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This native Joomla 1.5 - 3.x plugin automatically generates keywords and description for each article by pulling text from the title and/or the content to help with SEO. It also gives you the ability to set different title configurations, robots meta tags and google webmaster verification keys. Joomla provides a great system for including metadata keywords and description on articles. When editing an article there is a spot on the right hand side of the page to edit the keywords and description (it’s under “Metadata Information”). This information is used to provide the tags for the page and to connect pages using the standard Related Articles module that comes with Joomla. But what if you don’t want to have to think up and type in keywords and description every time? Wouldn’t it be nice if the related articles plugin could just always work on the full text of the articles? That’s what this plugin solves. It works with every language.

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Whenever you create or save an article in Frontend or Backend, this plugin automatically fills in the keywords and description for you.
It does this for the keywords by:
1. Parsing all the words in the article and ordering them by number of times used (you can choose to generate keywords from title, content or both)
2. Removes the most common words in your language from the list by comparing it against a blacklist
3. Adds the top words into the keywords section (Limit keywords by length or number)

After saving the article you can also make some own changes and any words you add to the keyword or description section will not be overwritten when you save. But what is with that many old articles without keywords? This version adds the ability to regenerate keywords for all articles in the database. Simply set the option to “Yes”, reload "Frontpage" and set it back to “No.” All articles in the database will now have keywords. You can save, delete or change the keywords for all articles by changing the options "Regenerate All Keywords and save it" and "Minimum Word Length" or the "Keywords-Blacklist". If you are not using "save by writing" then the description and keywords aren't saved in the article but the searchengine can get it from the sourcetext, because they are also generated "on the fly". There are Keyword-Blacklists in english and in german but you can use google translation to create your own Keyword-Blacklist.

On these websites you can see how it works:

Thats not all here some other options:
* HTML page title configuration. Set your page titles in three different ways
* You can also customize what the separator is (in this ex. it's a pipe, can be any character).
* Additionally, you can customize the front page of your site's title tag to display a custom string.
* You can have one of four different layouts


As described!

Ease of use

Easier than expected!


I would give Matthias 10* for her excellent support. Matthias helps us fix other with my Joomla site!



Value for money

Worth any penny!

I used this to: Our all joomla site!

Best Plugin Ever

Posted on 02 April 2015

It works like a charm!

Ease of use

It works very easy, with some clicks you manage all


the same day, within minutes. very personal, very good and helpfull


none needed, but there is in English

Value for money

best ROI ever!

I used this to:


Good tool for keeping your keywords and metadata updated. Several options for non experts in SEO and also for pros.

Ease of use

Very easy to use


The best support I ever had with a developer. Great support! Fast, easy, and good compromise.


I am sure he will improve the actual documentation but if he doesn't it's because the high level compromise with users and dedication.

Value for money

If I new the great support and person behind this plugin I wouldn't mind to pay even more money.

I used this to: Give a better SEO and easy keywords and tags for my site


This worked as advertised. Easy to install and perfect functionality.

Ease of use

Doesn't get any easier.


Been on the internet since 1994. This is the best support experience I have ever had. Matthias went above the call of duty to help me out.


Ok... But not much is needed to install.

Value for money

Best value for money of all paid extensions I have installed.

I used this to: Search engine optimization. Seeing immediate results.


It does what it says. My website is now where I want it (top 5) for all my search terms after just a few days

Ease of use

It did work straight out of the box but understanding it took time . Matthias gave me a lot of help explaining how to adjust it.


Matthias was excellent !


There is little documentation but its on its way apparently.

Value for money

wonderful...well worth it.

I used this to: Promoting and selling our own miniature Falabella horses on the internet.

Great Plugin

Posted on 11 January 2015

Do exactly what it says

Ease of use

It can't be easiest


Excellent support, very quick email response


doesn't need, is very easy to use

Value for money

excellent value for money buy

I used this to: every site i do

Superb Customer Service!

Posted on 10 September 2014

I am pretty new on Joomla and had some problems to understand the plugin how it works. Matthias was super fast with his answers and helped me to get into it. Thank you for this great customer service! Great tool, I am happy to implement it to my first three websites!


Posted on 27 August 2014

Had been struggling with getting a site to register with Google, the site is primarily a lot of images on the front page. Took the plunge and purchased the xtension. WOW! a first class product and a price thats hard to believe. At first I thought it wasn't working correctly as it all went so smoothly in a matter of minutes ... job done.

I had an issue (I thought) as the site had already been written I called upon the SEO to re-write the keywords etc. you have to load the front page 2x and then reset the SEO-Generator to get the front page to reload fully. I understand a manual is forthcoming but seriously don't be put off go for this it will save you hours of work and yes it does work, the site I had a problem with was found easily within 12 hours of the extension being installed. Support by the developer is first class. Thank you Matthias

Oh and don't forget all new articles have the SEO written as you go so if you build new sites it will save a lot of typing.

seo generator review

Posted on 10 July 2014

Purchased Article generator and seo generator for both joomla 2.5 and 3.3.

