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Zh GoogleMap Component

Component for dispaying maps by Google Maps v3 service. The Module and Plugin are available too.

You can
* create and display any numbers of maps, placemarks
* multilingual interface
* configurate many settings (Zoom, Map Type, Map Type Control,
Pan, Double Click Zoom, Scroll Wheel Zoom, Zoom Control, Scale Control, OverviewMap, Traffic Layer, Bicycle Layer, Transit Layer)
* create any routes (use Directions API) and paths (use polylines)
* set you custom image on placemark
* you can specify KML Layer for map (field on map tag), just write URL for KML or GeoRSS
* markers can include site reference and image, and HTML code
* you can use marker clusterer (markers grouping when map zoom out)
* you can group placemarks and show|hide all group with addition control, create many clusters with its own icon
* you can use MarkerManager functionality to show|hide markers depend on zoom
* you can use Google Earth feature
* you can use OpenStreetMap layer
* you can use Places API
* you can use Panoramio API
* you can use Elevation API
* you can use contact and user information in placemarks
* you can use Google Infographics (Dynamic Icons) as icons for placemark
* you can use New Zeland Topomaps layer
* you can use plugin to call from K2 items
* you can add custom map types and use it
* you can use Projection in custom map types
* you can use Styles for map
* you can use InfoBubble as InfoWin
* you can enable for registered users enter placemark from front end
* you can set Google Maps API Key for monitoring or billing over quotas limit
* you can use Street View
* you can use Weather and Cloud Layers
* you can use AdSence
* you can create polygons (areas)
* you can manage KML Layers (show/hide it by its list menu)
* you can set rate for your placemarks
* you can set labels for placemarks, with its styles

Developed using Google Maps JavaScript API V3
Developed for Joomla 2.5, 3.x

Use Zh GoogleMap Plugin to display map in article

Use Zh GoogleMap Module to use as module

You should keep in mind - the extension archive is more than 2M: The File Size Upload Limit (upload_max_filesize) on your Web Server might be set to low to allow larger files to be uploaded. By default PHP allows files up to 2 MB.

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Reviews: 3
Easy to use, rich functionality and does exactly what the documentation says. Brilliant!! Well done.
Reviews: 1
A very simple and powerful extension. The best one about map. Many options. You can use many parameters.
Thank you !
Reviews: 2
I have used this twice -- on the FIRST Joomla! site I worked on and again, recently. It was easy enough for a novice to figure out in spite of it's complexity! Now that I have some more experience, it is a piece of cake! If there is anything difficult, it is that there are an amazing number of options and functionality that can be used. I spent a bit of time yesterday just reviewing all the demo maps and I was absolutely amazed at what could be done. For both the sites I have used this with, it was simply to show client locations. From my first use two years ago, it appears that a lot has been added to it. I have never had a problem. And, it's responsive!
Reviews: 1
I read the reviews before trying this out. Here I am 1 hour later, component installed, plugin installed and module installed, all 3 working brilliantly.
A masterpiece, that's what this is, and this here Sir is a generous man worthy of praise for sharing this with us - for free.
I have never written a review before, but after this experience, I just had to.
Thank you for making it so functional. Your extension is one of the very best, that I can assure anyone who is reading this.
Owner's reply

Hi. Thank you very much.
I try to keep it for free, and keep developing new features :)
I just during that days creating 4 icons for new features (which is already done) - in next release you can manage to show/hide traffic, transition, bicycle and panoramio layers by buttons on map.
And very appreciate to any person who support my developments.

Reviews: 2
I have this component installed for a cultural project. There are many parameters but this isn't a big problem. Without reading the manuals I could put a map online with some placemarks. Then I had a problem and couldn't find the answer in the manual or Forum. The support Dima Delivers is selden found for commercial components. Within hours I received answers. You should use this component not only because of the quality of the component but also for the great support.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your patience.
It was my fault - my new JS-script, that I created to my new engine have this bug (not correct process for some parameter combination), and in future release I'll fix it. And you help me to fix it by simple explanation - difference between component and module behavior.
When you give me access to admin panel - I found this in a few minutes, and appreciate you for that.

