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NS Pro is a professional newsletter Joomla! extension, including a wide variety of features, while maintaining the ability to be used as anything from a simple sign-up form, to a complete newsletter system including newsletter campaigns, multiple mailing lists, personalized newsletters, automatic bounce handling, etc.

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NS Pro can be installed, configured and used by anyone with a minimum knowledge of Joomla!

That is achieved because:
- NS Pro has no minimum configuration. It works out of the box.
- NS Pro offers professional features, while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface.

Moreover, NS Pro includes all the professional features required, for the more experienced users, to spread their online content, automatically maintain clean subscriber lists, schedule newsletters based on a specific date or specific events, like after subscription, and also customize any visible text in any language with minimum effort.

Simply great

Posted on 22 December 2014

This component has everything it needs. And not too much options. Just what you need to send a great newsletter.

Ease of use

Of course there is a learning curve, but is much easier than the more expensive competitors


Great, just great. Had an answer to a question in no time at all and it was spot on! The forum is open to public so you can see for yourself


You do not really need it, but it's there. A comprehensive FAQ and forum. At the forum every post gets answered.

Value for money

Great, simply great. Used much more expensive components and got a lot less for it. I'm very happy with this find.

I used this to: I use NS Pro to deliver a newsletter for a client with around 5000 subscribers. I have used other paid components for this first, and regret that now. I would encourage everyone to try this one first, you won't need another.

Great extension

Posted on 22 August 2014

I'm using this extension to send news the members of a club since around 3 years.

All issues i had were solved by the great support from Christopher. Thank you!

Now i'm waiting for a version for Joomla 3.

Love it!

Posted on 10 August 2014

Had a slight issue with product delivery. Christopher rectified it promptly by email. Also struggled a bit on configuration, but with that behind me, I absolutely love the product! Does everything I ask of it and more...

Thank you!

Posted on 16 January 2014

This is a an excellent extension. I can't find any better. I just hope you will make another version for Joomla 3.x..

Thank you very much

This is a professional tool that has worked well for myself and my clients. Very pleased with the product and the support.

I have been using NS Pro for a few years now to send 100's of newsletters. It is simply excellent for its purpose, easy to use, configure and manage. I also cannot speak highly enough of the support received by the developer. His dedication to is products and his customers is the best I have ever seen or received and I wish him all the best for future developments. He is a great addition to the Joomla community and encapulates what we all need in a developer. I have contacted him a number of times and the replies and help have been brilliant! Thanks so much for what you do.

Works Perfectly for Me

Posted on 24 July 2013

When you want to spread word of your existence, you need to take up the challenge with a newsletter. Although creating a newsletter can be quite a daunting task, NS Pro made it really easy for me as it has helped me to start from scratch and knock out a series of newsletters on a routine basis. NS Pro has always worked for me which is no doubt due to the thoughtful design, clear instructions and exemplary support.

Some minor frontend problems have been fixed by the most recent release so I can now highly recommend this extension for Newsletter management

I have been using this component/module/plugin for about a year and have nothing but praise for Christopher Mavros. The support has been very quick and one simply can't beat the price. Thanks for your contribtuion Chris.



Best Support Ever!

Posted on 09 July 2013

After 2 years of using NSPro I can say, that this extension only did one job: it worked!

The personal support was always excellent. The usage is simple to understand and the investment has paid for oneself. Good job!

My ShortList

My ShortList

Paid download | Bookmark & Recommend | Christopher Mavros
23 reviews
My ShortList is a very smart and quick extension to allow your visitors, a favourite links list, with quick access to them. My ShortList is ideal for websites featuring a number of products, article series, advertisements, events or newsletters, from which a visitor would like to add to their favourites! Give your visitors the choice not to "add to cart", but to a wishlist, from which of course they have one click access to all the pages you want them to visit again and again. My ShortList is great for its simplicity. It uses cookies to store the favourite articles, in the user's browser, and the database for logged-in users, and it works out of the box! K2 Compatible ZOO Compatible EventBooking Compatible Virtuemart Compatible CommunityBuilder Compatible JomSocial Compatible SobiPro Compatible AdsManager (1.5, 2.5) Compatible JobBoard Compatible NS Pro Compatible AcyMailing Compatible MosetsTree Compatible JEA Compatible jDownloads Compatible AcePolls Compatible Please feel free to ask for compatibility with a component of your needs. Also note that some components may have changed their structure in Joomla 3. Please notify me and I will make MyShortlist compatible with those versions, too. My ShortList can be used more than once in a site, to produce as many "shortlists" as you want! (Example: Things I bought, Things I want etc)
Rapid Contact Ex

Rapid Contact Ex

Paid download | Contact forms | Christopher Mavros
21 reviews
Rapid Contact Ex is a fully customizable Contact Form generator which allows you to create any form you may require, from very simple contact forms, to complex business contact forms with multiple email recipients, or even file-upload forms, without writing one line of code. Rapid Contact Ex is easy to use and configure. After installing the extension to Joomla!, all you need to do is navigate to Components->Rapid Contact Ex->Field Manager, to create your form fields, and publish a menu item or a module (or as many of those you need) to show your form, with the only configuration required being your email address. You can use Rapid Contact Ex to create any form required for your website, easily and quickly, without having to write, copy or manage HTML code, and without using any external library. This makes it very lightweight and robust, making sure that you will not have any incompatibilities or conflicts. If you want additional styling, there is a CSS file available for use, with some of the most commonly used CSS selectors to customize Rapid Contact Ex, already written for you. Above all that, Rapid Contact Ex is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) professional contact form generator, while it includes all the fancy features you want to create a contact form for your site. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, why NOT choose it?
c m


