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Facebook wall and social integration shows fully customized wall posts of facebook page/group/profile and also have facebook social features like comments, like button, activity feed, follow button for your websites.You can customize the facebook page/group/profile posts display all the ways, from showing/hiding each part of the post to coloring and setting font sizes.There are many features added to display post perfectly. Just watch the demo and images, it's professional and up to date with changes in facebook.

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The main feature is of course displaying the posts of facebook page, profile, group in your website. You will only have to put facebook id of page or profile or group and access token in the module settings. All the features summarized below.

You can set which view your module will show from module view settings.There are a lot of settings available for each view.

Features -

1.Graph API usage for FB page/group/profile feed

2.manage height and width of wall posts

3.choose what type of posts to display(photo, link, video, event, status, others)

4.set different picture sizes to give different post layouts

5.Graph Api is used to show bigger picture

6.have the ability to play youtube video in video type post can show number of posts in feed view

8.shows likes, shares, comments counts of each post every parts of the individual post from settings

10.shows post media name, caption, description

11.all links and hastags are linkable comments in feed view

13.view all comments per post on click using ajax

14.have the ability to show guest entries too

15.nice scroll plugin integrated

16.color & font settings for all parts of posts and comments button at top of feed, changeable header text can specify how many comments to show for comments view can set like button url as current page or any other FB page css and loads fast

21.module is responsive(mobile ready) on all devices


version 1.1: language functionality has been added

version 1.2: like and comment button added per post,like button added on each comment.

view all comments link added to show rest of the comments when clicked

version 1.3:
module updated with facebook july 2013 breaking changes.Now previous module buyers need to generate access token again

comments paging has been added.

version 1.4:

module updated with facebook's october 2013 breaking changes

version 1.5:
module is now responsive (mobile ready).

number of shares per post of page has been added

version 1.6:
select which type of posts to be shown.
select among 3 photo sizes to give different photo post layouts.
lots of colors and font size settings have been added.

show more link added for post text.

version 1.7:

Show/hide individual items in post, remove page own comment as post, play youtube video in feed display, linking hashtags in text, other fixes.

version 1.8:
Filtering has been added: display posts which contain certain string, exclude posts which contain that string, also display any post by entering post id.
Have the full ability to convert admin side settings to any different languages by adding & editing language files, fixes in css file, other minor fixes .Quick start guide file added to know details about settings.

Works as Promised

Posted on 16 May 2015

This extension comes with a mountain of features to place on your website.

Ease of use

The ease of setting this up came with some great step-by-step documentation.


I purchased it and had it up and running after some fast and professional support on the same day.


Documentation was easy to understand and I had it up and running in 30 min after going through a chat session with the web developer.

Value for money

This extension is priced just right with a 50% discount upon renewing.


Install > Click > you'r up and running !

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier !


Not needed ;-)


Does the job....!

Value for money

Compared to other extensions in this area....very well priced !

I used this to: We run 8 cafes/winebars on one and the same Joomla installation ( Virtual Domain ) and show Facebook Groups for each of our more than does the job for us !

Excellent support

Posted on 10 February 2015

Functions error free

Ease of use

easy to handle and understand settings


Your money is worth spending, because you are having friendly support.

Value for money

worthy of spending, it provides what you want.

I purchased the module and later upgraded it, but needed some assistance with a setting. The developer was there, attentive and supporting, even half a year after purchase. Thank you for a great attention and great programming!

A great little add-on

Posted on 10 August 2014

A great little add-on to get your Facebook feeds on your Joomla site. Slightly fiddly to setup, but great documentation and support so just READ the docs first before raising a support call. Overall, excellent.

I recently installed this extension on my company's web page. Super simple to add, just follow the well documented instructions. Another great feature I love is the responsive ability. Great extension, don't regret the purchase!

Having bought and installed this product I was immediately impressed. There was a slight annoyance where my page would show comments by the admin's as a new post but I contacted the developers and they soon corrected this issue. This extension and service is definitely worth the price and does the job. Thanks :-)

Top Facebook-Plugin

Posted on 11 April 2014

Very nice FB-plugin. Looks very good and works fine. There are many settings and customization. And the best: Top support!!!

I've tried several FB integrators in Joomla! over the years, and nothing comes even close to this. Easy, no-stress installing process, excellent support, incredibly reliable, well featured, and not forgetting the big plus of being completely responsive. Absolutely fantastic module and worth every cent.

Great extension

Posted on 13 January 2014

The “Facebook wall and Social integration” is a truly great extension. It does exactly what it pretends to do. Also, the look is great and the installation is not complicated. As a matter of fact, the support service is tremendous. Thanks a million!

