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Mailster - a flexible mailing list solution for Joomla

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Let your users be part of a group and communicate by email without having to log into your Joomla site. Any mail send to the mailing list email address is forwarded to the rest of the members of the group.
This is primarily made with discussion email lists (two way communication) in mind, although Mailster can also be used for newsletters.

- For Group communication and newsletters
- Usable with any POP3/IMAP email account
- Recipients are managed by the admin in the backend
- Users can (un)subscribe with frontend plugin or module (optional)
- All Joomla users can be chosen as recipients, additional users can be stored
- Users can be organized in groups
- Single users or whole groups can be added as recipients of a mailing list
- Replies to mailing list posts can be forwarded to all recipients
- Mail archive for browsing the mails
- Full support of HTML emails and attachments
- Seamless installation: all plugins are included and are installed automatically
- English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Slovenian translation included
- many more features

Designed for all...
- users that are tired of group messaging systems that require another login
- users who want to communicate with their favourite mail client
- admins that are tired of updating personal details on different systems
- admins who want to be able to use users within Joomla as recipients of a mailing list

Version 1.1 (15th June 2015)
- Compatibility with Joomla 3.4
- New global configuration setting to block certain email addresses such as typical bounce email addresses which can not be recognized automatically based on their email headers
- Insert sender's description (Mailster field) into email by using new placeholder {description}
- Possibility to turn off the filtering of messages with "Precedence: bulk" header
- Increased maximum email text size (not including attachments) that can be stored from 64kB to 16MB to avoid truncation of long and HTML-rich newsletters
- Relative images/link URLs in custom email/footer are automatically converted to absolute URLs
- Additions to French and Danish language file and various other language/translation corrections
- Do not allow to downgrade Mailster from a later release to a previous release to avoid unforeseen events
- Profile Plugin propagates group member changes done through Joomla's user manager to update mailing lists recipient cache if necessary

Version 1.0.0 (8th January 2015)
- Compatibility with Joomla 3.2 and Joomla 3.3
- Joomla groups can be used as recipient groups and for the rights management for sending/receiving (Joomla 2.5 and later)
- Welcome/goodbye messages can also be send out when adding recipients in the backend
- Aborted mail sending processes (due too many send errors) can be restarted or remaining recipients can be removed from send queue
- Entering the user data (name and email) of the logged in user for the subscriber forms can be disabled or even enforced
- New text variables: list email address and list administrator email address
- Integrated subscriber interface for 3rd party / non-Joomla sites
- Added support for Joomla's ACL/permissions to restrict component backend access, global configuration, list management and list creation
- Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 are not supported anymore, Joomla 1.5 is still supported

Note that this version has limitations (e.g. max. 50 recipients per list) compared to our commercial products Mailster Essential, Business and Ultimate. Find a feature comparison overview here: http://www.brandt-oss.com/index.php/mailster/pricing

Mailster - die flexible Mailing List Lösung für Joomla **Features** - nutzbar zur internen/externen Gruppenkommunikation oder für Newsletter - verwandelt eine private E-Mail Adresse in eine Mailing List - funktioniert mit allen POP3/IMAP Mail Accounts - Empfänger werden durch den Admin im Backend verwaltet - Benutzer können sich auch wahlweise im Frontend eintragen (Plugin für Subscribe/Unsubscribe) - alle Joomla User können als Empfänger hinzugefügt werden, zusätzliche Benutzer können gespeichert werden - Benutzer können in Gruppen organsiert werden - einzelne Benutzer und ganze Gruppen können als Empfänger einer Mailing List hinzugefügt werden - E-Mail Archiv mit allen gesendeten Mails ermöglicht das Browsen alter Mails - volle Unterstützung für Anhänge - deutsche, englische und französische Übersetzung wird mitgeliefert **Gemacht für alle...** - Benutzer die genervt sind für das Senden einer Nachricht und sich erst einloggen zu müssen - Benutzer die über ihren E-Mail-Client kommunizieren wollen und nicht per Hand Empfängerlisten pflegen wollen - Admins die persönliche Daten wie E-Mail Adressen und Namen nicht in tausend Systemen aktualisieren wollen - Admins die User im Joomla CMS als Empfänger nutzen wollen

I needed a mailing system for my joomla page, compared some extension and decided on Mailster. Never regretted it! Started using the basic version last year but then switched to the professional version some time ago. Very good decision, only had one problem so far, concerning the double-opt in feature but i got help today after waiting for less then a day, despite asking the question on a weekend!

The extension itself is easy to set up and offers a lot of features.

I run a website for a small sailing club. We have several mailing lists for members, committee etc., which used to be managed in a Google Groups account. After installing Mailster, I was able to greatly simplify the management of these lists as they are now all administered from within the Joomla backend. I've had a couple of small problems which have been sorted extremely quickly by the developer, Holger. I've just upgraded to the Pro version, which has made the mail archive available on the frontend of the website for all the members registered at the site.

This is a great extension, which I highly recommend.