Paid download | Education & Culture | Christopher Mavros
18 reviews
SimpleQuiz is a simple but powerful Questionnaire Generator extension, which allows you to create completely customizable Quizzes, Surveys, Questionnaires with results filtered based on scores or even specific question answers, without writing one line of code. SimpleQuiz has four simple question types: - Text Fields - Checkboxes for multiple answers - Radio Buttons for selecting one answer - Score Radio Buttons With these four question types, you can create any quiz or survey you may want, from an IQ test, a Personality test, to a user/visitor/client satisfaction survey. Multiple Choices with more than one answer, True False conditions, Multiple Choices with only one answer, Simple Case Insensitive Text answers, Survey-like Satisfied to Dissatisfied options, IQ-Test image options (like complete the sequence) and much more... SimpleQuiz has integrated help, which means that help appears as you go, which makes it very easy to create what you need, with minimum effort. It has all the professional features, while remaining simple and intuitive. Results are stored in the database, charts can be created and also email notifications are sent with all the results included, after each quiz. So, why NOT buy SimpleQuiz? Our 30-day money-back guarantee will assure you that SimpleQuiz is the right choice.


Free | Articles comments | Christopher Mavros
19 reviews
PopFeed is a FREE and REALLY SIMPLE plugin that does quite a job! It provides a feedback / report link in articles, that pops out a form. Do you want a Comment Form with just 12kb code? Simliar functionality has been found in the JED, but never done in such a simplistic 12kb way of thinking! To add it in an article (if not in auto popfeed mode) you add: {popfeed}Your Text{/popfeed} To optionally change the mail recipient in an article, you write: {popfeedmailrecipient}{/popfeedmailrecipient} Many thanks to my friend Ivan for suggesting and communicating with me throughout the whole process of creating this very useful plugin!
Rapid Contact

Rapid Contact

Free | Contact forms | Christopher Mavros
91 reviews
Rapid Contact. Lightweight, fast and easy, configuring a contact form, was never a pleasure before. Rapid Contact is a FREE module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0. It is a very simple contact form, for providing your clients a REALLY FAST contact support! You have three fields: Email, Subject and Message. User submits data, you get a mail in no time. VERY FAST AND EASY TO SET UP! Two simple steps. 1) Install, 2) change mail recipient and it works! Additional Options: * Anti-spam question-answer! * Thank you page Redirect * Custom Text Please do not hesitate to contact me at or by contacting me in my site ...
Newsletter Subscriber

Newsletter Subscriber

Free | Mailing & Distribution Lists | Christopher Mavros
36 reviews
Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! Plugin and Module..! It is a simple form to subscribe to a newsletter. When the user clicks the button, it sends an email to the recipient specified. To use it you add {newsletter_subscriber} into your article(s) for the plugin, or just enable it as a module. Very simple to use, all user text is customizable. After installing, you need to enable the extension to use it. Additional Options: Anti-spam question-answer! Unique module ID for multiple NS in the same page Thank you page Redirect Custom Pre-Text
m p
Bad Word Filter

Bad Word Filter

Free | Replace | Christopher Mavros
6 reviews
Bad Word Filter (BWF) is a FREE! plugin with a simple but very useful functionality: Find a word from a user-defined list and replace it with some user-defined HTML. Especially useful for sites who allow front-end article editing to users. Can be used in a variety of other ways... For example, if you are an article editor and you have some logo, or slogan that you usually write, you can save your time with this plugin. Just use some keyword like: logo or slogan and replace it with your defined HTML. Possibly some designers include some styles and scripts in articles. If so, this plugin can help you, too. Just use some word like my_stylesheet and replace it with your HTML. Of course, it's original use is the main functionality: Get a list of bad words and replace each one found with the BAD WORD html output.
Nearest Places

Nearest Places

Paid download | Geotagging | Christopher Mavros
2 reviews
Nearest Places is a very smart extension to show nearest places, using Joomla! articles. NO API, NO KEYS. Each article is assigned its coordinates, longitude and lattitude, and then this module shows which other articles are near, including distances. Nearest Places is ideal for tourist sites, presenting lists of hotels, villas, beaches, POI, monuments, museums, metro stations and all the rest! Although, it can work greatly for any kind of distance between objects: Gas Stations, Banks, Stores, Restaurants, even airports, cities, capitals of countries and more! Give your visitors a great experience with ease. Anyone can understand distances and get familiar with your subject, whatever that is. Whether you are promoting your home town, helping people get to the closest store they need or comparing Earth's greatest capitals, Nearest Places is for you!

NS Pro

Christopher Mavros
Last updated:
Aug 30 2015
Date added:
May 20 2009
GPLv2 or later
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