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Multilanguages CK Plugin

This is a plugin to manage your translations anywhere in your website. Put the tags for every language you want to manage and the plugin will only display the text for the current language in the page.

Example of use :
{langck=fr-FR}texte français à afficher{/langck}
{langck=en-GB}english text to show{/langck}

It is based on the language tag like en-GB that you can find using the debug function of the plugin (see options of the plugin).

It is very useful if you are using multilingual content but have some third party extensions that are not compatible. This is no more a problem.

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Reviews: 1
One of the best Joomla plugins I've ever used because it worked right out of the box!

Unfortunately RocketTheme RokGallery doesn't support multilanguages. But install this plugin, activate it, and use the code to put your translation in whatever article or module you're using and it will display the correct language for the user.
Reviews: 2
It helped me very much, i translated a lot of fields in 5 languages. Very good!
Reviews: 1
Very good plugin, I use it to translate the custom fields and cart variant of virtuemart that we can't translate otherwise
Reviews: 1
Very useful extension!
We used it to solve issue with "Articles Anywhere" not supporting multi-languaged sites.
Reviews: 17
When I started developing our first multi-language website using Joomla 2.5, we started using another language plugin, this initial has basically same functionality as Multilanguages CK but the only difference is that it used a shorter language tag, we guess that it would be better to use a shorter tag plugin to avoid wastage of space in fields.

However, when we translated more than 15 fields in Jomsocial to make it multi-language compatible, we noticed that, on the website frontpage, both language were shown, including the language tags!

So, we decided to move back to Multilanguages CK and make the same test, all fields were properly translated on the website frontend without any error :-)

Today, we are using Multilanguages CK on all our multi-language website to translate system fields and other small text that forms part of other components that cannot be translated with the default Joomla multi-language system and we are totally satisfied with it.

As for the review about title field limit for translation, honestly, Joomla already provides a multi-language interface for categories, articles and other Joomla default language strings, it is not necessary to use Multilanguages CK to translate things that can be translated in default by Joomla!!!

Honestly, it is not that I am judging this user, but, rating Multilanguages CK as Average or Fair simply because of such limitation is not 'fair' at all as this plugin merits a definite 5 stars and even much more as it does a very good work.
Reviews: 5
I was on the cusp of giving this a 5-star review.

The concept is great. Just separate the content within your articles/modules, etc. for various languages with the langck tags, and your language switcher will pick the right one. Great!

Then I had a really long article title that I had to duplicate in French. It was truncated. Experiment showed there is a 255 character limit in the title field.

I wrote MultilanguageCK support and their brief reply was "if there's anything wrong, it must be your extension."

Well, no, I'm afraid not. I tried it on a simple Joomla article.

We are quickly becoming a multi-national company, and even with fairly brief article titles, you will run out of space in roughly three languages.

I'm saddened, because the fantastic ease of use was one of the main draws of MultilanguageCK. But I can't have articles in 4 languages without titles in 4 languages. And I can't hang every page on our site off a menu item.

It looks like I'll have to start all over.
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. You are right, and you said that the limitation comes from the field in the database. So I can't do anything for this.
Joomla articles have the native multilanguage solution, Multilanguages CK was designed to be used where there is not this feature.

Reviews: 1
This extension is great and work fine. Very useful in multilanguages sites.

On top of that I had a doubt and the author replied in seconds. His help was quick and solved my problems.

I strongly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
very nice extension :D

rok gallery is not compatibility!

rok gallery is not support multi language!! so your extension is good for us!

Best Regards
Mahdi Ahazan