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Mailchimp for ohanah is an extension for ohanah event management system. It easily and quickly integrates mailchimp features directly into your events.

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How does it work:

After having installed ohmailchimp and enabled it, you just have to insert your mailchimp API Key in the setting view. From now on, whenever you create or edit an event, you will be able to connect them to a different mailing list previously created in your mailchimp account.
When people register to your event, they will be automatically added to that list, populating it out of the box and allowing you to manage communication, before, during and after your event in a more powerful and easy way.

Ohmailchimp also work with the new event frontend submission system

Mailchimp for ohanah is distributed for free when purchasing ohanah.

It just rocks

Posted on 16 June 2011

Wow, I just got Ohanah few weeks ago and now here the surprise: an awesome Mailchimp integration for my events! I was just looking for something that could automate the process to inform and send newsletters before, during and after the events to my attendees.

The extension is as simple to you that I didn't have to mess with thousands settings, just install it, insert my Mailchimp API key and now whenever I create a new event I can attach it to a separate Mailchimp mailing list.

Those guys are so quick and their development is unbelievably fast, every week a release and now they find the time to also start releasing add-ons for free for the price of the extension, what could I say, thanks Beyounic, thanks Ohanah again, you made my day!



Paid download | Events | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
238 reviews
The most popular and most loved event management extension for Joomla! With 99% of satisfied customers, premium support & powerful options, Ohanah is the right choice for you when it comes to deal with events. Fully compatible with any Joomla! version. Over 1 million events have been created using Ohanah in just 3 years. People from all over the world are using Ohanah every day to organise their seminars, community gatherings, music shows and any type of event that you can imagine. ————————— EASY TO SET UP AND A JOY TO USE Ohanah will let you fully manage all aspects of your events. event management (recurring events included) venue management (geolocation included) attendee management (notifications included) and much more… All at your fingertips, easy to use also for your clients, and with a beautiful interface. A great user experience is guaranteed. ———————— BEAUTIFUL OUT OF THE BOX No need to be a CSS expert in order to have an amazing looking site. Ohanah will automagically blend in with your existing layout and design, and your events will have the same look & feel of your site. ———————— PACKED WITH A MOBILE EXPERIENCE Let your visitors browse and access all your events on their smartphones. With Ohanah you get a fully customisable jQuery based Mobile app, which can even be converted into a native app. ———————— MULTILINGUAL Ohanah truly speaks your language. Translated into 36 languages and used in more than 100 countries, Ohanah is one of the few extensions on the JED that is really multilingual. Check the list of available languages here http://ohanah.com/features/powerful-options ———————— FULLY CUSTOMISABLE Ohanah is developer friendly and provides a full REST API and a JSON output that let you take control over its customisation. —————— Have additional questions? Visit our website http://ohanah.com or check out our the demo http://ohanah.com/in-action/event-list
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Ohanah Calendar

Ohanah Calendar

Paid download | Extensions Specific non sorted | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
1 review
Use a calendar to filter and list your events using Ohanah. Learn more: http://www.ohanah.com
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Free | Events | Beyounic SA
2.5 3
15 reviews
Add the most powerful event registration system to your Joomla site with one click. Publish your Eventbrite events as Joomla article with ticket dispenser to sell tickets and map widget embedded in seconds. About Eventbrite: Eventbrite is an online leading service that people everywhere use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Whether it’s a local photography class, or a sold-out concert in a city stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen. Eventbrite enable event creation, promotion and ticket sales. Make an account for free at Eventbrite here: http://www.eventbrite.com/r/combrite Combrite in a nutshell: Search Eventbrite right from Joomla! admin Make standard Joomla! articles from events with just one click Article is based on simple HTML template that is easy to customize Map and ticket widget are automatically inserted into article Option to choose map size Ticket widget can adapt it's size based on number of types of tickets available Support by mail Opensource and free Learn more about Combrite: http://combrite.com
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Ohanah Registration & Attendees List

Ohanah Registration & Attendees List

Paid download | Extensions Specific non sorted | Beyounic SA
0 reviews
List your registered attendees on your event page. Show payed only or show all of the registered people attending your event. You can even use gravatar to show their avatars based on their email address. Learn more: http://www.ohanah.com
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Beyounic SA
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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