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jDiction is a translation component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x, its designed for managing multilingual content. The main focus is the simple management of 1to1 translations. jDiction integrates perfect into existing Joomla installations and extends them with its own language selection modul and direct integration in to the existing administration-interface. Further more it offers an import and export function for translating a complete website with Excel or LibreOffice Calc with CSV Files or XLIFF for professional Translation Software. The integration into 3rd party components is simple, it only needs a XML File with some metadata, this file could be created easily. jDiction does not supply a automatic translation. jDiction is GPLv3 licensed and could be downloaded free of charge at

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Reviews: 1
Jdiction allows you to save A LOT of time, comparing to the normal way of creating a multilanguage site, as found in many sources.

Very fast to implement, and the support (Harald in my case) answered within minutes.

Thanks a lot Harald and team.
Reviews: 3
5 star rating is not enough...

This extension is way beyond anything out there. Apart it's simple to set up and use, the support given on a minor tweak I had (not related to the extension but a separate language file) was instant and dedicated.

Thanks a lot Harald. Keep up the great job...
Reviews: 9
As I have not to translate all the website, it is very easy to make it. Very goog extension !
Possibiliy in the future to insert the translation in frontend will be nice...
Reviews: 1
I have to recommend this extension for everyone who want simple multi-lingual content, great and fast supprot from developer. thanks
Reviews: 2
This extension is easy to use and works great.
I needed help and got the solution for my problem in an incredibly short time.
If you need multilingual site I recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension is excellent!! And we are very grateful to the developer, Harald who helping us get this working. He is the best!
This extension is invaluable in helping us translate our site into six other languages.
Reviews: 5
Finally after 3 days of trying multilanguage and SEF extensions, copying menu items, publishing 30+ modules in 4 languages for 50+ menu items and quite not having a nice simple full working solution for VM2.0+J2.5+template i came across this extension.
This one just works and its simple like WPML, yeah, cause i made this site also in WP and wasn't quite sadisfyed with it.
This one extension brings Joomla back in the game.

Grab it while its free.
Big thx to guys from ITronic!
Reviews: 5
Many thanks to the developer for this awesome extension. I spent one complete day to install and try a lot of extension and in my opinion it is the best!
Doing the same like Falang but it is for free and it really has a clear overview.
You can handle your own translations in a central point so there is no need to search for the doubled articles somewhere.

The documentation is very good also and easy to understand.

Another really great point is the support! I never had such a fast and helpful nice support ever in my life. Special thanks to Harald for that!
If I could rate 10 Star I would give it. (the mistake was from my side - the extension was working fine)-
Reviews: 1
When I found this extension, I knew it was what I was looking for: nice, stable and easy to use.
Good job indeed guys, thanks!!
Reviews: 1
My experience using Joomla is limited, i needed a Multi-Language site, not knowing what to expect i ended up reading a lot of reviews about the different choices available.

Also I did try out the native multi language option in Joomla but found it was limited.

I decided on Jdiction because of the reviews here, I can assure all that read this the reviews written here complimenting the support and use of Jdiction are well founded for this FREE extension.

I had a problem with the Chinese flag, Harald from Jdiction responded to my query on the forum within one hour, he guided me through the fix with patient ease.

Thank you again Harald.

I recommend this extension to all who require a Multi Language site. You wont be disappointed.
Reviews: 1
Thank you to the developer for this excellent FREE extension.

I took over a community website that had a government requirement to be bilingual. The previous webmaster had tried different solutions that didn't work. After seeing the reviews here on JED I decided to give it a try.

What a joy! The little colored flag system is a great idea and enables the users to know exactly what needs to be done.

This is not a "Translation" tool. You need to use your own translations.

Make sure all your menu items and articles are set to "Language: all".

Harald also offers great support and got back to me right way to solve a minor issue (my mistake).
The Extension is free, consider donating!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use extension. The support is Excellent. I ran into some problems due to my lack of experience with Joomla but used the jdiction forum and got all the help I needed.
Special Thx to Herald
Reviews: 1
Used it on a 2.5 Joomla, and it works really well.
It was pretty easy to implement, and a few snags were quickly resolved by browsing support forums.
Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
I installed jdiction on a Joomla 3.2 Installation and run into some issues.

The issues was solved within a couple of hours and now the component works properly, and is very easy to handle.

Really great work guys!
Reviews: 2
I've been in search of a simple approach of multilingual sites for some time now. (It is compulsory in my area to offer at least two languages in each and every website we develop.)

Since I discovered this extension, the solution is obvious: jDiction solves most of the common problems we get with multilingual websites.

Even if the software is a 1.0 prerelease version it works wonders, the documentation is neat and the developer ready to help through his support forum: a winning combo!

Love it plainly!
Reviews: 1
Used this Plugin on several websites. Works great and as expected!

Many Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Its works perfectly and i think if i don't give a rating for this extension that would be ungrateful. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Works as great as it may be expected in your ideal world, but the configurations is a bit difficult (installed on J. 3.1.5).
Anyway great job, thank you!
Reviews: 1
I had problems with other extensions in Joomla 3.x... but has been perfect with JDiction... very grateful.
Reviews: 1
I download this extension and I am satisfied, because I can translate my articles easier. But not write an article in english, other in russian and other english - and make chaos in my cpanel.
I wrote article, and near with title, I see if it is translated or no.
And support is the best!

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