Reviews: 1
Truly an excellent component. i like it! it would be better if there is zh_CN language support.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks.
If you wish Chinese translation (and have time), you can join on Transifex to my project translation and help to do that ;)
Moreover, you can use my other extension Zh BaiduMap, which uses Baidu Map API (Chinese Map API)

Reviews: 3
It has been said many times here: This Component, Plugin and Module is amazing! But what is even more amazing is the Support Dima has given me. I had an issue with displaying google earth and after a few back and forth the module with the error in the code was updated and sent to me.
Please remember this is a free component, which the developer has no obligation for support.
I recommend this product and developer highly!
Reviews: 2
The best free Google map component with options that even other commercial components don’t have! It’s very easy to create a simple map but this component can do so much more. I use it for my tourist guide website with map on every article and a general map with lots of placemarks and placemarks groups. You can even use a full screen map! The only thing missing is batch process parameter but still the best Google map I tried with excellent support and documentation.
Reviews: 3
I used this extension on a j2.5 site a couple of years ago as a route planner and I've just added it to the eventual replacement, a responsive j3.2 site that I'm building in MAMP ... This extension is great and not as difficult to work out what everything does the second time!
Reviews: 5
When you first open up zh Googlemap you think "Whoa, I'll never figure this out". Its so feature rich - there's so much this component can do. But don't be daunted - Go for it.

I've used it for really simple maps and for very complex interactive maps - I mapped a whole state of Australia, breaking it up into approximately 90 individual highly detailed territories (polygons). This component made what seemed like the impossible, very easy. And I've seen what others have done and some of them are amazingly awesome - the detail and the features are mind-blowing.

Once you finish, you think "I wonder if I could add [something/anything]?" YEP! Its all there - anything I can think of, this component does it.

The instructions are a bit difficult - the English is a bit broken, BUT ask the developer on his forum and he's straight back to you with the answer. Can't ask for more.

AND, this component is regularly updated with new features.

I love it. Just excellent.
Reviews: 1
I wanted a component or plugin to use with k2 where I can use lots of different maps all with various different placemarkers. I needed them for category layouts. After 2 weeks and just about giving up I gave this component, along with the plugin, a try, and it is fantastic. It looks overwhelming at first, but after playing around you notice all the extras that I have not seen on any other maps. Thank you to the developer and for making this component non-commercial. Highly recommended and fantastic work!
Owner's reply

You can notice, if you create simple map - you just only need to do - it is leave all by defaults.
In this case to create map - just set it width, height and center.
As for placemark - it's position and map.

It takes 10 seconds to create map.

The other settings - for advanced playing :)

Reviews: 1
I just downloaded this component yesterday and haven't had a chance to see if it will do every I would like I think it is absolutely brilliant. 10 out of 10!
I'm using to map multiple places under multiple groupings and Im not sure that I can place specific places under a specific group its still great.
Reviews: 1
Thank for this work. Did exactly what I needed and offered so much more as well.
Owner's reply

Hi. Thanks. Don't forget to post your site examples to my directory to show what you can do :)

Reviews: 24
I was looking for a 2.5 Google Map component (module,plugin) and I find this. I have a little bit of difficulty to have Exactly what I was needed and the support team patiently, nicely answer all my question. This can propels simple to extremely complex maps. The ultimate tool with the best people... Bravo!
Reviews: 2
Out of all the component extensions I have used this is by far the best. It has helped turned an idea formulated over a few beers into a possible money making venture. I have only had to as two question from the developer via the forum and the responses were quick, accurate and polite. Thank you.
P.S. If it helps me to earn some money as planned I'll come and buy you a beer!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you!
I still have lots of features which I think will be very useful to have in it. Only is needed to find time to do that.
And I'm very appreciate anyone who support my developments :)

Reviews: 1
The component is excellent and works as expected. Even if may look complicated to use, it is not. I had a small trouble with it and Dmitry answered fast and even solved the problem for me.
Highly recommended. Thanks for this extension!!!
Reviews: 3
Excellent +

The online response for one question I had was immediate (given our 12 hour time difference)

I have tried other google map components. Nothing, nothing available compares to this gem.
Reviews: 5
This is quite possibly one of the most well-thought-out, robust Joomla components that I've ever seen!

If God developed websites in Joomla, he'd use this component!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.
Very interesting comparison :)

Reviews: 1
The best map, better than others paid versions.
Thanks Dmitry
Reviews: 6
First off this is a great piece of software. Its very flexible to use (component, module and plugin) its customizable in various ways, from the back-end and by own stylesheets. Also its very good usable in responsive design.
Then the support is worth a 5 stars rating too, I had some wishes which could be fixed within the current release and some which could not. Dima clearly showed me how to reach my goals and was prepared to discuss about new ideas and implementing them in future release. Forum posts got answered immediately...So great software, great support and great work, use it and get happy.
Owner's reply

Thanks you.
Feel free to ask about new features, if I have enough time, I'll try to do that, or think of it ;)

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