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The powerful seamless integration product for Joomla! and Infusionsoft.

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JoomFuse provides seamless integration between Joomla! and Infusionsoft. JoomFuse enables Infusionsoft to control Joomla! users, levels, and access to content on your Joomla website.

Supporting multiple membership groups and sub-groups, JoomFuse can be used for both paid and free subscription Joomla websites.

Build and manage a member community (free or paid) to promote loyalty and retention.

Give JoomFuse a try & you'll love its flexibility and hands-off member management! It's easy to set up and use! If you need any help, you’ll find us at


JoomFuse is so flexible, it allows you to create unlimited paid or free member levels, and then manages them seamlessly for you!

You control it all!

~ as simple or as complex as you can dream it
~ who has access
~ when they have access
~ what content each member group or sub-group can access
~ know when a user accesses a particular page or pages (2.0)
~ how users are added
~ how usernames and passwords are created
~ keep usernames and passwords in sync, if needed (2.0)
~ actions on login and logout
~ actions for payment successes and failures

Easy to set up, flexible to use.

You get it all!
~ ALL functionality
~ ALL updates
~ FULL support
~ AND login access to the JoomFuse community


JoomFuse uses the robust Infusionsoft API with a minimum of calls for faster response time. It is totally Infusionsoft tag driven and triggered with a single HTTP Post, allowing Infusionsoft to manage real-time member status.

JoomFuse fully utilizes Joomla’s flexible built-in User Group and ACL (Access Control List) capabilities, giving you complete control over user access to content.

~ Bidirectional communication provides error-free member management
~ Triggered by a single HTTP post
~ Rewritten user interface to utilize more of Joomla’s built in functionality (2.0)
~ Now built on a more extensible platform (2.0)
~ JoomFuse interfaces with native Joomla, Joomla User Profile plugin (2.0) and maps Community Builder fields as well as JomSocial fields and discussion groups (2.0); additional interfaces pending.

You get permissions control down to the minutiae!


To utilize JoomFuse you need a Joomla! website, version 3.x or higher, and a licensed Infusionsoft application, provided by Infusionsoft at

JoomFuse is developed using the expertise of an Infusionsoft Certified Developer and one of the contributing developers of the Joomla! platform, and is licensed under the GNU/GPL license.


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We have been using JoomFuse for about 5 months now and it is doing a great job! Previously we were using another Plugin for subscription management and it was a complete failure. We decided to use Infusionsoft for both our marketing and subscription management, but linking Joomla to the tags in Infusionsoft was a huge issue. JoomFuse completely solved our problem and we haven't looked back.

Currently our site is completely integrated between Infusionsoft and Joomla. Subscription management happens on the Infusionsoft side and it instantly syncs with my joomla groups and user info. A huge headache is now completely gone.

In addition Dom Cassone has been a great resource making everything work. He has been helpful not only with requests for JoomFuse help, but also with anything we have asked him related to Joomla and Infusionsoft.

Even wishlist items I mentioned appeared in the next version. Thank you Dom.

I was extremely frustrated when it became clear to me that Infusionsoft was not designed around Joomla. I didn't know what to do to prevent a lot of manual updating of 2 systems. I am soooo glad I found JoomFuse. My membership website is finally working perfectly, and I can use the Infusionsoft sales and marketing tools as well. Plus, the customer service at Zacaw is truly top-notch. I really am enjoying working with them.


Dom Cassone, Zacaw Enterprises, Inc.
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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