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ProfileURL allows your Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial or JomWall users to customize their profile and group links, exactly like how it's done on Facebook. It is also integrated with ParaInvite's Namecard links.

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Want to let your users have profile/group URLs like With ProfileURL it's a breeze!
Admins can choose to automatically set up the profile URL everytime a user registers, or make it a manual process (like Facebook). You can also choose to allow multiple updates or just once.

ProfileURL will auto suggest profile URLs for users based on their usernames, first names and last names. It will also list all the groups owned by the user so he can set up the group URLs. The extension will check if the URL conflicts with other names, like menu item aliases, other users' usernames etc. What's more, ProfileURL will work even if Joomla's SEF is disabled, and for websites that support multiple languages!

ProfileURL will also significantly increase your website's SEF. Please read the documentation for details and how you can see this in action. It is also responsive designed and will work on any mobile device.

Profile URLs integrations:
- EasySocial
- JomSocial
- Community Builder
- JomWall
- Kunena
- SIMAnswers

Group URLs integrations:
- EasySocial
- JomSocial
- Community Builder (with GroupJive)
- JomWall

Check the demo to see how it works!

not worth it

Posted on 26 January 2015

broken, does not support numbers in url

Ease of use

to be fair it installed fine, then broke everything


what support? i am a troll because due to privacy reasons i didn't provide " access information to back end of the site "


easy to install, about it

Value for money

rip off support likes to argue that they HAVE to have access to back end to fix a problem!

I used this to: nothing anymore!

The support is excellent

Posted on 26 October 2014

I must say this is some of the best support I have had through a commercial extension. Mr. Feng replies same day and even goes to your site to help out if needed in a timely manner. i would definitely recommend this for cb and any other use! Thanks again Mike!

I think they really support jomsocial but easysocial support is virtually a no-reply support.

I can't say they are really bad since I use their other extensions for some clients using their accounts (I encourage them to buy for themselves for long term support). Then I tried their easysocial profile, and I did report that their plugin doesn't work with usernames with numbers. 48 hours have passed and still no reply.

Owner's reply: Hi
Sorry for the late support as it is the holiday period here. All support tickets have been responded now.

For years I've admired the vanity urls on other sites. Now my members point people to their profile with a simple This is super slick for sharing, which is totally inherent in the nature of a social network. This extension works. Support is very responsive and patiently got me through a few questions during setup. Highly recommended. Again: super slick extension and awesome support.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review! Much appreciated.


Posted on 13 July 2012

A delicious, extension, and with excellent support

CloudFlare for Joomla!

CloudFlare for Joomla!

Free | Performance | Mike Feng
1 review
CloudFlare for Joomla! is a simple plugin that allows Joomla! websites to fully utilize CloudFlare's free Universal SSL . The plugin does a couple of things: Fixes the infinite redirect issue that many Joomla! website encounter Loads all content (images, css and script) via https, whether they are added using relative or absolute URLs


Free | Popups & iFrames | Mike Feng
3 reviews
SIMAlerts turns your website's boring warnings, notices, and messages into something fancy and eye-catching for your users. Highly configurable with 4 different styles, your users will be sure to see the difference!


Paid download | Bookmark & Recommend | Mike Feng
42 reviews
ParaInvite the most feature-packed viral invites and marketing solution for Joomla!. It is essentially a 4-in-1 software fit for any website: 1. Contacts and Invites Management 2. Namecards 3. Content Sharing 4. Quick Login It is completely impossible to fully describe the features of ParaInvite 5, so it's highly recommended that you visit the documentation for a detailed description. It uses OAuth 2.0, the industry standard for authenticating users on 3rd party services, to import contacts and send invites via six fully supported services: Windows Live Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is also integrated with OpenInviter to provide additional email services, and supports CSV import and user manual entry. ParaInvite uses "schemes", a new and completely revolutionary way of creating unlimited types of invites/shares for every part of your website, with fully customizable and multi-language invitation content! Namecards are mini-profiles that you and your users can customize to display specific and important information related to certain aspects of your site. When your users' friends their namecards and register, they're considered successful invites. Content Sharing allows your users to recommend and share any type of content and/or page with their friends, which also functions like an invite! With the Quick Login feature, users can register and/or login to your site with a simple click of a button, using their account details on services like Facebook, Google, Windows Live, LinkedIn and Yahoo. ParaInvite also displays a user's history of invites (viewable to all), and a complete breakdown of each user's statistics (viewable to administrators). The Ranking module allows ranking of users based on accepted or sent invites, within a specified time frame (configurable) Other features include Auto Connections setup, badges, points, and much much more. It's simply too much to list them all here, but here's a quick view: Fully responsive design for mobile devices Integrates with Google Analytics Charts and graphs Notifies your users (via ParaInvite's own notification system, email, and JomSocial/EasySocial's notifications) when their invites are accepted Allows users to store all unsent contacts so they'll be notified when their friends register at the site Send email invites in batches using cron job (for websites with limited hosting) Rewards users with points Include sending invitations as part of the registration process Badges feature which allows your users to place personal badges on their blogs, forums and other websites to promote your site, and getting points in return. Namecard feature, which is a URL which your users can leave anywhere they want (forum posts, other websites, emails etc), and when people follow this link, they will view their namecards with a link to register on your site. Namecard invitations are considered a successful valid invitation. Allow you to restrict registration to people with valid invitations. More! More! More!
c m p


