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"ARI Quiz" v. 3.6.12: supports integration with EasySocial user points.

ARI Quiz is Joomla quiz component which provides ability to create various tests to evaluate respondent's level of knowledge.

The main characteristics of ARI Quiz are:

* provides statistics of test results
* allows to group tests via categories (supports sub-categories)
* supports ability to limit actions on backend for users from selected user groups (requires Joomla! 1.6+)
* provides number of predefined types of questions
* contains English and Russian translations and supports ability to create new translations
* versioning: after you have modified test's questions old information is preserved
* question templates support
* possible to create math quizzes
* supports themes
* ability to create templates for result pages, emailing results, print versions
* export quizzes results to CSV, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel format
* supports AJAX making the component more fast and powerful. AJAX technology lets user to pass test without page reloads - component will update all the page stuff itself
* ability to randomly select number of questions from question-pool or use them in queue
* comes with built-in Windows-like calculator
* includes question bank. It contains questions that can be added to quizzes. If you change question in question bank all the changes are applied to quizzes that are created on basis of these question.
* detailed answers statistics
* processing question content with plugins (experimental feature)
* mail templates
* result scale (administrator can set up ranges for scores of passing test. In accordance to these ranges text template, print template and mail template can be set).
* possibility to embed quiz in article with help "ARI Quiz Anywhere" plugin
* can be integrated with AlphaUserPoints component
* allows to copy the questions and quizzes and to move questions
* supports Joomla SEF
* supports bulk edit
* can display user quizzes results and activities in JomSocial user profile
* supports integration with EasySocial user points
* can show user quizzes results in Community Builder user profile

and a lot of other features.

ARI Quiz contains 4 modules:

* Last result: shows N results of last passed tests
* Top result: shows N best results of passed tests
* User last result: shows N results of last passed tests for logged user
* User top result: shows N best results of passed test for logged user

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Reviews: 1
We use ARI Quiz at our establishment to recertify employees quarterly on items throughout our company. Initially it was a great experience and now we are extremely satisfied as the support staff is helping us turn an already great program into a powerful reporting program. The ARI Quiz extension is very user friendly for non computer literate, couldn't be more happy!
Reviews: 1
Ive tried several quiz ext and most are not that admin friendly, asking a fair bit of work in some cases, but not this one, ari have it nailed, easy to admin, easy to customise, and Ive never found support like this anywhere, brilliant 5* from me
Reviews: 1
We are preparing for an electric exam in upper secondary schools and looked for easy product to use.

We found Ari Quiz and it is perfect for us. It gives everything we need for now and we will use Joomla with Ari Quiz to get teachers and students ready for their final exam, which will be made with computers in 2016.

Ari's helpdesk works like charm and we got every answer as fats as we could ask them.

I really recommend Ari Quiz for everyone who needs an easy way to add questions or exams in their site.
Reviews: 3
I always check ARI Soft first if I'm looking for a new goodie for my sites, and while I was a little reluctant about the price, I already had a lot of experience not only with their products, but with their support, which is second to none.

Of course, since I was completely redesigning my site, the component didn't work right out of the box, and with anyone else I probably would have lost it. But not with these guys. I knew they would make it right.

It took a few days because of MY schedule -- their responses to my questions/problems were almost immediate and with a little patience it's now working perfectly.

I can't say enough good things about the component and company. They're both just AWESOME!
Reviews: 2
When you are 70 years and a bit old you need a lot of assistance when tackling a new computer programme. This was exactly what I got every time I got stuck. This happened within minutes after I had posed a question. And best of all, no one sniggered at my stupidity.
The programme matches the quality of the after sales service in every respect. Everything is 5-star quality.
- Pieter
Reviews: 1
İt is very good extension but need 2 important features. One of the biggest problem is "members submitting question." in this component only administrators can add question to question pool. this is too bad. members can add questions to question pools categories from ftront of website. And second problem is importing question from xls or doc. And third one is users can create their quiz from question pool. they can choose categories and number of questions. it will be good for me. But except this, yes very good component..
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. About the suggestions:

1. You can submit ideas how to improve the extension on our forum and we will try to implement them in future versions of the component. It is also possible to order custom development of necessary features.

2. It is possible to import questions from CSV files.

Reviews: 1
Fantastic component and fantastic support!

I need some additional options for quizes resuls, Ari Soft team reply immediately and create update in 2 days time.

Thanks Ari Soft for good support.
Reviews: 1
i have this extension since 3 months,it's great ,supports all the features that i need .

outstanding support,answers all the questions within short time.
thanks for extension
Reviews: 2
I tried other Quiz components and could not get off the ground with them. Ari Quiz is worth every penny and the support is A1. Within minutes support emailed me a modified file to accomodate my layout preference...says it all!! Best Buy to date for me..
Reviews: 4
ARI Quiz is the number 1 choice for online testing software available for Joomla!

The others can't even compare.

In ARI Quiz, all the features work exactly as the developers say they will.

It supports media files in your quizzes; even on mobile devices. So, you can post audio or video questions with no worries using All Videos (the best choice for embedding media in your content).

I had an issue that required an update to the quiz editor. Once I contacted their customer support, and explained what I needed. I got an update file the same day!! It fixed the issue, and I was able to continue building my website (instead of hacking the component).

I just want to say thanks to the developers and support reps at ARI Soft for making a great extension and supporting their customers!!

Great job!!!
Reviews: 1
A great program and a brilliant support!
I wanted to change some settings (especially here: view of the Score from "1.00" to "1") and my queries were answered promptly and user-friendly.
Reviews: 10
This extension has so many features that you can do almost anything "quiz-related" with it... but most of all their support is excellent, I needed some customizations and they replied quickly sending me the modified files.
Not to say that they were extremely disposable on all my presale questions.
Absolutely recommended!
Reviews: 2
I really like the quiz component form Ari Soft. It's easy to use, works with Community builder.

But what makes this component even better is the support. All my 4 questions were answered within a day and even within an hour if it was between 9 and 5.
This is important for a user that doesn't know to much about programming, css and html.
Reviews: 1
The functions of the extension is great. However the design has no taste
Owner's reply

It seems you mean "ARI Quiz Lite" and posted the review for incorrect extension. If you are "ARI Quiz" customer, you can contact us by email or our forum and describe how to improve the extension.

Reviews: 1
ARI QUIZ is a really powerful component for developing and administering online quizzes. The component is fast, easy to use, and quite flexible. In addition, the support team is readily available to help with problems or provide insight into customization. Really outstanding all the way around! I highly, highly recommend it!
Reviews: 9
Great Extension! Super Support! As a person who is less than stellar with Joomla they patiently and promptly answer my questions even when I am clearly not understanding simple concepts, they are patient and helpful until I understand. I highly recommend!
Reviews: 3
As a pianoteacher, I use this extention for music teaching (education) on my site. Note reading, scales, chords, eartraining etc. I made almost 100 quizzes, all possible with this great extension. It's a very flexible and easy to learn. Service is great and very quick respons, always an answer within a day, mostly within an hour. And most important, my problems where always solved.

Very highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Ari-Quiz is a great bit of software: very flexible and suitable out of the box for most tasks.

Where these guys really shine is in their customer service. They are so great at dealing with custom ideas and requests I can't imagine many use cases which couldn't use Ari Quiz. Either it will work without adaptation or the great customer service will modify it for your individual need.

Very highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
The best quiz tool I've found on joomla
easy to install and configure. The additionnal plugins allow a lot of enhancements and make the integration more easy.

The team is also very reactive.