. I would highly recommend this extension to anyone.

Excellent Product

Posted on 28 January 2013

Because of changes in PHP, I HAD TO upgrade several websites that were using "Sermon Speaker" and for various reasons chose "Preachit" instead. I was surprise how easy uploads were through the component, and was please with the support I recieved (after a membership fee) for which I thought I would recieve forum access, but recieved personal support with a forum question from Paul, the developer. Problem was in my upgrade not with the component. Very adaptable, and pulls information even from MP3, if it contains any and places this in the descriptions. I would recomend this component for anyone who wants audio or video of you churches services as well as powerpoint, or documents added to your joomla site.

I was really excited about this extension. It is extremely powerful. I am a little disappointed that you can't use ustream. The church I am working with live streams their service every week. The only way I can use this extension is to have them use ustream (for their live stream) and vimeo for their channel. That's a little too much to ask them to do. That's the only reason I can't use it. So disappointing as this is a powerful extension.

Owner's reply: Hi,

Thanks for the review. Yes, you are right that Preachit doesn't support ustream out of the box. However, Preachit has a custom mediaplayer engine that allows you to add other mediaplayers to the selection. With this it should be fairly easy to get ustream videos to play within Preachit.


Posted on 22 May 2012

This extension made my site. I am using it for a little different purpose than a church website but it still works very well for me. I have now used it on several sites. Tech support is better than expected. The extension is free but the support is now subscription based but is well worth it. Tech support was so good, I even paid him to do some side work for me.

Thank you for the great extension!


Posted on 01 May 2012

I love Preachit. I have used it on an older version of Joomla and when I updated to version 2.5 and updated Preachit I can no longer upload my sermon files because they are too large. Wish there was a way to upload something more than 10MB. What audio or video file is less than 10MB anyway.

Owner's reply: Hi,

The upload limit is set by your server environment and your Joomla install and has nothing to do with the Preachit component. If you would like help in increasing this limit we would be more than willing to help through the support structures offered on our site.


Paul Kosciecha
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Sep 06 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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