Mitsol Tweets

Mitsol Tweets

Paid download | Social Display | mridul samadder
2.5 3
1 review
Mitsol tweets displays tweets as slide view or vertical display view for any user-tweets, hashtag-tweets, search-tweets. Watch demos and images for all these views and stunning features not to be missed. There are lots of settings of these two views as written under features below, it also caches tweet data from twitter into database to deal with twitter Api request limits. Mitsol tweets package includes main tweet module and code only component to handle ajax call from tweet module. A perfect twitter tweet display for your business/personal websites. Features: 1.Uses Twitter Api v1.1 to get tweets 2.Requires only twitter application keys and tokens 3.Displays tweets of a user or hashtag or custom search keyword 4.Set to show number of tweets 5.Shows number of re-tweets, favorites & reply link 6.Shows tweet media image if exists with different sizes 7.Set number of tweets in current slide window and slide duration for slide display 8.Enable/disable auto slide & paging buttons in slide display 9.Show/hide each individual items of tweet 10.Shows mixed, recent, popular tweets of hashtag and search string 11.Color and font size settings for each tweet items 12.Have the ability to show reply tweets too 13.Shows date in easily readable format 14.Nice scroll plugin on fixed height and loads fast 15.Clearing of tweet cache data by setting 3rd view 16.Efficient way of throwing errors


Paid download | Multimedia Players | mridul samadder
2.5 3
0 reviews
Mitsol Video Gallery(msvideogallery) is a powerful video gallery component for joomla that allows you to show videos on your website.Mitsol Video Gallery has a easy-to-use interface,shows videos in gallery and almost look like can play your videos in three formats: flv,mp4,webm MVG is HTML 5 based video gallery.There is a automatic fallback capability for browsers which do not supports html5.For html5 based, you can watch videos in other devices(like supported mobile devices and others).No domain restrictions Features: play videos in MP4, WEBM, FLV formats. play both internal and external video files Play videos from based on HTML 5 so is supported by some other devices Categories can be created and videos can be added under the category Video Preview image can be set from images in media manager. Video title,description and thumbnail image can be set Video Share capabilities and other settings.. v1.1 changes component is now integrated with joomla core features like ACL and other minor fixes
Daily Task List

Daily Task List

Paid download | Personal Life | mridul samadder
2.5 3
0 reviews
Daily task list component provides ways for users of your site to add, edit, delete, mark complete their own tasks/notes/reminders etc. Also admin can create custom tasks in a category & display at front end under a separate menu item page so that users can only mark each custom task as completed. Admin can see which user marked complete on which custom task. view images for all snapshots. v1.1 Each user can add,edit,delete their own tasks from front end separately v1.2 admin can create custom tasks under categories and display at front end under a category so that users can mark task as completed. admin can also see user activity on custom tasks. It's now integrated with joomla core features like access level.


Paid download | Social Display | mridul samadder
2.5 3
0 reviews
Jsocial Integration includes many social features like Login by facebook, Add open graph protocol tags in website pages, display your facebook home page news feed and social plugins(like button, comments, share button..) in your site. Login by facebook : One click login by Facebook. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, user can connect their existing account or creating new account with facebook by the login module. Also you can place login tags anywhere in page to inject FB login button separately. Open grah meta tags for social media(Facebook, twitter..) : By jsocial integration plugin you can easily add title, description, image, and other information which are shown anywhere in facebook & other social media when your page is liked, shared, or commented on. It is must needed to present your content efficiently across social media. You can override those og meta tag content by using jsocial integration og tags in any page. Also, by default og image is set from joomla default article or k2 article if present. Facebook home page news feed : You can display your facebook home page news feed using the feed module. It will show your and your friends' statuses and posts from pages/groups you follow in facebook. It can show huge number of posts if you are following lots of pages/groups and have good number of friends. Social plugins : You can add facebook social plugins - like button, comments, share button, follow button... by putting Jsocial integration social tags with different parameters as written in doc anywhere in page, templates, articles.. Just view demo and images for all these features. Features: Login by FB or normally by the login module and there are many settings Inject FB login button by placing custom login tag anywhere in pages, templates, articles ... First time user can associate their existing account or create new account Add default og meta tags in all pages from plugin settings Override default og meta tags in any page by placing custom tags with those content Display all connected social users in admin panel Delete connected users Control whether to add FB sdk scripts for login from component settings Show/hide login/logout progress image Display huge number of posts of your facebook home page news feed by feed module Feed module display many items of a post like post image, description, avatar... To display feed only access token is needed for the user Add facebook social plugins(like button, comments, share button...) anywhere in pages, templates, articles by placing social tags with parameters as written in details in documentation.
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facebook wall and social integration

mridul samadder
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Feb 17 2015
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Nov 19 2014
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