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Combine the power of Excel with Joomla! If you have a large set of articles to create or to update the Content Uploader will save you hours of work. You create the configuration once where you define the article layout and the Content Uploader will do the rest. Just select your Excel file and press Upload - done!

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Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader Pro allows you to upload Excel sheets to batch create:

  • Joomla! articles
  • K2 items
  • Web Links
  • Contacts
  • Joomfish translations
  • Akeeba Admintools Redirections

This means that each row from your Excel sheet will create one new article/item on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particularly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. Furthermore you can update existing articles by downloading the existing ones and reuploading them with supplying their ID to the Content Uploader. The same way you can upload your Joomfish translations for all articles like that from an Excel sheet.

Have a look at our site for the documentation and features comparison between the pro and the free version.

All Excel spreadsheet types are supported (xlsx, xls, csv, ooc, zip and more).

I'm totally satisfied. This tool saved me many days of stupid work! It fits my needs for that to 100%. I uploaded nearly 1000 articles within seconds, and meanwhile I updated them several times. Support on the problems I had was very fast and very good. All issues were solved and somes wishes from me were implemented very soon and without any problems!

Great work, Freakedout!

This extension is very powerful and as others have mentioned here, a huge time-saver.

It's wonderful if you need to make mass changes to articles or to mass import articles.

I would have given it 5 stars but as another poster mentioned, I wasted time trying to use the forum which was not functioning. Also, the extension was misbehaving when I purchased it and the data exported was not identical to the data from the article content.

Having said that, once I reached Peter, the developer, he was extremely helpful in resolving the issue and providing me with a revised extension which worked flawlessly.

End result... a great tool!


The extension does what it says, it upload your excel directly to you articles and k2 but when trying to download the result was not anything that I can work with. when I downloaded I got every data in one row with no separate column for each field data.

Great Extension in potention

Posted on 30 October 2013

Great extension. Saves lots of content management time. Nice support, having some problems freakedout is willing to help to look in your site as an administrator to help. But the last few weeks I'm having some problems. The forum on freaked out is not working and I don't reacht the support desk. If freaked out works on some details it's an axcelent extension.

Owner's reply: Very sorry about the trouble you were experiencing. We have launched a new website with dedicated ticket system for Pro subscribers additionally to the forums and email support to make sure you can always get in touch with us conveniently.

Makes it so easy!

Posted on 30 September 2013

Need to import a document with monthy workout schedules for several gyms. All trainers enters the upcoming workouts in this sheet, and then it is only to import it once a month. Perfect!

Had to ask for some help regarding a complex excel sheet structure, and i was really impressed by the fast and helpfullness of the developer. This is how it should be! Thank you so much to Peter for a great extention but also his support.

Huge time saver

Posted on 21 January 2013

I'm the owner of a school joomla 2.5 website where I need to weekly update about 100 articles containing tabular data.

My source data are in excel files.

Until now, every week, I manually copied my data and pasted them in text articles. What a waste of time!

Every article has access right connected with some registred user(s), so I have to be well organized.

I searched for solution to automate this process and decided to give a try to Content Uploader.

The description and reviews were positive and I decided to subscribe to Content Uploader PRO.

It didn't work (in other words, I couldn't manage to make it work) and at first I had no feedback from my messages in the forum.

I was a bit disappointed, then I made some more insistent mails to the component's author, well, it was on the 1. or 2nd of January, so Champagne may have played his role... ;-)

Then Pete mailed me back, and within 2 days, with some help from him, my problem was solved at my full satisfaction.

Thank you very much Pete, my money is well invested in this time saving component.

I estimate, this will spare me about 30 hours of my time every year!

If you need some help in french translation, Pete, just mail me.

I have been struggling with creation and management of several sites with hundreds of articles. This extension took weeks of work and, after the initial setup of my excel spreadsheet, processed it all in minutes. Seriously... minutes!

Now that I have the spreadsheet template set, and the created article IDs in the spreadsheet as well, I can update information across numerous articles quickly, whether it is changing metadata, publish/un-publish dates, category, alias, title, everything.

The developer was quick to answer some pre-purchase questions I had before I pulled the trigger on the purchase. I have not had a need to contact for support, so I can't advise about that, but the fact that I haven't needed to contact him says a lot about the product.

I'm using this in 2.5 to upload articles based on a wikipedia list. This is invaluable. I just wouldn't have the time to do it otherwise.

And it works exactly as described. Excellent job, Freakedout!

5 stars extension!

Posted on 10 August 2012

this is the best choice if you need to import content on your website. Great extension, great support, great job!

it's worth every penny if you choose the PRO version.

