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★ You can now customise the order in which SermonSpeaker tries to find a picture and the feed now can show sermons from subcategories.

SermonSpeaker is a free Joomla component for churchs to publish their sermons. It focuses on easy administration and operation by trying to copy the look and feel of regular content items so it feels familiar.

Some features include:

★ Support for up to 3 files per sermon, one for audio, video and (downloadable) notes.
★ Supports all fileformats Flash can play (see supported Fileformats for JW Player), also supports wma/wmv files and Youtube and Vimeo videos.
★ Supports Joomla 3.x features like JTags and language associations.
★ Multiple players integrated (JW Player, Flowplayer, Wordpress Audio Player). SermonSpeaker automatically chooses a fitting player depending on filetype and your favors.
★ Automatically creates a full featured podcast (RSS feed with iTunes tags).
★ Frontend Editing for an easy uploading and publishing of new sermons or editing existing ones.
★ Multiple layouts already included for the sermon detailpage. More layouts can be made easily or downloaded for free. For each view the layout can be selected independently.
★ Supports external storage servers and Amazon S3.
★ Support for content plugins like Scripture Links and Biblelink XT
★ Support for JComments and Xmap
★ Various modules and plugins available

Use the demopage on to see what it is capable of doing.


Recommended versions for each Joomla version:
★ Joomla! 1.5: SermonSpeaker 3.4.4
★ Joomla! 1.6 - 1.7.3: SermonSpeaker 4.2.1
★ Joomla! 1.7.3 - 2.5.4: SermonSpeaker 4.4.0
★ Joomla! 2.5.5 - 3.x: SermonSpeaker 4.5.8
★ Joomla! 3.1: SermonSpeaker 5.0.3
★ Joomla! 3.2: SermonSpeaker 5.1.2
★ Joomla! 3.3: SermonSpeaker 5.2.3

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Reviews: 1
I've been using SermonSpeaker for years. I recently updated from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.3.3. I installed Sermonspeaker 5.1.2 and the search plugin 5.01. I had several problems but most all were mine! There was a simple bug, but they provided a fix almost immediately and it worked. I had to do something to say that the support is the best. I'm a retired programmer and I must report the great support they provide.
Reviews: 2
Typically I'd expect to pay for an extension that offers this depth of features not to mention the excellent developer support. I've only created 3 web sites and this one for our Bible Fellowship class was the most complex offering Family Profiles including photos and map to their homes along with Care Group and Birthday lists. SermonSpeaker added additional value to our members (about 170 in our BF class). One member creates a DVD of each weekly lesson and SermonSpeaker permits the video and the lesson notes to be viewed by any member at their convenience without waiting for the DVD.
Reviews: 2
We're a small church...but want to have our sermons available to listen. SermonSpeaker make it very easy to get up and running. AND when I asked questions, the replies didn't assume I knew everything about Joomla and provided suggestions to update templates to get it looking like I wanted. THAT, by itself, was priceless. Many times those more technical than me assumes I know what they're talking about when they give this or that suggestion especially in CSS! Thank you, thank you for helping this little church move into the new century!
Reviews: 1
This extension saves time and money

Excellent support although its free !
Reviews: 7
Excellent extension, saves me time and work.

Really do the points in the description.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a sermon plugin for Joomla and sermon speaker is just what we needed. We already had a few hundred sermons on the site (from a previous non Joomla version) and sermon speaker was able to import them, and saved me having to add them all manually.
I had a problem with the front end upload, so I posted on the support forum and got a very prompt reply. This didn't solve the problem, the author then looked at my site and found the problem(a change I'd made to the main template). I've been sufficiently impressed with the support to post this review!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for to display sermons for church sites. The search filtering options are excellent! I've not seen any other extension like this. It's very easy to use and allows you to group sermons into different series, if desired.
Reviews: 3
If you are looking for extension to build your then, is is the mega extension which is very easy user friendly, unique, nice and make your site great. Honestly if you are building a site without this extension, your site will lock something........ Mr. Thomas is beyond any expectation.. He responds immediately with detailed help. I don't know him Personally but he kind hear ted, patience above full of love to help you in any way. God bless you.Amen
Reviews: 3
It has all the features you need without the complexity of some of the other offerings. Forum responses are quick & developer helped me with implementing a new layout. If you choose this you wont regret it.
Reviews: 3
I've been using this extension for a few months now. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. My site visitors love the ease with which they can find the sermon recordings they are looking for. As an administrator, this extension makes it very easy to add new recordings to the catalog. I couldn't ask for anything more.

The author maintains a website forum in which he actively participates to support this extension.
Reviews: 3
I would like to give tons of thanks to Joomla and SermonSpeaker Team for making such a nice and extended component.

The Support from Mr. Thomas is beyond any expectation.. He responds immediately with detailed help..

After all this the extension is free too.. :)

It needs a lot of time, knowledge to develop such apps..

I should hats off to the Developer who gave their timeless efforts to develop this components.

Reviews: 1
I used this for my client, and I must say this is very user friendly Sermon extension with details useful help. This Joomla extension also comes up with very nice user interface. It's quite good with sermon uploading from frontend. I refer adding sermon file uploading from backend in future release, it will make this one #1 in religion category. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 3
I have no complaints. I had a problem with the player not fast fowarding but the developer Thomas accepted the issue and actually thanked me for bringing it up! :)

I recommend this for any church or site that needs audio memo archives
Reviews: 6
This is such a great extension. I have to say a HUGE thank you for making this and keeping it free to use. I work mostly on ministry sites and this extension has helped out tremendously. The latest version is very user friendly and offers a lot of functionality. THUMBS UP :)
Reviews: 1
This is by far the easiest sermon archives database to use with the backend, and has the nicest look on the frontend.

I have hundreds of videos and this makes it so easy! I made the right choice picking Sermon Speaker 3.

I will have to change my template for the church to use sermon speaker 4 but its worth it, the support is awesome and they are fast to respond.
Reviews: 3
An excellent extension with outstanding support from the developer via the forum... patience, efficiency and prompt responses solved a couple of niggling problems.
I have had nothing but praise from the congregation, most of which is due to the author of this extension.
Reviews: 8
This is highly recommended for any Joomla-based church site. It generates good RSS feeds. Support via the forum is excellent. This is a very useful contribution.
Reviews: 8
Thank you guys, this component is very useful. It's easy to install and to use it. Great job.
Reviews: 12
excellent module, support is supper.
Reviews: 2
This is a very good component if you're wanting to publish sermons - probably good for other types of audio too - not just for churches.

The developer is very responsive, and integrate Jcomments after I requested it! :-)

There are still more features that can be added - so it can get even better :-)

Thank you very much to the developer(s) that put their time in to this component.

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