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Commedia - a component and content plugin that allows you to create a content table containing all of the audios (MP3's, M4a's, WAV's) or videos (MP4's, M4v's, FLV's) that are present in any directory of your site, a FTP-server (folder, single path to ftp-file) or a HTTP(S)-server (DROPBOX, folder, single path to http-file or http-radio). It have to play YouTube video also.

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For mobile devices without Flash Commedia will fallback to HTML5 playback.

Works on multi-language sites (English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabian, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Danish (only Frontpage), Turkish are included, or you are able to add your own language file in the language folder).

You can play, upload and download audios with names in your own language encoding (cyrillic, armenian, spanish for example), so You do not need rename Your files into latin characters.

It has cover, volume control, rating, down-count, play-count, auto-play, filter, repeat button, pagination (classic and modern), user upload, FB social button, timer and some other functions.

It can show the list of subfolders in the root music or video folder.

It can play single file in popup window.

It allows you to set a single path to the folder or one file with variable.

It can automatically find and play music or video from all subfolders and the root folder.

It allows for setting up files to play automatically after another one ends.

It automatically stops or pauses the current playing file when a new one is selected on the page.

You can use sorting order by rating, download-count, artist, title, album, track number, genre and date of the file (ascending, descending) or by random order.

It allows use of your own styles for player and its buttons.

It allows user access control for groups of users that can download, upload or voting songs.

You can set up the number of days that a file is still considered new. It will display the label NEW in line.

Every file has a link to its details page with comment system (provided by JComments), but you can disable it.

HTML-code is validated on

Notice 1:
Commedia can not get ID3-tags information from file on external server: FTP or DROPBOX.

Notice 2:
The recommended encoding WAV-file options are:
* 8-bit and 16-bit linear PCM
* Only codec "1" (PCM) is supported.
* IMA ADPCM isn't supported!

Notice 3:
Commedia can not automatically stop or pause the current playing YouTube video when a new one is selected on the page. You can't get down-count or play-count and set styling for YouTube also.

Great extention

Posted on 12 January 2015

This is a great, easy to use, stable application that can play my MP3 and video files. Easy to customize and easy to add files.

Ease of use

This is a user friendly Joomla plugin, easy to customize the skin, the feature and sorting files. I was loo


Great support.


Many online documentation in how to use and customize Commedia plugin.

Value for money

Great plugin for the price with many features.

I used this to: I use this plugin for a christian website that has over 300 audio files for different artists. It could not be any easier to add media files to albums, or artists.

Excellent Support

Posted on 23 December 2014

Although many other plugins looks similar, the added features surpasses what is available

Ease of use

Install the plugin and play. Easy to use and to adapt


Excellent, excellent, excellent. Anton spend 3 hours on my website finding a solution for a Jquery conflict caused by another plugin.


Good examples exist which you can follow

Value for money

Great value for money.

I used this to: Podcasts

This is a great .mp3 player. You can costumize variables like downloads, colours, and more. The support is excelent!

I just installed Commedia with such ease. I was able to totally configure it (customize options) in just a few minutes. The options available are great and provide a great deal of flexibility. This is a GREAT joomla extension. I highly recommend this tool.


Posted on 16 July 2014

This is a GREAT extension. I first had some problems with the plugin interfering with another player on the site but the developer took time and re-coded the player at no extra charge to make sure it works fine for my specific needs. Highly recommend!


Posted on 03 July 2014

Wow! Great extension - perfect for playing music on my website, and easy to use. The support is second-to-none. Get on it!

I am really happy to buy commedia. The extension is certainly an advantage for musical or audio conferences websites. The support is sympathic and serious (13 messages in 24 hours for a perfect result !)

Thank you verry much, Anton & I'm sure that you'll have good luck in the future !

Owner's reply: Thank You too. I'm ready to help.

Excelent Plugin!!

Posted on 25 May 2014

Lately I been working on my website and look for some plugin allow me to play mp3 samples on my website, trying many of then with not to fully satisfaction.

Was always something not right, something missing.

When I got Commedia player, was the same, except when I summit question to author, I got very quick response and in few hours he fully resolve all my issue.

This developer is very reliable, he knows his product in 100% and really can do whatever is necessary to make work on any joomla sites.

BTW is very powerful player with very friendly administration panel, very easy to use.

I honestly fully recommend this product to all.

Is worth every penny you pay for !!

Thanks Anton.

Owner's reply: Thank You too. And thanks to all for using Commedia! :) It can play video (mp4, m4v, flv) now too.

I call it a MP3 manager because it is much more than a simple MP3 player. It has just about any configuration you could think of , and if it doesn't do exactly what you were looking for right out of the box, then its only a few tweaks away. The developer support is great, Anton is always quick to reply and always has a good, informative answer to the question asked. If you are in the market for an MP3 manager and have a little cash to spend I'd highly recommend this, you won't regret it!

Has passed nearly a year as I placed a response (2013-05-12 login of new113). And my opinion has not changed: The Commedia component is good, very convenient for users. I am very happy, as it is easy to establish it and works, as is described. I recommend this software for 100 % for all your websites. Anton many thanks for your work!!!

Owner's reply: Thank You all for using Commedia! :-)
Top ExtraVote

Top ExtraVote

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7 reviews
Module Top Extravote shows rating of articles, which was rated by ExtraVote plugin. You need to download and instal thel latest version of that plugin, if you want the module to work correctly. Works on multi-language sites (English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabian, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil) are included, or you are able to add your own language file in the language folder).


Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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