I am currently using the pro version of this extension to move thousands of content items from a CMS called Ektron into Joomla. If you are about to do a large scale migration from any CMS into Joomla, this will help you get it done, but there are still steps to go through.

Here are my tips.

Make sure you get "clean" data from your old site. I am transforming and cleaning XML and HTML to get it to the point where it is a well structured Excel file. This will vary based on your data. For me, this is where I spent the majority of my time. HTML encoding some things, find and replace other things, it is a pain.

But, once you have clean data, you can use this extension to import into Joomla as regular articles or K2 items. I ended up using K2 so I could structure the content better. That is very powerful, so I highly recommend looking into that.

Take your time to make sure you set up everything first, and once you finally have everything set up, you can easily move hundreds or thousands of items in no time.

I would much rather go through the time and trouble of setting up all of this (getting old data cleaned, setting up this component to prep it for data), then to do some other manual copy and paste process. It did take me longer to prep everything than I thought, but most of that was on the old CMS, and my own learning curve for K2 and this extension. But, once I got everything figured out, this extension really worked great.

I did have to save my Excel file to the older XLS format, that made the data load better into Joomla for some reason. Other than that, this extension worked great and was consistent and predictable. I highly recommend it if you are going to migrate from one CMS to Joomla. The K2 integration was key for me, and I suggest you consider that if your data is anything more than plain.

Content Uploader

Content Uploader

Free | Data Import & Export | freakedout
2.5 3
6 reviews
Formerly known as the Excel Uploader. The Content Uploader will allow you to upload data from a spreadsheet directly into articles! This means that each row from your excel sheet will create one new article on your site. Website creators who want to populate a site quickly by importing existing articles, will find this particuarly useful as it eliminates a time consuming, manual process. File types supported: xlsx, xls, csv, ooc.
MailChimp integration for Joomla!

MailChimp integration for Joomla!

Free | Mailing & Newsletter bridges | freakedout
2.5 3
31 reviews
Joomlamailer is now compatible with Joomla! 3 The MailChimp integration is a whole new Joomla! newsletter component and more. It thoroughly exhausts the MailChimp API and will bring you unprecedented control and content inclusion options with your newsletters, along with satisfaction. Get a free MailChimp account and send up to 12,000 newsletters to 2,000 subscribers each month: Managing your lists, subscribers and newsletters has never been this easy and yet the depth of features will blow you away. Through the combination with MailChimp you can have a full-featured newsletter component for free when you get started. And as you grow your business and your newsletter subscriber lists, you will really start to take advantage of MailChimp's infrastructure and resources. If you have any trouble with the newsletter extension then drop us a line in our forum. Some highlights: Slick Newsletter Template Editor (choose from palettes) Integrates with registration process for Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder (works with 99% of templates) Import existing site users to MailChimp, SugarCRM or Highrise Control Panel Newsletter Stats Module for Joomla! Admins Newsletter Subscription Module Detailed Newsletter Reports w/comparison table Can pull articles as intro or full text from Core and K2 ( into newsletter Add Virtuemart products to your newsletters Send newsletter stats reports via email Social Share your newsletter campaigns Recreated Analytics360 for Wordpress( and integrated into interface Use Mailchimp's Timewarp if you signup your users with the registration package which is delivered along with the main component Newsletter Campaign Folder Management Autoresponders English and German Interface In-depth Userprofiles ( new e-com rating system (based on purchases) for -AEC -Ambra -Virtuemart Full changelog:
c m p
Broken image notifier

Broken image notifier

Free | Admin Reports | freakedout
2.5 3
0 reviews
Broken images on a website make it look unprofessional and poorly maintained. They need to be fixed as soon as possible but how do you even know about them if you don't go through all your sites manually from time to time? Here is the solution. This plugin scans your website on each page load for broken images and sends out an email if it detects one. This allows you to fix your website as soon as possible and saves you the time to check all pages yourself.


Free | Site Navigation | freakedout
2.5 3
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J2Top creates a button that appears on the bottom-right (or -left) when you scroll down the page. Once clicked the page will scroll smoothly to the top of the page and the button will disappear. The look of the button is fully configurable from the backend, you can change the text, font-color, font-size, background images and much more. As of version 1.0.8 the button text can be translated in the plugin configuration or by using language files. Additionally we added an option to display the button also in the administrator interface. You can also define how much pixels must be scrolled down before the button appears, the time that the button needs to fade in and out and if the button should be transparent by setting the opacity between 0.1 and 1.

Content Uploader Pro

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