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JSP Location provides rich interface to search and display dealer/office locations for a company who owns offices in multiple locations using Google Map API.

JSP Location provides easy to use interface for searching location, zip code, area code and provides Google map to display the locations.

Administrator can easily add/edit the locations/offices from backend interface and publish/unpublished locations.

* Default map on initially load with list of locations.
* Enable/Disable search option to show search option or not.
* Locate Me Feature to find near by stores/locations.
* User can search location by ZIP/Postal code or search by selecting category/country/state/city/area.
* Users can generate categories and assign those categories to locations and also search locations of a particular category.
* Options to add custom feilds (of type text) to locations from the backend and to show them on the frontend with locations list.
* Locations list on the frontend now comes with slider so that users have the option to expand the display of the map to have a look at the locations in an enhanced way.
* Branch detail pop-up with additional info (Description for branch/location).
* The "Get Directions" option that provides a route planner to find out route from one location to another.
* Configurable width, height and zoom level for map.
* Configurable fields like Branch Name, Contact Person, Contact Number, Gender, E-mail Id, Website, Description to show on list/map or not.
* Configurable parameters like Display Directions, Country name, State name, City name, Area name to show on list/map or not.
* No need to enter LAT/LONG info.
* Improved backend presentation.
* Improved support on our forum.

Change Logs:
Version 1.7: (4-Sept-2014)
A. Major Bug Fixes for 'JSP Location 1.6'

Version 1.6: (14-Aug-2013)
A. Introduced new themes in extension 'Classic' and 'Modern'.
B. Option to 'Add Image' for each location and display the same in light box.
C. Option to skip loading 'jQuery'.
D. Feature to show 'Default / Location' Image for initial screen.
E. 'Pagination' for locations.
F. 'JText' fixation for front-end.
G. 'Description' of locations now comes in light box.
H. Option to configure 'Get Directions' search units (Miles/KMS).
I. Improved the presentation of 'Location Listing' and 'Description' on map pointers.
J. 'Pointer Type' option to 'Auto Generate Pointers' or to use 'Customized Pointers'.
K. Bug Fixes for 'JSP Location 1.5'.

Version 1.5: (13-Mar-2013)
A. Locate Me Feature to find near by stores/locations.
B. Hit graph to keep track of locations visited by users.
C. Hit graph to keep track of zip/postal codes searched by users.
D. Bug Fixes for JSP Location 1.4.

Version 1.4: (28-Nov-2012)
A. Added feature to select configuration options from menu parameters.
B. Added JText language file support also for front-end.
C. Resolved the issues found in JSP Location 1.3 (Location list hiding, Javsc

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Reviews: 2
This extension is worth every cent. Easy to set up, working right out of the box. I had a minor jquery conflict issue and contacted support and they helped me out right away. The flexibility in choosing filters makes it easy to adapt the component to ones needs. Great work!
Reviews: 2
Great and straightforward Support. I use this Component for different locations in Switzerland. There were problems with some addresses. The problems were analyzed and we quickly got to a solution.
Reviews: 12
I have used a few location extensions in the past and they worked well, but what is great about JSP Location is how flexible it is. You can use dropdown filters, locate me, or zip code search radius to find locations. Most of the other extensions only had one of these options. Also the extension has great customization and even lets you set custom fields for locations if you need. Most importantly though, I needed a little custom JS and functionality done and they gave me the code and knowledge needed via the support forum within 24 hours of the first post! Great support, great extension.
Reviews: 7
Bought this component hoping it would cater to my country, Ireland, because we have few address rules and no postcodes! JSPLocator allowed me to set up all my locations with specific lat/long settings, and I can display exactly the search fields I want.
The documentation is a little light, but I either found what I needed in the forum, or asked my own question and got a very prompt reply!
I must say I had no issues with support, Anurag was great.
If you want to show store locations and be able to filter to country/state/etc. then this will easily do the job.
Reviews: 1
I've used other mapping components as a Dealer Locator on our website and they were ok. Becuase I'm currently running Joomla 3.0 on a new site I had to find a new compatible extension. JSP Location looked decent so I gave it a try.

Bottom line is I'm thrilled with this extension. Excellent work, super easy to setup. I loaded 400 locations, setup categories for each and easily customized the configuration to my needs.

Then I needed support. I emailed the support team with my customization issue. They responded quickly and expertly. Had to email back and forth several times to get everything set just perfectly and they stayed with it, often emailing me back within 30 minutes.

Support is the best I've ever received period. I would have easily paid much more for this extension and this level of service.

I've used and purchased over 30 extensions of all different types in the last four years. This is the first I found worthy of a review!

Great work JSP Location Team!
Reviews: 1
This product does everything that I needed. I did have a few issues, but the support they offer is one of the best I've worked with. They are quick and have taken care of everything I've asked. Well worth price.
Reviews: 4
There were a few issues in getting the addresses and phone numbers internationalized, and Anurag, the developer was very prompt in his replies. You can check out my questions and his replies in the form Kunena forum the site.

The code is quite large and customizable to fit the needs of my site, and would recommend this tool to anyone who needs a location component for their site.
Reviews: 1
I want to say that Jlocater is a very beautiful component. First some systems setting problems but the support helps me in 1 day.

Great script and service
Reviews: 23
Okay, wrong buy. This was a disapointment from the start after i paid. When paid you have to wait to get access. But the big disapointment is, that there is no way to add fields or whatever. You can change the name of a existing field but as for functionality its a big bummer. It's lacks some flexibility in what parts you actually use, or want to use. The author simple decides what fields you wanna use for a company and its information you want to add to the company displayed. There is also no admin/demo available so you cannot see for yourself what functionality it has. Trust me, features dont say it all. Because of the disapointment i reflected that with a topic in their forum. Well, and uhh..the author says in the description?..."Improved support on our forum". Sorry but thats not true,far from that. It takes ages to get a reply. And when i finally did get a reply he even said refund would be ok. But then he didnt replied anymore. I asked again to give the refund. No reply. Its obvious that i will ask my money back. Sorry but this is one of the worst experiences i had with buying a commercial component. Joomla! is open source and sometimes you need a solution thats commercial and cost money. But experiences like this gives the world of "commercial extensions" a bad name.
Owner's reply

Hello Yamada,

I checked the system and also our forums however there are no purchases or forum entries on your name 'Yamada'.

Did you purchase jLocator from the website?

However regarding your queries:
1. Yes the system does not have option to add fields in current version, we have not mentioned anywhere in our feature list about this feature. It is a good suggestion, which we may implement in future release.
2. We have full demo of jLocator as per above link however since we do not have admin demo we have added images above.
3. Sometime it seems there is delay in support since we have support from 9:00 to 5:00 IST time Monday to Friday, please check terms and condition on our website:
4. I would request you to send me invoice details and we would definitely refund your money if there were any bugs or you are not happy with the extension.

Thanks and Regards,

Reviews: 1
If it had the ability to add custom attribute (for example benefits for my locations and choose which of them has each location) would be the best component.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your suggestion, we have added your suggestion in our future task list and will update you on the same.