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Organize your modules in positions adding responsive design features!

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Displays modules from one module position in another.

Great when:
* You need to show/hide some module(s) responsively or
* You're using several templates with non-matching module position names and you don't want to have two copies of each module or
* Your template has separate module positions for mobile layout (e.g. Shape5 templates) and you don't want to have two copies of each module or
* You want to organise modules into logical groups

Works perfectly to hide modules that do not display properly on mobile devices (i.e. slideshow modules that aren't mobile-friendly, or anything else you do not want loaded on the mobile version.).

Rather than installing a dedicated mobile plugin and then customizing a separate mobile template, it's easier for us to simply build the site with a single Responsive template to handle all platforms. It's a hassle to hack the template code to switch off certain modules for mobile devices. This module just saved all the extra work.

Very easy to use. Hats off to the developer for this one! Thanks!

I have been looking for a Joomla module like this for some time, and at last a great solution is here. An ingenious tool that has assisted me in showing/hiding AND dynamically re-assigning module positions based on browser width (aka 'rerouting' them). It has other functions too, which I have not explored yet. You may be excused for thinking, 'but I could do this with code', yes, but not only has this module saved me time by not having to, now when I update my template I don't have to redo all my custom work. So really pleased with this. And I was particularly pleased with the support too. I haven't written a review on here before, but this module expired me to. Looking forward to updates.

Custom HTML Advanced

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | /
31 reviews
Easily add custom HTML code within a module position with Custom HTML Advanced module for Joomla! Compared to standard mod_custom it has the following features: No filtering (even for script tags); Override module position chrome to remove unwanted wrapping HTML code around the module; Add custom CSS code into HTML header for pages where the module is enabled. Especially useful for: Advertisement code (such as AdSense or adBrite); Placing custom Javascript code within the page.
Absolute Floating Menu

Absolute Floating Menu

Paid download | Modules Panel | /
29 reviews
Catch visitors' attention with menu or other valuable content in animated floating div box. Integrates with Joomla module and template system to move other module(s) following user scrolling. Can be centered or can have distance from any window border specified. Ideal for: - Important menus - Shopping carts - Call to actions buttons - Contact information The following modes are supported: - Free-floating (not restricted to specific area, can overlap other page elements) - Confined (restricted to a specific area such as left or right module position) Furthermore: - Javascript code not dependent upon any framework, so there will be no conflicts with MooTools and/or jQuery; - Several floating boxes can be on the same page showing different content; - Debug mode to make configuring easier Special handling for templates: - Artisteer - Joomlashine - YOOtheme (Warp 5.5.x, 6.x, 7.x) - Many other templates have been verified to work. Responsive design features: - Operate as on big screens - or hide container.


Paid download | Modules Panel | /
9 reviews
Don't waste the space occupied by module position columns - make some module(s) appear fixed on screen! Many templates have columns devoted to modules to the left and to the right of content area. A site with articles of different lengths will have number of modules optimized for shorter pages. This module will make some of the modules within those positions to stay fixed in browser window. Features: - Module(s) will be fixed on screen but will stay confined in particular area (usually module position column); - Uses position:fixed whenever possible to reduce flicker - Doesn't depend on jQuery or Mootools Special handling for templates: - Artisteer - Joomlashine - YOOtheme (Warp 5.5.x, 6.x, 7.x) - Many other templates have been verified to work. Responsive design support: - Movement can be stopped on small screen/browser window.

Smooth Scroll Anchors

Paid download | Site Navigation | /
8 reviews
Use named anchors on your pages? Give an extra polish to your site by adding smooth scrolling effect with this plugin! This way the visitors will have a glimpse of the distance moved by clicking the link. Horizontal and/or vertical smooth movement can be configured. Can be used with: - jQuery (default for Joomla! versions 3.0 and above) - MooTools More (for older Joomla! versions before 3.0) Can work with js libraries provided by Joomla! or included in extension.
AutoAnchor Menu

AutoAnchor Menu

Paid download | Article Elements | /
4 reviews
Long article? Automatically generated menu to article sections will improve user experience. The menu is being composed from the header tags present in article (H1..H9) and links to the top and the bottom of the page and scrolls the user to relevant section. Extension is page-based so will work with any component (including K2). Features: - Configure which headers to include in the menu (for example, only H2 and H3 tags can be configured to be included); - Flat or tree-like (for example, H2 and H3 could be merged into single menu level or be on different levels); - Can have links to top and to bottom at the beginning of the menu and/or at the end. - Smooth scrolling to anchors - Configurable axis for scrolling For best experience, AutoAnchor Menu can be used together with Absolute Floating Menu module or Fixed'n'Sticky, which will help AutoAnchor Menu stay onscreen.
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Responsive Module Rerouter

Developer: /
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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