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This plugin closes the external links in the Site content.
Latest version see on GitHub

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This plugin closes the external links in the Site content.
Latest version see on GitHub

Works well

Posted on 06 December 2015

Works for what is needed for

Ease of use

Intuitive features for what it is intended

Just what I was looking for.

Posted on 20 October 2014

This is great, wish it was core functionality.

I'd give it excellent, but had some CSS issue in the menu where it didn't take on the CSS properties like the other menu items. Other than that it's perfect, it really covers all the external links, saves a lot of PR bleeding.

The default settings are such that the plugin works well as soon as it's enabled. However, the lack of english documentation limits the usefulness of the additional features. I didn't find that the tooltips gave enough information.

I inadvertently got caught in the Google vs. MyBlogGuest dispute and was being penalized by Google. Needed something very quick to fix the thousands (and that's no exaggeration) of pages that were effected. Thank you so much for making such a quick effective fix!

Just great extension! Close even modules url's!

nofollow solved

Posted on 03 November 2013

I have been looking for a way to add nofollow to all sobipro external links. This plugin worked out of the box. just enable it and all external links everywhere have a nofollow attribute. Thank you to the developer.

Best nofollow tool

Posted on 18 September 2013

I register especially to write a review on this extension; is hard to believe is free! Time saving, easy to use, and you can choose to what content you want to apply the rules, and if you don't select any menu/component or link will just apply to all external links including from modules, component.The only think you can miss miss is the documentation in English but the email support is very fast and good!


Posted on 20 August 2013

This works like a charm on all my external outbound links including the twitter plugin but not for the facebook social plugin. How can we nofollow the outbound links to facebook as well? I wouldn't mind to contribute to a commercial version if this can be done. Kindly advise, thanks!

Great stuff

Posted on 17 July 2013

Works perfectly. I used to use another nofollow plugin, but it worked only within articles. This extension, however, can add nofollow to all outgoing links, including those in components, modules, etc.

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Buyanov Danila
Last updated:
Jul 19 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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