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BEST performers and mostly optimizatiom for over 80 000 articles!!!

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JUNewsUltra is multifunctional module for display your article in your site.

In one module, a greater functionality, which replaces a number of modules.

The module has the ability to create different patterns (templates), thus you can change the type of modules as you like and use the module on the news portals, on the portfolio or personal site.

Note: Please translate language file into your language and send to denys [at]

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v 4.5.5 Pro:

  1. Update Bootstrap 2.2.2 for Joomla 2.5

v 4.5.4 Pro:

  1. Update modal windows foe Joomla 2.5
  2. Fixed load jQuery and Bootstrap JS/CSS for Joomla 2.5

v 4.5.3 Pro:

  1. Add Bootstrap js/css for Joomla 2.5
  2. Add jQuery for Joomla 2.5
  3. Add templates 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' and 'Bootstrap Carousel' for Joomla 2.5
  4. Fixed conflict image render
  5. Remove absolute path for images

v 4.5.2 Pro:

  1. Black Friday fixed :)

v 4.5.1 Pro:

  1. Add Esperanto language
  2. Update colorpiker field
  3. Update upload custom image
  4. Update edit template
  5. Fixed selected template
  6. Fixed 'fulltext' allowed tags
  7. Fixed 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' and 'Bootstrap Carousel' templates
  8. Fixed small bugs...

v 4.5.0 Pro:
1. Add option Show/Hide title
2. Add limit text title
3. Add limit method (words or characters)
4. Add end for limit title
5. Add content plugins prepare title
6. Add allowed tags for introtext and fulltext
7. Add end for limit introtext and fulltext
8. Add integration with Komento
9. Add integration with sliComments
10. Add integration with JooComments
11. Update templates: 'Default', 'List template', 'Bootstrap Highly customizable', 'Bootstrap Carousel'
12. Change parameter $params->def('JC') to $params->def('use_comments')
13. Update English, Russian and Ukrainian languges
14. Fixed back-end CSS
15. Fixed some notice for PHP 5.3

v 4.4.0 Pro:
1. Add new default template 'Bootstrap Carousel' only for Joomla 3.0!!!
2. Add order by RATING
3. Add content plugins prepare introtext and fulltext
4. Add support JQuery and Bootstrap JS/CSS if your Joomla template not support this frameworks
5. Add tips in Back-end: NEW, Update, Not support, etc.
6. Update template selected and editing without reload page
7. Update English, Russian, Ukrainian languages
8. Fixed count comments for JComments
9. Fixed templates
10. Fixed Back-end CSS

v 4.3.0 Pro:
1. Add new default template 'Bootstrap Highly customizable' only for Joomla 3.0!!!
2. Add new parameter for template: $item->commentscoun - display count comments for JComments
3. Add alert for new fields
4. Add source rectangle of image:
4.1. Left side of source rectangle of image (sx)
4.2. Top side of source rectangle of image (sy)
4.3. Width of source rectangle of image (sw)
4.4. Height o

Awesome extension

Posted on 26 April 2015


Ease of use


I used this to: I was searching for such extension for 3 month and now I found it thanks allot!!!
Very large functionality and the ability to customize your needs! Thanks allot!!!

Great Extension

Posted on 19 June 2013

This extension is great, i did a news space in my web and it works perfect.

I've a problem only, it seems to ignore line-height style of the articles so in the extension view it looks all text together but when i see the article itself it has the line-height style.

It would be nice for a next version or maybe i'm not doing in the correct form :P

I have used almost all modules of this type and this module is what you were looking for a long time. I was determined to try to create my own module. But I tested this and was very surprised. everything works fine, the administration is well planned and template customization system gives us real power to work.

I can not believe it's free ... the developer is really congratulations. thanks ...

Owner's reply: Thanx!

In the coming weeks I will release a new version of the module.

JUNewsUltra 5 Pro will support: 1. RSS feeds
2. Youtube channels
3. and a lot of different innovations.

Great Module

Posted on 11 January 2013

Thank you. JUNewsUltra Pro is really a great Module. Very flexible and a lot of possibillities! There are only two things i miss: There is no easy way to disable the linked Title. (Of course i can do that in the template, but a checkbox would be great). The other thing is, i am looking for a module to use as a "Automenu". That means the active-state should be shown for the selected link.

At least, it would be nice to have a documentation or a forum in english.

JUNewsUltra Pro

Posted on 23 November 2012

Excellent module.

Very large functionality and the ability to customize any needs.

Hello and thank you Mr. Nosov for this excellent extension.

I've been searching for about a week for a free and well written extension for my website homepage, I have not had any luck until I installed your work.

With minimum CSS knowledge you can achieve full customization.

After a week search I finished the home page in 30 minutes.

I would ask one question regarding the extension.

I'm using JUNews to diplay all the articles inside a category - like a news portal.

JUNews seems to remove line breaks and all other formatting I've put in inside the joomla article manager.

Is there a way to keep text formatting?

Or could someone point me towards a help site (on english if possible)

Can't find any related topics on forums and the documentation is in cyrilic.

Thank you once more.


Viktor J.

Owner's reply: Use next option in the module:

Template Parameters → Show/Hide intro text (set SHOW) → Clear tag in Introtext (set NO) AND Limit introtex (set NO)

great module

Posted on 05 October 2012

Use this module to the sites. Extra large customization module. Due to the skin can replace dozens of different modules. In my opinion superior to commercial counterparts.

Owner's reply: Thank you!

Satisfied my needs

Posted on 04 October 2012

Looking for a module to display updated contents and this was more than what i needed. thanks for this nice extension.

Congratulations to all the makers of this great module.

Just one thing keep in mind that does not work one of the nice features of joomla 2.5, which are putting an image on the introduction of an article and another in the full article.

Since this module when you do not specify an image in your article makes you another that brings the default, since it is an option that brings the module, making it mandatory to put a picture in your article and this remains a some flexibility to module.

But otherwise this super well and also took me out of big trouble so thanks.

Nice enough add, but...

Posted on 29 January 2012

5 stars for looks and usage, but it would seem it crashed my whole site, so if you try it, be sure to do a backup first. (It could be a conflict with other, older extensions, not necessarily this addon - who knows?)

It looks really nice and was very easy to install. Not entirely bug-less (can't handle hyphens), but very neat and hopefully upgraded soon.

It's a pity all info about it is in Ukrainian, so it wasn't easy to find a link to the author. (I haven't had an answer yet, so I don't know about level of service.)

Owner's reply: Please update to JUNewsUltra v. 3.0.0!


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JUNewsUltra Pro

Denys Nosov
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May 24 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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