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Easy Language Plugin

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Plugin for easy and immediate management of multilingual texts in every possible area of joomla, articles, components, modules, metadata, template, other components (example K2) etc.

Easy Language supports all languages ​​supported by joomla.

The parameter that filters the language is the language code URL. (es>en)

GUIDE: How to install and configure Easy Language

To use simply insert the code in template, editor and/or title of any component or module:

{lang en}Text english{/lang}
{lang it}Testo italiano{/lang}
{lang de}Deutsch Text{/lang}

v. 1.2.2
Fixed: problems of some particular cases

v. 1.2.1
Integrated setting default language (only in articles) - see options plugin -;
Integrated ability to display the translated texts also in the admin panel - see options plugin -;
Optimized code to solve minor problems and special cases;

v. 1.1.0
Ability to apply patches to third-party components to manage the translation even where until now was not possible.

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Reviews: 16
Great and light plugin for multilingual website. Simple to set up, and very straightforward.
Reviews: 4
Now its very easy for me to built multilingual site. This extension is great, easy to use and good support. Thanks devs!
Reviews: 2
is definitely the best easy and efficient translation system that I tried.
allows you to translate titles forms, modules and contents without duplicate.
the support is fast and friendly
Thanks you saved my life.
Reviews: 1
This is an awesome plugin, the support is great, at first the plugin had some problems with a particular component, but I contacted with support and they fixed it very quick!
Reviews: 1
It is a really good extension, good function with native Joomla articles or K2. I recommend it. You do not have to make separate items for every language. Have one item for all languages.
Reviews: 2
I like and use this plugin, but "alias" is only in one language and this is a problem for good multilanguage website. My solution is to create several menus (one for each language) and to link each menu item to one article with this plugin, because it is a big advantage to have all translations of one menu item in one place. It is better than to use Joomla core solution for articles (to many articles in backend, I must link articles between translations, etc..., simpy not good).
Reviews: 5
This plugin is very simple to use. The big advantage is that it works everywhere (component, module, title menus, etc ...) and is compatible without any worries with a multi-language site with a complex stucture. I use it in many extensions, and always works great!
Really a very useful complement to joomla, whatever your configuration is, because it can translate everywhere!
Reviews: 1
Much easier to use than create many articles/items, especially for things like videos/pictures.
Reviews: 2
I am very impressed with this plugin!
It just saved me the extra work and hassle of creating seperate articles and seperate modules for the different languages I am working with. I am working with 4 languages English,French,Italian and German and it just works so great. It is very easy and flexible. The only thing which is not worth mentioning is that the name of the module in the back end gets messed up with tags surrounding it, but I guess there is no other way of doing it. I would like to pay tribute and thank the genius developers.
Reviews: 9
I think that together with the default language management features this is the best way to manage multi-lingual content on your site. I just use it whenever convenient.. simple and brilliant. Even free =) No wonder Joom!Fish is dead. Many thanks!
Reviews: 8
Using this for a 3 language site and it really makes the whole managment process accessible to my client. The native alternative is complex and involves alot of limitations whereas this just works. Also as other reviewers have mentioned, the plugin seems to work in other modules/components which was a pleasant surprise.

Future additions? Would really welcome the addition of the ability to redirect to the current page rather than the languages's default homepage.
Reviews: 3
This component is a life saver if you have a 2 language site. More than that and things get complicated and it may not be fore you. But for me its perfect.

I suspect this will effect ordering if you order by the a field you have made multi language because the plugin has to be applied after the SLQ query.

The instructions suggest using the system language picker but that always redirects you to your default menu item for that language wich is a drag for users. I wrote a quick module that just changes the language and directs you to the current page. This would be a good feature to add. I'd be happy to contribute what I wrote but I can't promise it covers all scenarios. With a simple languages selection module that leaves you on the same page this extension would be perfect.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is excellent. In my experience I used it in a complex multilanguage site solving the problem of translating slices of components, modules and lot of things in a -very deep- customization (otherwise impossible): yes, you can use this plugin almost everywhere in joomla!!! Good work!
Reviews: 1

thank you very much for your work !!!

Great extension, it reminds me a bit of Jumi simple style...

You need now to use only one content or article with all languages which you want to use, thats great!

No more changing from one language to another true components and plugins, just put all the languages into one article, menu...

If you can solve the problem with the alias, it would be the best!

Reviews: 9
I have had some trouble setting it up, but i did get good support.
Now that im using it, this is great great great ...

You only need to use 1 content/article with all the languages which you want to use, and thats all !!
No more changing from i language to another true a component .. no just put it all into one article ...

thanx !!!
Reviews: 4
Well I guess it works for some but not me.
Why because it dose not support the other language I wish to use.
Owner's reply

"Easy Language" supports all languages ​​supported by joomla, maybe we do not understand on the forum, we can continue to help you:

Reviews: 4
This makes it so much easier to make multilanguage sites using fx. forms2content.
Reviews: 2
It's make my life so easier.
Thanks genius developers