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Site Management, URL Redirection

This plugin loads at Joomla! startup and checks if the domain used in the URL matches the one specified in the parameters. If it does not, the plugin gracefully redirects the visitor to the exact same URL, replacing the domain with the preferred one.

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Useful if you can't (or won't) modify your .htaccess files for Apache redirection. Or if you can't write Rewrite Rules, just like me…

easy and helpfull

Posted on 01 March 2015

redirection from a leagcy sitre to new one in 2 clics

Redirection d'un ancien domaine vers un nouveau en 2 clics, efficace et facile

Ease of use

très simple



Product does what it says - redirecting the request to a preferred domain

Ease of use



not needed in my setup


so simple - self explaining

I used this to: re-directing to a hosted ssl secured server (.htaccess did not work in this scenario). With this plugin, problem easily solved! Having a more secured server now :-)

Simple & easy

Posted on 19 August 2014

Really simple and easy to use.

Does what is says and excellent!

I wanted to get rid of using rewrite rules and hardcoded redirections inside template.

Previously used plugin was only capable of redirecting traffic between www/non www addresses, and stumbled upon a problem of having two domains pointing to same content.

This plugin not only redirects all incoming visitors to root domain, taking care about duplicated content. It also handles redirection from/to www subdomain. And most important, works with J!3x.

Big thanks for this simple but powerful plugin.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the nice review! And thanks for testing woth J!3, I have had no time for this so it's really cool :-)

Great plugin

Posted on 06 June 2014

Does what is says: the plugin redirects the visitor to the exact same URL, replacing the domain with the preferred one. Very handy when they use an url from google search results. With the plugin they are redirected to exactly the same page on the new website but with the new url.

With a 301 redirect they all end up on your new homepage and have to find again the page they were looking for.

And not to forget: you can exclude the, so you always have access to the old site and the plugin!

Many thanks for making this.

Domain redirect

Xavier Spirlet
Last updated:
May 28 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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