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The Zentools module is a flexible / responsive image and content gallery module for Joomla. It uses a drag and drop interface to control which elements appear in the module - making building content galleries and grids for Joomla a breeze.

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It features the ability to create responsive slideshows, carousels, accordions, grids, lists, galleries, filtered masonry grid and more ...

v.1.13+ Updated with Two new layouts, effects and speed improvements.

Now includes two new layouts:
- Parallax Stacked
- Backstretch slideshow

Animations: The ability to animate your items using css3 and javascript transitions.

Speed Improvements: Zentools image caching and processing is now super fast which will improve your site's performance.

Adds supports Easyblog as a content source.
Adds support for Joomla and K2 tags.
Adds support for Joomla Categories as a content source

Features include:
- Display Joomla, K2 content, Easyblog or images from a folder
- Drag and drop interface to build your layout
- Built in image resizing and caching
- Responsive lightbox
- Preset button to quickly create common layouts
- Use images optimised for different screen sizes
- Intelligent admin which shows only relevant options for that layout
- Display items in random, recent or popular orders
- Animated overlays for grid and slideshow layouts
- Image styles and effects
- 3 slideshow styles
- Paginated content
- Animated transitions using css3 and javascript

Bamboo Brillance

Posted on 15 November 2015

Has all the required functions and more for a tool of this type. Makes beautiful layouts.

Ease of use

Very easy to use with great documentation


Joomla Bamboo support is 2nd to none and the forum is a great source of information where the developers play an active part.


As mentioned above, the documentation is great

Value for money

Great value for money.... feel like it is money worth spent each time I use.

I used this to: All websites that have a graphical requirement.

Absolutely TOP NOTCH

Posted on 16 October 2015

Works really well - especially fantastic results on all sizes of device.

Ease of use

I find this very easy indeed.


Best support I've found anywhere. They even created a new version with a new feature at my request.

Value for money

Brilliant - free with my template subscription.

I used this to: Presenting all the articles, images and content on a wide range of websites. I hardly ever use anything else. Better than the core joomla options for displaying content nicely.


- Great!
- fetches preview pics even from external sources (e.g. for affilli sites)
- Fast, compiling works well
- customisable

Ease of use

use their quickstartpackage first to get started then it´s easier to learn the power of the features.
Overall easy to start yet powerful.


outstanding, usual responsetime same day.
sometimes right away.


lot of Documentation available, rest can be found in the forum.

Value for money

- not cheap but absolutely worth the money
- would wish there would be more services working like that

I used this to: - succsessful affilli portal
- business consulting site
- online education portal


Powerful outofthebox but extremely versatile with the configuration parameters

Ease of use

Logical and simple


Their best attitude


Complete and exhaustive

Value for money

Unvaluable... the tool does the work for five

I used this to: slider, image gallery, product listing


This module gives you lots of options for how to display content and images.

Ease of use

There are lots of settings that give you a lot of control for how your content will be displayed, linked to, etc.


I haven't needed any support for this module, but the JoomlaBamboo team gives fast, patient, thorough and effective support.


JoomlaBamboo template demos show examples of the different layout options for a good starting point. Good tooltips help the rest of the way.

Value for money

Great value - very happy to have this!

I used this to: Client and personal websites

This incredibly powerful extension can create amazing slideshows and grid-views. It is part of all my websites. Joomlabamboo have done an amazing job. I recommend zentools to everybody. My own clients are impressed with the things joomla is able to do with this extension. Excellent presets, manual and support. Thanks a lot guys!

The Zentools module is an elegant and versatile display module! It's very intuitive and though I didn't think it was possible, the JB team continues to impress me with the flexibility of this module. The zenslider and tabs makes it even easier to make on-the-fly accordion and tabs. I use a lot of extensions and I have never encountered any conflict when using Zentools.

If I ever run into any issues, Anthony and his team are right there with a ready and trustworthy response and solution.

thanks JB team!

Very versatile display module. On top of that, the support is first rate. Even answer daft questions promptly and without judgement. I also use their templates, well worth the annual fee. Wholeheartedly recommend.

I have used this extension for, slideshows, slideshows with overlay text, galleries, FAQ's, displaying a category as a menu, profiles, displaying products and more! This is the most versatile extension ever with quick support if you need it! I love it!! Used on both J2.5 and J3.X with same results

These guys know what they are doing. When I was starting out, they held my hand in figuring out the T3 world. Quite a learning curve. Now, after a dozen sites, I will never consider using anybody or anything else. Zentools is what you dreamed about and hoped that somebody with more coding knowledge that you could do for you. Search no more. I will never give up my subscription to Joomlabamboo. The product and service are amazing.



Free | Education & Culture | Anthony Olsen
4 reviews
Mod Skillset features three different layouts that help portray your skills / character and activity. As the user scrolls down the module animates the progress bar, counts up to the desired number or encircles the nominated value. Displays an animated list of skills, competencies, characteristics Dynamic administrator with live preview of front end display Three unique layouts - circular, count up and skillsbar. Easily change colour of the items in the skill bar or circle layouts


Free | Multimedia Players | Anthony Olsen
2 reviews
Fitvids is a simple Joomla plugin that implements Chris Coyler's and Paravel's responsive video solution. The Fitvids plugin automatically installs the javascript and css required to turn any video on your website into a fluid resizing video object.


Free | Maps & Locations | Anthony Olsen
1 review
Maps2 is a dynamic and intuitive Joomla module for creating google maps. Maps2 features the ability to apply styles, presets, layers and multiple markers via a dynamic and intelligent admin. Displays a google map in a Joomla module Easily style the map using built in presets or create your own Display multiple markers on a page Type in your address and the map is automatically placed at that position. Click on the preview to create a marker Responsive map will scale according to the width allowed by your template Display or hide map elements to customise the map the way you want it to look. Enable or disable drag feature. Set starting zoom Set map tilt display as roadmap, satelite,hybrid or terrain Display weather, cloud, traffic, transit, bicycling layers Display additional information using KML import.
JB Type

JB Type

Free | Articles styling | Anthony Olsen
13 reviews
JB Type is a Joomla style and typography plugin for your content. By using some simple Joomla syntax you can create some awesome typography for your site without knowing any html at all. The plugin simply renders predefined style sin your content and now it comes with a JCE plugin that allows you to render the JB Type styles in the editor window as well.


Free | Social Media | Anthony Olsen
3 reviews
JFlickr delivers a Flickr gallery onto your website. The module is based on the script by Project Atomic and uses JQuery to do all of the hard lifting. You can set the gallery to display images by photoset, user, group or by free text. You assign the number of images to display, the size of the thumbnail and the size of the image that appears once clicked.


Anthony Olsen
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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