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Google+ is one of the newest social media platforms developed by the Internet giant that everyone loves, but it is one that has caught on quite well, with thousands of people gathering, sharing and learning information to their friends and individuals within their ‘circles.’ Google+ makes it easy to socialize, build a larger customer base and so much more, benefiting your business in many ways, even those you never imagined possible. And, with the Google Plus Widget Slider, getting in on the Google+ fun will be easier than ever. The Google Plus Widget Slider is the module that you need on your site if Google Plus is a social media site that you depend on. Having the Google Plus widget offers you a ton of different benefits that you can appreciate.

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Available for the Joomla platform, the Google Plus Widget Slider works with Joomla 2.5 as well as Joomla 3.0. the widget has been available since July 2013. The Google Plus Widget is available free of charge and can be downloaded and installed in minutes of time without obligation. Those who choose to use the Google Plus widget will find themselves met with an array of awesome features.

Some of the great features and benefits that will come your way when you download the Google Plus Widget Slider to your website include:

Google Plus Widget Slider i) Easy to install and easy to download; takes a matter of minutes.
ii) Query enabled, with the option to disable.
iii)Google Plus news feed right on a bar on your website for all who visit can see.
iv) A number of customization options that enable you to get the exact look that you are after.
v) Slider feature is really neat and enables you to save space on your website.
vi) Friends, family and others can see all of your Google Plus activity without leaving your site.
vii) Available in several languages including English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, among others.
viii) 24/7 Customer Support for 6 months after the date of download.
ix) Compatible with all editions of Joomla.
x) 5 different Font Choices.
xi) Customizable width and height options.
xii) Free documentation.
xiii) Free installation –No need to hire anyone to come in and make the installation for you.
xiv) Gain more people within your circles on Google Plus.
xv) Enables you to communicate with others.
xvi) Share more important information.
xvii) Engage with customers: As they respond to your posts and make their own posts you can certain connect on that very important personal level. Be sure that you are always responding to any and all comments, posts and messages that are made for your company.
xviii) Enables you to easily post new information on Google Plus without ever leaving your site and with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse required.

The Google Plus Widget Slider is a great asset for anyone who is looking to get more action on this popular social networking site. You can enjoy all of these benefits!

Works, kind of...

Posted on 02 February 2014

I recently downloaded and installed this developer's social sliders on my site and really enjoyed them EXCEPT this one.

The widget works, but refuses to display our feed from Google+ page AND there is no way to contact the developer about this issue as the 'Contact Us' form on their website DOES NOT WORK!


Posted on 12 November 2013

I totally love this module! It has been a great tool for socializing.. Plus, it is sooo easy to install and get access. Everyone who have not tried this must try it now! It's free! :D

Try it!!!!!

Posted on 30 October 2013

Google Plus Widget Slider is an amazing module. It is easy to use and functions are very well. Try's totally free.


Posted on 29 October 2013

An extension with very many great features. Easy to install and allows you to do so much without necassirily leaving your site. Try it you wont regret

Google Plus Widget Slider is really a great extension. It has some wonderful features. It is very user friendly to install, configure and use. I used another one but it is the best. Thanks to developer.

Makes it shareable !!!

Posted on 14 September 2013

Easy to use and does what it says. Easy to post within the page itself, goodbye to opening of new tabs !!!


Posted on 12 September 2013

An amazing widget....its so much user friendly plus very convenient for people who frequently access Google+.

Google Widget Slider

Posted on 11 September 2013

'Google Widget Slider' Very good module to use on your website. Very satisfactory functions, easy to use and moreover, its Free.

I like it

Posted on 07 September 2013

This is a satisfactory module, it is easy to use, functions well.It turned out to be better than expected. You should try it.

Highly recommended

Posted on 25 August 2013

Google Widget Slider has a good functional widget. It is very useful and easy to use. I found this extension and it worth more than I expected. It is highly recommended to all Google users.