Bob Williams

I have been using this software for many months. This is absolutely the best email discussion group component for Joomla!. Its easy to use, easy to setup, a huge amount of optional features and tweakability, and best of all...RELIABLE. It is also the only software I have found that ties Joomla ACL groups to mailing lists, which is SUPER handy. I don't know what I would do without it.

I installed Mailster v0.40 on a Joomla 3 install and had a niggling problem with the plugin version when trying to assign it to an article. I emailed Holger at their support address and I have to say I was VERY impressed with how much help he gave me to get over the issue. Thank you Holger, great service and a great addon for Joomla!

I started with the free version, but was impressed by the product so I purchased the professional version. A problem reported when using Joomla 3.2 was resolved with an update within 24 hours! Excellent service!

Mailster is an excellent choice for people who want to manage their mailing lists based on Joomla users. There are a lot of options and the component is working very smooth. I would recommend everybody to buy the Pro version, as you get a lot for your money. In case of any problems, the support is very fast and takes time to solve your issues.

I have been using Mailster for over 2 years and found it to be an excellent component. I’ve recently upgraded to the pro version, and wish I’d done it sooner, the additional functionality is well worth it. The component feels so mature I don’t understand why they haven’t made it a full 1.0 release yet. Don’t let the fact they are calling it version 0.4.0 deter you from trying it, it is more mature and stabile than some products that are at version “2.0 +”.

I had an issue with one of my clients, it was taking a considerable amount of time to get all the emails sent to their full recipient list. A couple of email responses from Holger later (same day) and I had the full process down to under 10 seconds. Was purely poor configuration choices on the client’s part, component worked perfectly.

In summary:

1) If you need a simple yet powerful mailing list component integrated into Joomla’s/Community Builder’s user lists this is it.

2) Support is excellent

Mailster is, to me, a critical component of the Joomlaverse in its ability to tightly integrate email, and particularly an internal mailing list, with a Joomla website. My client had used a Mailman mailing list for years for 130 lawyers and was reasonably happy with it, but it was completely separate from their website. They were two ships passing in the night. The user lists didn’t correspond, and a lot of very good information was shared on Mailman that didn’t make it to their website. That’s a critical loss for a group that is trying to build a searchable database of information that grows in value over time.

Mailster changes all that. It duplicates the capability of Mailman as a closed listserve and adds many more very useful (and kind of amazing) features:

1. It integrates tightly with Community Builder, so you only have one database of users. You no longer need to do painful user reconciliations between the group’s website and its listserve/mailing list.

2. You can add users, permanently or temporarily, to a mailing list who may not possess registered access to the website.

3. You can create as many mailing lists as you want, all from the same interface. This is useful in my client’s case for subgroups of lawyers who might be collaborating on a project.

4. The archives are immediately available on the front and back ends, and are searchable both with a Mailster search and a Joomla full-site search. Attachments appear in the archives (unlike Mailman, which drops them), and they are likewise searchable. This is huge. It means that all the information the group shares is available on the website and easily found either by search or using the menu items for the mailing list front-end archives. A list view and threaded view are both available.

5. Archives for multiple mailing lists can all be set up to be viewed on the website, each with their own menu item or all combined. Using Mailster’s user group tools and Joomla ACL, you can restrict archives to a subgroup of users.

6. Even a complete Mailman archive (but even better, including attachments) can be integrated on a website using Mailster. If you want to keep a Mailman list active, you can set up a public mailing list (perhaps with a complex, non-guessable email address) in Mailster with just one recipient, and list the complex address of that mailing list as a user on the Mailman list. That way, Mailman will send its emails to Mailster, which will incorporate the archive on your website (including attachments). The archive can be viewable by registered users only if you choose. (Note: Mailster is not a "Plugin" solution for Mailman, and imports no existing data from Mailman.)

7. There are lots of possibilities beyond even that. Many of us have clients that are terrified of adding something to a website. But they’re not terrified of email. You could set up mailing lists in Mailster by functional category and give each of them a separate email address. Users who email something to that address will find the contents of that email in the website archives for that category’s email address. This is not the same as Joomla categories … you can’t email an article to a category. But functionally, it gets pretty close to being able to do just that.

I think of Mailster as a flexible bridge between (1) the email interface that everyone is used to and (2) your website, a group’s listserve, specialized mailing lists, and the searchable content of the website itself. It’s a wonderful tool.

One other note: Holger, the primary developer, is extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. If you need clear and fast help, you’ll get it. But get Mailster Pro … it’s worth it and necessary to do much of the above!

Best service, excellent product

I was able to install this fairly quickly and got it up and running with the helpful manual that came with this. Ran perfectly the first time out and I even had a rapid response from the developers when I needed to extend the use of the product to interact with Community Builder - using multi-check boxes to create mailing groups. All my requests were handled quickly and to my full satisfaction. Excellent service and excellent product!


Posted on 16 November 2013

Thank you very much to Holger for his quick support, availaility, troubleshooting, kindness ...

Work well is always rewarding!!!


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