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Calc Builder ComponentModule

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CALC BUILDER allows you to create dynamic calculators.
Define your own input user form (types, size, order,validations).
Build results table through PHP code.
Export result table to PDF.
Simple and easy configuration. Library of working examples included.
Extended version to link Calculated results with Virtuemart or Hikashop checkout.

New features added:

- Different form-result positions (top,bottom,left,right)
- New result animations to choose
- New option: init calculator on loaded page

Other Features:

- New Code helper toolbar
- Improvements on matrix data loaded.
- Save last input for returning users
- Text mask
- New layout (bootstrap)
- Size parameters for output popup window
- CSV loading options for multivalues input fields
- New print preferences
- Send email to address entered at the form
- Input form creation through HTML layout.
- Output creation through HTML layout.
- Add custom javascript code.
- Dynamic sections.
- PDF and excel customization.
- Automatic email sending with form contents.
- Custom HTML section as form heading.
- Output configuration parameters: PDF, excel and/or email.
- Combobox fill using SQL query.
- Export/Import calculators.
- Graphic statistics and list of inputs.
- Export results to excel file.
- Send results to email.
- New type of field (linked lists).
- New type of field (separator).
- New type of field (multiple selector).
- Multivalue options ordering.
- Matrix rows/columns ordering.
- CSS class module suffix
- More robust anti-spam system

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Reviews: 1
Had a custom built calculator created by Moonsoft for a client - I had stumbled around for about 3 weeks, ending up paying 'those who know!" Works perfectly as required now and a minor request to fix the link to Virtuemart was done without query. Thank you Moonsoft!
Reviews: 1
This app is very powerfull. I must commend support. They helped me immediately any time I had a problem. I can only recommend.
Reviews: 1
The extension is extremly amazing! You can do what you want, all depends to your fantasy. Highly recommend for anyone who has low php skills. Watch the explenation videos, and you will become a master form creator even of compicated claculation forms.
And the custom coding is at acceptable price. Great support, great extension, happy customer :)
Reviews: 2
I have no experience with php. Still, I was able to figure it out and build a sophisticated price calculator. I am highly impressed with support as well, guys at moonsoft logged in to the backend and fixed my problem with matrix builder that did not work initially but then did after diagnosing the problem (needed to disable magic quotes from the server).
Reviews: 9
When I read all of the glowing reviews about this extension, I was skeptical that it would live up to my expectations. I'm happy to say that it has, and then some.

I have been trying to create a instant price quote form for my commercial photography business. I had previously used RSForm!Pro by RSJoomla!, but found it a little too complicated and quirky to complete the quote functionality, so I simply gave up. (Note: RSForm!Pro is an excellent extension; I simply found it to be a little more than I needed for a basic quote form).

What I like about Calc Builder is that it is simple to use for basic calculators, but has enough additional capability to do some really slick things. For under US$30, it's really quite handy.

I will say that, for anything other than basic calculations, some knowledge of programming is useful (PHP, JavaScript, CSS). However, Moonsoft will design a calculator for you or customization their code, and their fees seem very reasonable.

Moonsoft's support is exemplary. I had some difficulty getting started with my first calculator because the interface is different from RSForm!Pro. I simply created a couple of support tickets and a couple of forum posts, and I received helpful answers VERY quickly.

The only shortcoming that I can think of is that there is no way to design separate user and admin emails as in RSForm!Pro, which somewhat limits how Calc Builder can be used. That said, this is a great extensions and, for the price, an excellent value.
Reviews: 14
Absolutely phenomenal component. This is truly what Joomla components should be and easily meets all of:

Backed by excellent support.

Thank-you for this incredible work.
Reviews: 6
I had been looking all over the internet for a good calculator that also works with Virtuemart. And then found this the price at the start looked steep but the service and support I got with this extension is outstanding fixed my problems very quickly. And the excellent extension it's self easy to use but you do need a level of php and/or java knowledge.

I strongly recommend this extension 5/5.
Reviews: 1
I searched the whole internet for a calculator extension that had the capabilities I needed. Only Calc Builder had all I needed. Moonsoft builded my very difficult calculator, quick and professional without errors. If you are aquainted with Java/HTML/PHP you can do this yourself and the sky is the limit with this extension!

Most important of all, the builder gives very good support and always responds quickly.
Reviews: 3
Great Extension!
Needed to build an extension to calculations varied forms. When I found Calc Builder fell for it! It does everything it promises and Support Team MoomSoft is professional and spectacular!
I recommend!!
Reviews: 11
Echoing previous reviews, I had a great experience with this component and the support provided by Moonsoft. I needed to create a pretty complex calculator for a client, and they did it for me quickly and correctly, and were very responsive. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
I purchased Calc Builder for a client that has a very complicated form with a myriad of calculations so I opted for the people at Calc Builder to create the form for us. Not only did they do a great job on the form but they were extremely responsive. There was one section that had an error in one of the formulas and they fixed it within a matter of minutes after I notified them. The pricing for their programing was more than reasonable. I would recommend Calc Builder to anyone needing such functionality on a Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
We bought this extension with the intention of trying to build a calculator on our own. Realizing there was more javascript and php needed than our knowledge (and patience) we asked them to create our calculator. I cannot express how wonderful they were throughout the process. We had a few glitches due to our site version but they figured it out easily. The communication was always pleasant and prompt. Custom pricing was excellent. Fast, prompt, pleasant, affordable... great job!
Reviews: 12
we could not believe how great this extension was or how nice and helpful the developers were. we opted for the customized calculator and they delivered exactly what we wanted (with a couple changes even) super quickly. thanks!
Reviews: 7
Let me say first, I rarely buy commercial extensions, very rarely, however I made an exception on this one as my client wanted something I could not do.

I am so glad I selected this extension. Not only did the guys at Moonsoft provide a great product they back it up a level of support rarely seen. I had them create a custom calculator and even though Im sure the dont come close to speaking my language, they explained everything perfectly, from how to install, to even giving extra tips and ideas.

Absolutely worth the cost, can I give 10 stars?, highly recommended. Thanks Moonsoft! rock.! haha!
Reviews: 3
I Recently purchased CalBuilder. I am not a php coder by any means but had a need for an extension that allowed for a custom calculator. After trying in vain to write the calculator myself I turned to the Moonsoft team for help. They were responsive and worked with me to create the perfect calculator. They were absolutely great to work with and their fees were excellent. I recommend CalcBuilder to anyone needing a custom calculator component. If you know php, great, I think you will be able to build anything you need your self. If you don't, like me, the Moonsoft team can create anything you need for a very reasonable price. The combination of excellent extension and excellent support really can't be beat.
Reviews: 3
CalcBuilder is by far my favorite extension for Joomla. My first calculator was rather complex, so I hired the developers to build it but I found myself building calculators for my site, in a very short period of time afterwards. This is a very useful component and I must admit that it is addictive building calculators with it. Well done to the developers. Also, support is top notch!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. I had some server configuration problems and the team at Moonsoft handled it 'with serious quickness.'

One thing I would say is that you should be prepared to do a little coding in php to write the calculation programs.
Reviews: 1
This component does everything it describes. I requested a few changes to the core for added features and the developer helped me out quickly and for a good price. Quick, friendly service. I def recommend.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use and useful component! I had a problem with the encoding in an output file and they fixed it the same day!
Reviews: 2
I do use this extension in my medical website to calculate doses and criterias.

I had to use the support 5 ou 6 times with sucessful answers and solving all my problens.

Thank you, Moonsoft, very much.
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