Twitter Widget Slider

Twitter Widget Slider

Free | Social Display | Alonzo Weatherby
3 reviews
Micro-networking is very popular, hence Twitter. Some millions of people have Twitter accounts and use it on a regular basis. This includes both individuals as well as businesses. If you are a business owner looking to make your presence known on social media, this is a great site to do it. On Twitter you will communicate with others in short form, as you are limited to posting messages of 160 characters or less. This has proven to be highly effective, and Twitter is the second most popular social networking site only behind Facebook. Some hail the Twitter Widget Slider as one of the best that Joomla has made yet. With this twitter slider you can post it to your website and visitor can hover on it to see what is going on over in Twitter land, right from your website. This keeps them just where you want them (On your site) while also enjoying the benefits of utilizing Twitter at the same time. The Twitter widget slider posts your tweets and other social updates. If you have a website and a Twitter account, the Twitter widget slider is something for you. Why is this Twitter widget so popular? Take a look at the many amazing benefits offered to you with the Twitter Widget Slider. Twitter i) Easy to Install ii) Takes just minutes to download and install iii) Fully customizable features enable you to do more than you ever could before. Choose colors, fonts and more. iv) This is a free tool that helps you connect to Twitter. There is no cost for the Twitter Widget Slider. v) Slider is space efficient. All that is visible is the Twitter icon, until it is hovered over. Once t is hovered over the Twitter newsfeed appears. vi) jQuery enabled, but can easily be disabled if you so desire vii) Post all of your tweets that you want people to see. You can use the Twitter Widget Slider to highlight special events, notices and so much more. If you post it on Twitter, the Twitter Widget Slider makes it easy to share with everyone. viii) Get all of the latest news from those that you follow in Twitter, all appearing in your news feed. ix) You can bring all of your Twitter friends together with the help of the Twitter Widget Slider. x) Compatible with most browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. xi) Free support for a full six months after purchase, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for all of your comments, questions, support and assistance. xii) Compatible with all Joomla websites. xiii) Gain more Twitter followers. xiv) Maintain blog posts and gain more readers xv) The Twitter Widget Slider is easy to install, even if you are not an expert in the field. The Twitter Widget Slider brings to you a number of features and a ton of exciting benefits that there is no question you, as well as those visiting your website, will enjoy to the fullest.
LinkedIn Widget Slider

LinkedIn Widget Slider

Free | Social Presence | Alonzo Weatherby
2 reviews
LinkedIn is a popular social networking site, but it is far different from your Facebook or your Twitter. Designed to help business professionals connect with one another, LinkedIn provides a free platform in which you can see yourself while also learning of new positions that are available, connecting with others in the same industry and so much more. If you are a business professional you should have an account with LinkedIn, just as you should have the Linkedin Widget Slider. The LinkedIn Widget Slider is a awesome tool that enables visitors on your site to keep track of your LinkedIn posts and updates as well as the available jobs in this particular industry, job searching tips and more. It is right there on your site, but it doesn’t take up any room, as it is a mere icon until it is hovered over. Trying to decide if you should use the YouTube slider on your site? Take a look at all of the wonderful benefits that come along with LinkedIn Widget Slider. i) Benefits everyone – Not only can you see all of the jobs that are available, so can all of the visitors to your site. It is a tough economy, and one in which we must help other. What better way to do this? ii) Easy to use – The LinkedIn Widget Slider is easy to use for both the consumer as well as the website owner. iii) No cost – No worries over the cost, as Joomla website owners can download and install this awesome LinkedIn Widget Slider at absolutely no cost. iv) Full Support Provided – day in and day out, you are protected with a helping hand who happens to be more than knowledgeable in this subject. 24 hour support is available for six months after downloading. v) Provide Information – You can post a ton of informative details on your slider, all of which is within easy access of all who visit your site. vi) Updates –You are also going to benefit with the Linkedin widget. You can make updates to your profile, check messages, respond to others and more after this great widget is installed. vii) More Connections – When you have LinkedIn right on your site you can gain more connections and together you can all find the jobs that you really want. viii) jQuery enabled but can easily be disabled if you would like. ix) Slideshow Feature – the slideshow feature makes it easy for consumers to access what they want quickly and easily, highlighting to them all that you are offering. x) Highlight other social media sties – If you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, or I f you write a blog, having the LinkedIn Widget Slider enables you to connect to everyone with just a few clicks. xi) Great design shows only a LinkedIn icon unit it is hovered upon. There are a number of other features and benefits that will come your way with the LinkedIn Widget Slider, including those listed above. Do not miss out on those benefits for yourself.
Youtube Widget Slider

Youtube Widget Slider

Free | Social Presence | Alonzo Weatherby
9 reviews
The YouTube Widget Slider is available for free download for those using the Joomla platform. It is available for Joomla 2.5 as well as Joomla 3.x. The YouTube Widget Slider was made available in July 2013. It is easy to install as well as easy to use and provides all users with an array of benefits. With the YouTube Widget Slider it is possible to add more videos from YouTube to your website. It takes nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse, and thanks to the module you are no longer required to write line after line of code. A few clicks and your videos are on the web. Some of the many features that come along with this YouTube widget include: Youtube Widget Slider i) Slider Style is easy to use as well as spacious of your website. ii) Unlimited number of videos that you can choose. iii) All of the videos that you select are placed at your website. iv) The Widget Slider eliminates the need for code. v) jQuery based with the ability to disable if need be. vi) Custom Templates. vii) Easy to use. viii) Easy to install and download. ix) Free support available from Joomla when it is needed. x) YouTube Widget Slider requires no space for adding the video into your hosting program. xi) You are not using your bandwidth when a video plays. xii) Can use without registering to YouTube. xiii) Manual slideshow enables visitors to select the video they want to watch as well as gives the option to have them automatically in rotation to play. These are certainly awesome benefits, now take a look at some of the things that you will be able to do with this YouTube widget on your site. Upload videos to promote your company/service or product. Videos readily available for all visitors to your site. The slider bar is easy to use- simply hover over the icon to bring it out. With the slider bar you can early see what consumers are watching and what they think about it through the comments sections, of which are easily accessible through the widget. Consumers can choose the videos they want to watch if they do not want to see them in a rotation. Provide customers with videos providing them with information in the niche that you are involved in. Get more visitors to your social networking pages, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. You will be able to keep up with others with this Widget. Not only can you watch videos and add your own to the side bar, you can also add others that you like. When you see what others are up to you can be certain that you are always ip to par with what is going on. The Joomla YouTube Widget Slider is still new but it is certain to be one that offers you an immaculate number of benefits that offer help to both you as well as those who may be patronizing your website.
Contact Us Widget Slider

