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ARTIO FusionCharts Free is a charting extension for Joomla. Enables users to create exciting Flash charts for their Joomla sites and show them individually or within other content using a plugin provided. All common charts type are supported: column, line or pie charts also with multi-series data. FusionCharts is easy to install and use.

Animated and interactive Flash charts for Joomla.

FusionCharts Free provides you the necessary chart types and features that cover all your basic charting needs.

* You can create Column, Line and Pie charts for your single-series or multi-series data.
* Intuitive UI with easy customization.
* Interactive tooltips to show detailed information.

There exists also paid version, that adds even more chart types, as well as dynamic database connector to load data in real-time from database or CSV files.

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Reviews: 2
The extension itself is quite nice and easy to use. We are using it to regularly to post charts / statistics of research studies.

However, there is no support. Posts in the forum are apparently reviewed by a moderator before being published but never get answered. For such a pricy extension this is a basic thing.

Documentation is okay but lacks basic instructions like a description on how to update to a new version (unfortunately it doesn't work with simply installing a newer version).

To make a long story short: Nice extension but not recommended if used heavily as support is only given on a now-and-then basis
Reviews: 1
Okay product but if you can't figure something out you are literally on your own. No questions in the support forums gets answered nor emails to the developer get responded to.

It feels like the developer has moved on to other projects
Reviews: 24
As stated in my title ARTIO did release a new version in the free section which is working under Joomla! 2.5. You have to register for free and just download the file (which is still stated as 1.5)! You will receive version 1.1.6.

Thanks alot to ARTIO for giving away this fine piece of code and enabling us to do the migration to Joomla! 2.5.
Reviews: 3
Useful and easy. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the development of it :o)
Reviews: 5
As someone with no coding knowledge, this seems to be the only extension that is usable to me. You set all your parameters in the component section and then load the chart in the module section. Values are inputed manually but it shows you exactly what the chart will look like.

There are no doubt much better looking and more functioning charts out there (there is a paid for version of this extension that looks very nice) but for a free chart that does the job with no coding knowledge requirements, this is perfect.
Reviews: 6
This is a good extension to create simple graph. You can edit the data from backend and create some types of graphs very easy
The free versión can't not connect to a database to retreive data (only the paid versión), so the results pf this extension are limited.
Reviews: 2
This is exactly what I have been looking for and above this, it is easy to handle. However, I didn't award five stars, since it is not working properly with the latest version of the JCK Editor, i. e. after writing an article with a graph, the graph is not shown, instead the code for the graph is shown. In order to overcome this problem, I have to switch to another editor (here: TinyMCE) to draft or edit articles with a graph in it. Be that as it may, this is a great Plugin/component !
Reviews: 3
Works in joomla 1.6.1.
They graphs look awesome

A lot of graph options, easy editing data...

Easy to install and setup.

All that I needed.
Reviews: 5
It still miss features like chart copy or save as functions. Features asked 8 months ago and promised for next version. Next version out still those features not included. Overall could be the best charting extension for Joomla but it is not complete yet (in terms of features). There should be also capability to create categories (or sections) so users can organize charts. Thats is not possible with current version. If users do or need an extension to create lot of charts, that could be a problem. Missing categories (and sub-categories) is another limitation.

Side note, it is published or listed at JED as 1.1.0 but the download version is 1.0.1. Somehow misleading.
Reviews: 8
The looks of the graphs are really cool and very customizable.
If you need something on top though (plus some more and animated graphs) that easily drives graphs from database connections you'll need a paid license, but for me this was totally worth it.
Reviews: 3
Seen a lot, but this is the best Graph tool i've seen. Everything in the joomla way to configure and how to implement in an article. There is nothing else to configure, you can do anything.
Reviews: 2
I usually dont write reviews, but at this extension i must share my words with other users.
I was looking for an extensios to insert simple and differents charts in different articles without having to build heavy tables/SQL's or to link/pul into any outside data like other extensions out there.
The interface of Artio FusionCharts is really simple and you can create and manage its datas with easy, and the best part of all is that you can insert then in the articles with its own plugin.

I wont rate it 5 stars because of its limitations between paid and free version. But thats ok, once the developer already explained that he have to pay the costs of using a flash API/Library.
Reviews: 12
It is a static chart in the free version it can't connect the database !
Owner's reply


I think it is unfair to rate the extension like this, just because it does not have a certain feature.
(which is btw, available in paid version)

I would understand it if it would be buggy or cause major problems, but I belive that is not case.
Because of this, your rating is not even in compliance with JED rules.

Reviews: 3
Very good component, but when you want 3D charts, you have to pay it, so it is not excellent component. In free version you have just Bar 2D, Column 2D, Line 2D, Pie 2D. It is very restricting. On the other hand creation of new chart is very easy.
Owner's reply


sorry for that. We are limited by the license for the FlashCharts rendering engine, so we cannot offer more graphs in the free version.

Reviews: 1
Without the ability to pull data from a database, this extension if very limited in capability. All the data has to be manually coded in the backend which makes this unusable for me.
Owner's reply


you are right. The inial version functionality was rather limited. Anyway, the new version avalaible can load the data from database, files, etc. now.

Reviews: 9
I needed to present some statistics, about this years F1 season, to my site.

Searching here, I found many extensions that seemed helpful, but after taking a look at them more carefully, I decided this was the one for my job.

I wasn't wrong at all. It is so simple to use that the excellent users guide is not even needed, with great looking result. If only i could directly enter data from an excel or html table... That would have saved me a lot of time.

Nevertheless 5 stars from me and it totally worths it.
Reviews: 5
All I can say is WOW!

This is a beautiful extension, wonderful documentation, a seamless, fluid experience. The bar has been set high with this extension, it's presentation and intuitiveness is topnotch... the simplicity of its integration into an article is the best I've seen.

10 stars out of 5!
Reviews: 1
I needed a user-friendly chart maker to do exactly what I want without much fuss. Well, this is it! I'm not very technically saavy and all of the others I've looked at were "rocket science" to me! This is a wonderful chart for both modules and insertion within articles, which I highly recommend! Kudos!
Reviews: 4
I just needed a straightforward component to display bar charts. This worked perfectly. The only thing I'd add is the ability to copy a chart after you've already set one up in case you need a second chart with all the settings of the first one.
Reviews: 5
I downloaded two other chart programs before Artio and deleted both within 15 minutes. I needed to get some pie charts up pretty quickly for a website showing community and populationstatistics. This thisg is awesome.
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