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Complete Image Styles is a Joomla plugin that provides a full collection of styles and effects for images. Now, you can make your images much more attractive by applying to them many styles. Complete Image Styles brings together all the standard and new styles that appeared with the growth of CSS. Styles like border, shadow, rounded corners, frame, embossed, perspective, lifted corners, raised box, cutout, glowing, reflection, curves, captions and others can be applied alone or in combination.

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Complete Image Styles uses only **CSS **and **jQuery **to apply the styles. No special and transparent images are needed. Of course images can also be links.

No coding skills are required. Only the plugin and a good content editor like JCE Editor or JCK Editor or CKEditor. So, wherever you have access to the editor (all articles and all modules) you can apply easily the styles. Developers who have knowledge of CSS can apply the styles to images of other Joomla extensions (like VirtueMart, SOBI, Phoca Gallery etc.) if the code of the extension allows that.

Change Log:
- Less data are loaded to the page in order the styles to be applied.
- Fix: Apply styles to hidden images.
- Two new styles: Paperclip and Grayscale (Grayscale does not work in IE10 and IE11).
- Improvements to some styles in Firefox.
- More slots to save styles.
- Faster save/load in plugin configuration.

- Responsive.
- Rewritten code.
- Use of jQuery (for better compatibility with the new versions of Joomla).
- Ready made styles.
- Improved configuration with explanatory images.
- Usability escalation (easy use for the novice user and advanced features for the developer).

- The 'align' feature is added.
- The styles are applied immediately ignoring the transition time.
- The 'title' property is active to all styles.
- Fix in the 'transition' style.

- Fix in the code for detecting version of IE. (Maybe this modification eliminates problems when minifying/compress javascript.)
- Fix in the help file.

- Compatible with Joomla 3.0.
- Secondary fix in some styles.

- Fix: styles work when image dimensions (width & height) are not defined.

- First release of the Complete Image Styles plugin.

This plugin really helped me out on my website. It is highly customizable and gives you the most beautiful effects for images. It has a lot of features and the support itself is one of the best and really fast.


Posted on 27 March 2014

What a perfect extension, lots of styles. Great effects, i'm really happy with this one. And if you have any question they help within minutes, excellent support from the developers.

It's perfect

Posted on 25 February 2014

Absolutely perfect plugin! You can do amazing things on you site, very easily, without need to know any css programming and without any problem. Especially the new version is even more friendly to use. Really great job! It deserve 100% the amount you need to spend to get it.

First of all the developer was very quick with answering and helping out with a issue I had on my site.

The extension is great. Get your images to another dimension in a fast, quick and user friendly way.

Keep up the good work!


Posted on 22 March 2013

I do not do a lot of reviews, but this extension deserves one. This extension is absolutely awesome! Easy to install and configure. Install, set preferences, assign the class and website has very polished transitions and effects. Works very well in a responsive template as well. Well worth the money!

Great extension

Posted on 22 February 2013

Was looking for something to easily style images. This fit the bill perfectly. Has some problems (mea culpa) on my 2nd site using it. Thanos from the eStudio folks worked through the weekend to straighten me out. Has worked perfectly since on all the sites I have used it on.


Posted on 20 October 2012

I bought this plugin yesterday to tune up my images.

The benefits you get from this plugin is really fantastic.

Simple to use, no errors, no conflicts on my side, really a must have tool.

I just simply installed it, enabled the plugin, made custom class in the plugin options

(really just clicks), gave the image the class name, and voila:

Amazing effects!

Nothing is simplier than that.

Thank You

Owner's reply: Thank you too. I am very happy when people find this tool useful and satisfactory.

An excellent plugin

Posted on 08 October 2012

I bought this plugin to use it with Virtuemart. The developer helped me to do the right setup and answered all my questions very fast and with patience.

Actually it is really simple to setup and the result is really fantastic.

Great Job

Posted on 29 June 2012

Wonderful extension with excellent support. Had a conflict with another mod sent message and had immediate response and resolution.

I bought this application yesterday and had some initial troubles with installing but after sending a mail I got immediately excellent support from the developers (important to mention that as turned out the error was not in their product but error on my side...)

Excellent tool, excellent service

Owner's reply: Thank you for sharing this event Bernhard.
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Complete Image Styles

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Feb 14 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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