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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Community Quiz allows you or your users to create and respond to quizzes right from front-end, all with a powerful permission system.

NEW: You can now create quizzes, view reports from front-end and back-end.

* Front-end quiz creation through Ajax powered engine, creating quizzes is now lot simpler and easier.

* Unlimited multi-level categorization, makes it easier to organize your quizzes

* 11 question types - radio, checkbox, select, grid, textbox, textarea, password, rich editor, select one image, select multiple images, page header.

* Per answer marks: Assign marks for each correct answer and show user the full report

* Powerful permission system allow you to choose which Joomla user group to have access to functions such as component access, quiz creation, responding to quiz, using wysiwyg editor etc.

* Star rating system for rating quizzes

* Description: each question may contain description which you can enter through wysiwyg editor/bbcode editor

* Answer Explanation: Users can be shown the explanation of answer why it is correct etc.

* Reports: Powerful reporting system. consolidated report, all responses list, os report, device report, location report.

* Import & Export: Download full reports to CSV file. Export and Import quiz as XML.

* Tagging System: Tag quizzes for better organization.

* Quiz Timer: Responses can be restricted to complete by specified time duration.

* Quiz Moderation: Review the quizzes submitted by your users before publishing them.

* User Avatar: CjBlog, JomSocial, Community Builder, Alpha User Points, Kunena, EasySocial

* JomSocial and EasySocial activity stream

* Points system to reward your users: CjBlog points, Alpha user points, JomSocial and EasySocial points are supported.

* Unlimited questions can be spanned through multiple pages and create, re-order, delete etc operation using Ajax.

* Email notifications about new quizzes to admins, quiz responses to quiz creator

* Attractive user interface and human friendly dates and many more out of the box.

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Reviews: 42
First class product and service. Thanks Maverik!
The best quiz for Joomla I have used yet, very professional component easy install and working straight out of the box. Intuitive to use, unlike some, with loads of options to create awesome an quiz! If your looking for a top quality fully featured quiz then this is the one.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a lightweight, fast extension for creating lots of quizzes for our schoolpage. It is pretty good for single or multiple choice quizes. Some more possibilities like grids and picturequiz is possible. It's worth it. The Developer helps very quickly and he update the component permanently. So I have found my solution. Its also good that every user can manage their own quizes. And for me only bootstrap compatible things come through my door - and that is also perfect in this component. I guess the developer bring some more features in the future.
Reviews: 2
Anyone that is looking for a clean, easy to use, and easy to maintain user generated content extension to quickly build automatic pages on their site...this is it! Very good and timely support - thank you for your excellent extension!
Reviews: 1
First of all I would like to thank Maverick for this wonderful and user friendly quiz tool and his Generous and tired-less support. I think he is the only one man who provides this prompt service/support for his clients/users. As if, he is in front of me.

Regarding the quiz component, I have tested other free and paid quiz components before using Community Quiz component. No component satisfied my requirement. Some lacks some features and some lacks some.

Finally, I implemented Community Quiz in my Educational Site and in my school intranet. Till then, I am not getting any problem. Its running smoothly and fast. This quiz component has all features which make it a perfect component both for administrator and end user.

Other beauty of this component is front-end user(registered) can create their own quizzes within a fly. And other thing, Maverick will never give any chance to his clients of grievances.

Once installed, no one is needed to teach how to use it. Everything is clearly defined.

So when anyone thinks of quiz site, I think no other component performs better than this one. Anyone can get 100% value of their price.

At last but not the least, I would like to thank whole Community Quiz team for their wonderful effort for making this a #1 quiz component for Joomla Platform.
Reviews: 3
I've been using Joomla from the very beginning on. There are thousands of components, but many have one big problem: bad support. NOT at Core Joomla's. Maverick is the fastest and best supporter in the whole Joomla world.

I am using Commmunity Answers, Polls and Quiz on my site. The latest versions look very nice and the features are unbeatable. All 3 components are the best in their categeory. No need to look further or to be affraid spending money on. You can be sure that these components will work out of the box, do what they are described to be able to and will enhance your community with great user activity.

I am really thankful to Core Joomla realizing these components.
Reviews: 1
A very good component. I had to implement (over the night) a quiz component for a research site with some particular functionalities. I had a little problem because I am new in Joomla 3.0. But, I found a lot of receptivity and openness from the support team. I hope that CoreJoomla will implement ,in the next months, the functionality that I have suggested.
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to express my gratitude to the good folks at CoreJoomla for a fantastic component and superb support.

There is absolutely nothing out there that is even close to to providing this level of functionality from the front end (an absolute must for my user driven educational site).

When I've had an issue, 95% operator error, a post in their forum brings a prompt response and speedy resolution.

The time I asked how to customize the display I got the sample code with instructions on which page to add it and the specific lines to be replaced.

I can't begin to express how happy we all are with the Community Quiz, a definite bargain considering the features and support!
Reviews: 7
I have a site that is focused on learning. It encourages people to share information with each other. Community Quizzes is going to be a wonderful addition to my site so that users can have a different and fun way to share information. I am very excited to get it going. I had one little glitch with an error warning and the support I received was excellent! I have other components built by this team and they are all excellent!
Reviews: 2
Great Quiz with the ability to create quiz on the frontend, though was quite a few bugs and minor errors but the support has been excellent in terms of fixing the problems and assisting to make sure it working correctly and doing what it should be doing.
Reviews: 2
I've got to say that this is one of the best quiz components for Joomla! out there. If you contact their support, you'll typically get a reply within a day. Also, they take all of their customers' suggestions into consideration to create a great product. And the upgrade from the 1.7.x version to the 2.x version makes an already well-made product into a nearly perfect product. The price, however, is a bit steep (6 Months - $64.95, 1 Year - $84.95) but I purchased the membership with a coupon so it cost me a bit less than that. Anyway, thanks for a great product!