Paid download | Galleries | Mike Feng
22 reviews
SIMGallery is the TRUE community-driven gallery. Integrated seamlessly with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder and JomWall (JS/ES/CB/JW) it allows your users to create and manage their own albums, photos and videos. SIMGallery mirrors the gallery feature of Facebook EXACTLY! Browsing is as easy as using the arrow keys. Key features: - Media type: Photos, Profile Pictures, Videos, Wall photos/videos - Watermark - Facebook photos import - Upload/link videos - Remote storage (Amazon S3) - Advanced access settings - Multiple profile pictures management (optional) - Categories (optional). Search albums/photos based on categories - Tag media, post comments, like media, like comments, report media, set photo as profile picture, download photos, set access levels etc etc - 3 different types of tags: tags of users, custom tags, and keyword tags (that can be set in the configuration). If you have keyword tags set, users can search for media based on these tags. - Migrate existing media from JomSocial. Combine categories with keywords for a truly powerful community gallery! Eg. Categories: Houses, Condos and Apartments; Keywords: 2-room, 3-room, refurbished, new. SIMGallery will now display meaningful search results. Allows you to run specific themed websites for real estate, pets, model agency, photography etc or just general community. The sky's the limit! SIMGallery can be used standalone without the need for JS/ES/CB/JW. However, if you're integrating with them, there are 2 levels of integration: Level 1) Post new activities on JS/ES's wall, JomWall, and CB Activity. Also post notifications for JS and ES users. SIMGallery will remain its own separate gallery, while your users will still be able to use JS/ES's gallery. Useful if you need a community gallery with category features. Level 2) SIMGallery will completely take over JS/ES's photo and/or video gallery (ES does not have videos, so SIMGallery fixes that). All links to JS/ES's gallery will be redirected to the relevant SIMGallery links. SIMGallery will automatically create a new Wall Photos album for every user and display wall photos in them! Your users can continue to post wall photos or videos on JS/ES, and they will be linked to SIMGallery. SIMGallery allows admins to set 2 types of user group permissions: 1) Admins - access and delete all media in the frontend regardless of permissions. 2) Media - create albums and upload photos/videos. Instead of all registered users, you can limit this to particular user group(s). SIMGallery comes with 4 modules: the Albums module, Photos module, Videos module and Ranking module. These modules are super highly configurable, and the Ranking module even allows you to run contests on your website. It also comes with JS, ES and CB plugins that will display a user's latest albums, photos or videos on their profiles. It's IMPOSSIBLE to describe everything here! Please check the documentation for full description.
c m p


Paid download | Question & Answers | Mike Feng
4 reviews
SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. Many Q&A extensions claim to work like Yahoo Answers, but only SIMAnswers works in exactly the same way as Yahoo Answers, down to the last detail! HTML5, Bootstrap, responsive design Well thought-out and designed user interface and streamlined user processes Create custom fields for questions and/or answers (file uploads, checkboxes, textboxes, radios, select boxes etc) HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE categories/subcategories. Set specific user groups to ask questions/answer questions/view answers/manager each individual category Use as a Q&A solution, a Forum, or a Support Ticket system Users can report content (questions, answers, comments), while Managers can moderate content on the frontend Comment and rate answers Comprehensive user dashboard and preferences Resolve a question by selecting a Best Answer High customizable rich HTML notification emails Smart Search that displays the most relevant results Integrates with JomSocial, EasySocial, and Community Builder This is literally (NOT metaphorically) less than 10% of the full features list - there is just TOO MUCH to list!! Please check the Documentation for full features description, or better yet go straight to the live demo!
c m p


Free | SEO & Metadata | Mike Feng
0 reviews
Improve your website's SEO drastically with SIMNoFollow. The plugin replaces all outgoing links based on 3 configurable settings: Add rel="nofollow" Adding rel="nofollow" to your outgoing links is a well-known method to improve your website's SEO by reducing leakage. Add target="blank" While adding target="blank" to your outgoing links will not improve your website's SEO (search engines ignore this attribute), it's a good idea because it retains your users' focus, instead of losing them to external sites. Add External Link icon Add an icon at the end of your outgoing links so that your users won't be "surprised" when clicking on something opens up a new tab. This is to improve the general user experience, and SIMNoFollow is the only plugin of its kind with this feature.

Profile URL

Mike Feng
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Dec 14 2014
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Nov 19 2014
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