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Translate Helper Plugin

This plugin finds all words, texts on the page and puts an icon near to it. When you click the icon, a popup window will apear and you can edit this word or text. All changes will be saved to tha language file, so you don't need to edit those files manualy.
Whith this plugin you can edit words and texts of all language files of all extensions from the page where those words and texts are used.

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Reviews: 2
This is THE essential tool for ANY translation in Joomla.
It will save dozens of hours and will make translating and reviewing translation easy and fun.
Congratulation for the great work!
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension because I wanted my users to update languaje files without having to look witch languaje file they had to change.
Reviews: 6
In Canada, we build and maintain many bilingual sites, including web sites that use Syballic languages from the Canadian North.

This plugin makes editting our custom language files for these non-core languages super-easy!
Reviews: 1
This is a MUST HAVE extension! I saved a lot of time!
Thanks very much to developer!
Reviews: 5
Ever since my first website with multi-lingual content I am using this tool to translate on front-end.

The best and well thought extension.

Dear developer, I am checking this extension status everyday, hoping one day I will Joomla 3.0 support. I am desperate for it.

Of course I made changes on this extension to support my Joomla 3.0 website.

Thanks and best wishes.
Reviews: 8
This plugin is a must have, super easy to use and efficient! Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
Great extension, but for J2.5 must override 1.7 to 2.5 value in PHP file.
Reviews: 7
I really love the idea behind this extension. It allows you to:

1)Edit languages from the frontend, in context, with any easy-to-use interface.

2)Edit "Hidden" strings. These show up in a box off to the side -- strings that aren't visible but are loaded (like in scripts, etc).

I am definitely using it!

Here are some things that need to be polished, though:

1) Since the plugin replaces HTML inline, sometimes the resulting edit icons and/or popups aren't visible, say in a div that hides overflow. If a jtext string is used in a button that pops up something else, you'll never even see the edit box. SOLUTION: The developers could fix this by adding all strings to the side panel by default, so strings could be edited no matter where they are located within the page. But won't this make it harder to figure out where the text is used? Well, not really! In fact, a more reasonable approach might be to place a NUMBER inline (instead of an edit icon), and then have box on the left have NUMBERED ENTRIES that correspond. Instead of a popup edit box, they could then implement a slidedown form - much cleaner as far as the interface goes. You still have feedback about where a string is used!!!

2) Since this extension relies on jquery, it has potential to conflict with other extensions. It doesn't do any checking about if jquery is already loaded or not. At a minimum, it would be nice if jquery were running in a no-conflict mode.

I look forward to this extension becoming more polished. It is a no brainer that this is a terrific way to help translate a site -- edit language strings in context where they are actually used.
Reviews: 2
Great little tool! The first language editor available for joomla 1.6 it seems. I only wish there were settings for where it should show up. I only need to use it on the front end, so all those icons just get in the way in the back end. As a result, I have to constantly go into plugins and switch it on and off, depending on what I'm doing.