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JGMap Module

JGMap displays a Google Map in a Joomla module position. The module parameters makes it easy to change width, height, position and zoom level of the map. Ability to optionally add default controls on the final map.

Very simple setup!

JGMap updated to Google Map Version 3. You will no longer need the Google Map API key.

New Features
- Default map types.
- Multiple modules positions on the same page.
- Marker with optional title.
- Easily search map's displayed location. (Joomla 1.6 1.7 or 2.5 Only)
- Languages - English, French and Danish.
- Template overridable.
- Module Class Suffix.

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Reviews: 17
Simple to install, simple to configure, very stable if/when Google change something on their server side.
Reviews: 1
When installing in Joomla ver thre was this error:
500 JHtmlBehavior::mootools not found.
One e-mail to the developer James Hansen and the problem was solved within ONE (!) hour.
Han Maassen
Reviews: 5
For a simply Google Map plugin for Joomla I recommend this.

Simple to install and easy to configure.

Just make sure that you download the correct version from the develop's website for your Joomla installation - his website is confusing, you gotta read the etxt closely, and I ended up downloading the wrong one, before I realised what was happening.

I have since used this plugin on a number of sites.
Reviews: 3
Works well, almost there, but needs a little more work.

Two things led to some disappointment:
* Only 1 marker per map
* Cannot get directions to the location.

Otherwise, a decent extension. Good job.
Reviews: 2
Fairly good, but does not give the user the normal ability to click on the red symbol and get directions.

If it had that enabled, it would be perfect.

When the user drags the gold person onto the street, they are able to get into street view, which is great, but they are not able to get back out of street view without re-loading the page.

Alternatively, if the user were able to simply have a link to click on to "view in Google Maps" then that would open in the normal google maps and give them the ability to get directions and use street view without problems

Reviews: 3
Simple to configure, easy to use. Well done.
Reviews: 3
this extension rules and is much better to implement and run than for ex googlemaps plugin which is really hard to configure

well done man :)
Reviews: 2
I really enjoyed finding this module. I was looking for a way to display a map of where my club was. This tool provided me with that. Easy to use.
Thank you for publishing this. I have requested some additions to this module on the publishers web site to make it even more powerful with Community Builder integration.
Reviews: 4
This is a very good module that works as described. The only problem I've had with it id that when you set the height of the map to be, say 250, the controls regarding the marker that appear below the map disappear, which means you have to set those controls before re-sizing the map...other than that, it meets my expectations...9 out of 10 :)
Reviews: 7
easy to install and setup parameters, automatic position by entering the exact address or geographic coordinates. NO ADVERTISING. simply excellent.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a MODULE for Google maps that didn't need the API-key because i keep having these problems with API-keys for my websites. I also wanted the posibillaty to have streetview. This module does it all. Very simple installation. I love it.
Reviews: 2
just what i Need... work very very well and easy to configurate.
Reviews: 2
This is a really nice little module, quick and simple to install and configure. I like the fact you can assign each map an id (allows you to add more than one to a page and apply different css easily). I also like the fact you don't need to mess around with API Keys. Thanks for this!
Reviews: 8
This was so simple, it worked straight up - took me no more than 5 minutes. I had only one issue and that was as mentioned in another review, I'd used a space in the title with result of a blank module. I picked up the clue on how to resolve from the reviews, not from the developer, a word on this on the developer website would make for even quicker installation. Thank you and congrats to developers for making such a handy module so easy to instal - for free! It really couldn't have been made easier.
Reviews: 2
Was looking for an extension to generate a google map showing our location. Once uploaded it was a case of setting the map size, centering the map on the chosen location and clicking the create marker box. This extension took care of everything and the map was up and working in less than 10 minutes.
So simple, so user friendly.
Reviews: 3
New 1.6 Native Module that use the last Google API. Sounds Great ! And it is...
The module can’t be easier to install and setup.
It works perfectly.

Just not that the map name should contain no space or the map won't be displayed.
I had the issue and the support was extremely reactive by email (1 hour) to send me the solution.

Congratulations for this and Thanks a lot !
Reviews: 2
Straight forward and simple to get going. Works well. Ran into one glitch though when changing the map style to hybrid (in this case), I lost the bottom option for displaying the marker and naming it. Also, naming the marker didn't appear to have any effect. All and all it works though and displays a google map of a location on your site. Just what I needed! Thanks.