Contact Us Widget Slider

Free | Contact forms | Alonzo Weatherby
2 reviews
Facebook Slider providing some awesome free social widgets for Joomla . Some Awesome Features of Contact Us Widget Slider are : i) jQuery Based ii) Have option to disable jQuery if Need iii) Very Easy to Use iv) Complete Documentation v) Free Support where all topic answered by our Joomla Developers vi) Module Suffix and all other Joomla Feature like Custom Template More and More. Thanks for using our extension and don't forget to rate and review to encourage our effort.
Pinterest Widget Slider

Pinterest Widget Slider

Free | Social Presence | Alonzo Weatherby
1 review
The Pinterest Widget Slider is an awesome tool for your Joomla website, enabling you to post a feed directly from Pinterest on your pages! The Pinterest slider is easy to install, easy to use and provides users with an ample amount of benefits. Take a look at the features and benefits sure to be appreciated with the Pinterest Widget Slider. Pinterest Widget Slider i) The Pinterest Widget Slider has a great design –all that is visible is a icon for Pinterest until the visitor hovers over the page. Once this is done the slider widget will pop out and present your Pinterest feed. ii) Easy to Use – Anyone who visits your site can easily view what’s going on at your Pinterest account, as well as leave your site to visit and follow you if they would like. You can easily take social media to the next level with the Pinterest widget. iii) Advertise – Rather than sending out an email or a text, or going through the process of changing your entire site, the Pinterest Widget Slider can be used to make announcements, post pictures and news and much more. You can easily advertise your contest, sale, etc. for all to see on the Pinterest Widget Slider right on your homepage! iv) Options – There are tons and tons of options available for your Pinterest pins with the Pinterest Widget Slider. You can easily customize the Pinterest Widget Slider to your specifications, which includes the width and the height of the slider on your page. v) Spacious - there’s a lot covered in the Pinterest Widget Slider, but it won’t take up a lot of space on your site. The Pinterest Widget Slider shows as an icon on the side of your page. It is only visible once a user hovers around this Pinterest icon. vi) Display text as well as pictures – Some of the plug-ins for Joomla make you choose one or the other…but not this Joomla plugin called the Pinterest Widget Slider. vii) Compatible –The Joomla Pinterest Widget is compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer viii) All Software Supported –The Pinterest Widget can be used with all versions of the Joomla website. ix) Entertaining – With the Pinterest Widget Slider on your website you can keep visitors there longer, enjoying what you are offering to them. Along with your blogs and info, pictures and posts, visitors to your site can play around and see all of your pins and more. x) Post More – With the Pinterest widget you can easily add new posts right from your website without ever having to log into Pinterest. This may not seem like a big deal but it really does make your life much easier and enables you to do so much more with your social networking. The long list of features and benefits of the Pinterest Widget Slider make it a plug-in that you should not wait to add to your Joomla website. It will give your website the edge that it needs to be a great success and so much more. Don’t go without it a day longer.
Facebook Widget Slider

Facebook Widget Slider

Free | Tables & Lists | Alonzo Weatherby
3 reviews
The Facebook Widget Slider is a great addition to your website. It allows visitors to your page access your Facebook news feed without ever leaving your website. The Facebook Widget Slider is available on the Joomla platform and works with all latest versions of Joomla. Some of the many benefits and advantages that you will appreciate about this Facebook widget include the following: i) Visitors to your site can easily see what is going on over at Facebook. You can easily gain new FB fans in this manner, as well as help spread the word about your company. ii) Complete documentation. iii) Can be used with all Joomla websites iv) People can ‘like’ your FB page without leaving your site v)People can make posts and like other peoples posts without leaving your site. vi) Visitors can click on your company name and easily visit your FB page if they so desire. vii)Free support for six months after you download the software. This support is available to help answer questions, give you tips and guidance and more, and is available 24/7. viii) jQuery based, but can easily be disabled if need be. ix) Custom Templates are available. These templates offer the chance to customize your Widget just the way that you like it. x) Gain more FB fans and followers. xi) Highlight a slideshow directly from FB on your website. xii)Easy to install –the FB Widget Slider is easy to install and takes only a matter of minutes to download and add to your website. xiii) Show Faces, Header and Border, Streamer can be disable on preferences. There are billions of people using the FB Slider widget and if you are not one of those people you should be! This awesome widget will enable you to enjoy all of the features listed above and many more.

Google Plus Widget Slider

Alonzo Weatherby
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Dec 27 2014
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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