SEO generator you simply install and enable the plugin, and it works.

Amazing extension and service!!! Thank you Matthias

Now I believe in magic

Posted on 06 July 2014

This plugin works as a step magic is fantastic, generates Meta data and Key Words, so if you do not want to waste time in searching words, let him do everything 100%, Plugin worth more than it costs, the optimal results that brought to my site, congratulations to the excellent support that makes available to users,

Mathias you note is 1000.





Paid download | Social Edition | MCTrading
2.5 3
109 reviews
This native Joomla 1.5 - 3.x component automatically generates new articles with own keywords by pulling text from any feed-source you want. It gives you the ability to set many different configurations for each feed-source. It keeps you’re site fresh and gives you’re visitors something to read and you have nothing to do. All is done by an cronjob - every 5 minutes, if you wish. It filters the feed-sources by keywords, generates a new article which automatically has own keywords, removes links, link-texts or images - if you want, adds advertising which you can change at any time you want, integrates the original article with an lightbox-effect and refreshes your own website-feed. There are many options to make it possible with every feed-source you want. The new articles improve your page SEO and make your site win positions in the search engines. By default, Article-Generator inserts below the content random backlinks to some of my developer-pages. This feature can be disabled with a single click. Or you can change these backlinks in the code. Then you can use this feature to have backlinks to your own related websites. This can improve SEO. Article-Generator is fully configurable and each feed-source can be configured with different parameters. With these many options each article can be customized to your website and content and the new articles are added to your website just as if you wrote them yourself: *get fulltext from all feeds *post as different user *choose section and category *store original Author name in the article *choose access group for the article *show on frontpage *expiration for the article from 7 days to 1 year (in predefined steps) *auto-unpublish *posting of original date *set Feed-Date as created date *insert advertising-field which you can change later for all written articles *filter feed-source by keywords / negative keywords (to ignore posts) *cut the article at any tag *full text fetch on feeds that support it *show intro with advert and no readmore *show intro and then advert in readmore *show intro and then fulltext with advert in readmore *show intro in readmore or not *Links inside the feed content are set with nofollow to improve SEO *delete links or links and link-texts in intro or fulltext *delete links from images in the feed content *delete images in intro or fulltext *switch Feed-Intro and Feed-Fulltext *include link to original-article *open original-article-link in Lightbox, Slimbox, Shadowbox or Squeezebox *set JCE params like width and height *use curl or fsockopen *posting without repeating an article by checking the title *Duplicate avoidance which is very useful for SEO purposes *choose number of SEO-Keywords for the new article *choose minimum length of SEO-Keywords for the new article *blacklist of SEO-Keywords for the new article *activate cronjob on the server or on to generate articles around the clock On these websites you can see how it works:


Paid download | SEF | MCTrading
2.5 3
1 review
This native Joomla 2.5 and 3.x plugin automatically generates new aliases for all your joomla articles in one step by using the title from each article. It gives you the ability to choose between the joomla transliteration aliases or joomla unicode aliases. Joomla provides a great system for creating aliases for each article by using the article-title. But if you need to change between transliteration or unicode then you have to create new aliases manually for each single article. When editing an article there is a spot near the title to edit the alias. So you can do this manually. But what if you don’t want to have to spend many time for this? Wouldn’t it be nice if this is done automatically for all your joomla articles in one step directly in the database? That’s what this plugin is doing. Whenever you have one of these problems: you have to switch from transliteration aliases to unicode aliases in joomla configuration you have to switch from unicode aliases to transliteration aliases in joomla configuration you won't switch between unicode and transliteration but you have wrong aliases (e.g. some date- and time-stamps) you have manually given aliases for your articles and you like to switch back to the title-aliases then the ALIAS-Generator is your solution. Aliases are short pieces of text that represent the title of your Joomla Articles in a machine-friendly format. This format allows only lowercase letters and dashes (-). Aliases are used by Joomla to make Search Engine Friendly URLs. There are technical limitations to the types of characters that can be included in URLs, so Joomla prevents problems with invalid characters by allowing you to specify an alias. You can fill in an alias yourself. If you leave the alias field empty, Joomla will automatically create an alias from the Title field of an item when it is saved. This means that if you edit the title of an item, but you leave the old alias in its field, the alias (and the URL that is created from it) will not change. Empty the alias field if you want generate a new alias. In joomla configuration you can choose the way how joomla is creating these aliases. You can choose between "Transliteration" and "Unicode" aliases. When saving edited content, the former setting attempts to convert, where appropriate, any alias text into the corresponding Latin characters. The latter setting leaves any non-Latin characters in the alias text unchanged. Changing this parameter does not retroactively change aliases, it just changes the behaviour of automatic alias generation for future content editing and creation. Now you can use ALIAS-Generator to do this also for all your existing articles automatically in one step.


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