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JA Multilingual Component

Get your multilingual site up and running in just 5 steps, fast and easy workflow to translate the whole site including menu items in one go.

Building a Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.x multilingual site can be tricky, we encountered difficulties while trying to setup multi-language demo site to demonstrate our RTL language layouts for our latest templates. We developed a internal tool to overcome the problems we faced and we thought why not add more options and release the extension as FREE for the benefit of the Joomla! community.

With this free extension, one can setup multi-lingual site using Bing translator or Google translate (new) and then easily update translated content manually. We have tried to keep it simple, more features will be added based on user feedback :

Quick look at Features :

- Use BING translator or Google Translate (new)
- Select any language to translate FROM/TO
- Multi languages installation
- Translate all languages in one time
- Easy Association management
- Only translate new content (when translating again)
- Translate Meta description & meta keywords too
- Supports K2, easyblog and virtuemart to start with
- translate menu and all core joomla components in one go

Changelog - Version 1.0.5

- New feature: Provide a tool to remove all content of specific language
- New feature: Support translate Mijoshop component
- Bug fix: Duplicated key when create new item
- Bug fix: Update language strings
- Bug fix: Fix hardcoded strings
- Bug fix: Disable changes to category / language in association manager

Changelog - Version 1.0.4

- New feature: Add setting for configuring alias of new items
- Improvement: Allow translate into language that have the same code with default language
- Bug fix: does not translate sub menu items

Changelog - Version 1.0.3

- New feature: Translate Meta description and meta keywords
- New feature: Menu Item type alias is not updated correct param in some case
- Bug fix: Easyblog - Feature param is not updated after translating
- Bug fix: Show error when opening JA Multilingual component in Backend
- Bug fix: Fatal error: Class 'JalangHelper' not found

Do read the documentation for the setup process.

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Reviews: 2
Fantastic tool ! once the correct ID for Bing found and applied, it runs like a charm. 2mn after clicking all my site is translated from english to french . Of course, automatic translations have to be revised, but the biggest part of job is done by the component !!
Reviews: 3
The pictures are false and translate automatic not runing.
Reviews: 5
This is a very promising extension in that it combines automatic translation with automatic content coupling. This means it's great if you want to automatically translate your site into one or more different sites (where quality of translation is of lesser importance).
There is no possibility to fine grain what you want to translate though. If you have 200 articles, it will try to translate them all into all offered languages. Afterwards, you end up with a mess of bad translations. Furthermore, the aliases are not based on the translated title, but on the original title, with the language string appended.
I tried it, and ended up with more work tweaking all the translations than I would have when I just did the job manually.
Reviews: 1
Thanks to the developer for this such awesome multilingual solution.

I had to make a website for one of my friends in both English & French languages. The JA Multilingual does the job out-of-box in no time (of mine).

It was a bit weird getting the client id & secret key from Microsoft Bing Translator, but all I need is following the details documentation from JoomlArt website.

Very happy with the JA Multilingual extension. Thanks again & keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I've tried all the free web translation offline way and this is certainly the most comprehensive for extensions. No limitations and no versions "pro".
Tube a couple of questions, I wrote in the post and within two days had the solution.
Open and constant development.

Thanks to all developers to do the first step to feel free in this world!
Reviews: 2
I had issues with creating multilingual web site and until i found JA Multilingual Component.
I installed this into my web site and within very less time i got what i having very good documentation and using that i solved some issues i had so its very easy to understand..
Only translate new content is a excellent feature and its save our time a lot.
More than anything its FREE module and i am thanking JA Team for creating this great module.
So if you need to have Multilingual this is the component you need to have.i think this one needs to come as Joomla Core extension.

Please put some rating drop down as Awesome Excellent because this is really great tool and really thankful to all the developers behind this.great work and provide more and more useful extensions like this to joomla world.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this usefull extension. In one panel you can edit one content for each language.

The other important advantage it´s you dont have to do anything to have a multilingual site using the joomla multilanguage core. This extension creates the menus, modules, categories, content...for each language.

The content it´s translated using bing traductor, it could be an important first begining to have translated content, after you can customize this traduction if you need.
Reviews: 15
It's one of the rare times JED ratting cannot measure up to the actual value of this extension!
1. Easy to install, configure and use. It took me 5 minutes to install and configure and about 30 minutes to translate my site into 10 different languages.
2. Absolutely FREE! And when I say free, I mean not just the cost of the license of the extension, but also the cost of BING's API usage, since the extension works really smart. It does not translate online. Instead it does the job just one time, stores the translation locally at your Joomla installation. So you can actually translate everything, using the limited free BING API traffic. If your languages are too many and your content too much, you can wait and translate the rest next month, when your BING API traffic resets. Any additions or changes you do to your web site will be translated the next time you ask the component to do so. That also saves a lot of BING API traffic.
3. Great design based on offline translation. See above point 2.

For all the above I gave it Excellent, but I'd say that it deserves Excellent++!