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Bring the power of Google Maps to your site!

Hotspots is a highly configurable Google Maps marker manager released for Joomla developed by compojoom. HotSpots supports multiple categories with different icons for your locations (markers). How do you know if HotSpots is good for you. Visit our demo and see the flexibility how to show multiple locations for your office, or many locations for your directory for your city site. See how you can bring your site to the next level.

Who can use Hotspots. Everyone → Endless possibilities:

- Offices with multiple locations on contact page - Show where you are located and give the power to the users to find you.
- City directory site - Gives the ability to show all your government locations, parks, and more
- Hotel sites - Share many restraints, theaters, stores and so much more that is around you giving your clients more information before they check in.
- And more...

- able to handle 100k or 1M locations thanks to custom tiles + server side boundary method (check our demo we have 90k locations!)
- styled maps support
- weather, traffic, transit, bicycle, panoramio layers
- KML support
- Custom fields (currently text & select)
- Supports JomSocial and Community Builder 

- You can show the Jomsocial & community Builder users on a map
- K2 integration - ability to show items on the map + show a map under the k2 item
- Matukio integration - ability to show your events on a map
- Individual categories with custom marker icons on the map

- Each marker has an individual description, this can be added with or without a picture
 (each marker can have custom icon & link to com_content, k2, sobiPro)
- Frontend marker adding (as option) with a drag & drop marker & geolocation support!

- Detail page for every single marker

- Give your users the ability to create route planing

- Printing and mailing of current map

- RSS feed
 Sobi2 Data Import

- Ajax based, no reloading of the map needed

- 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker

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Reviews: 1
Great component which is exactly what fulfills these promises. In my case misused for a German site with meeting places for dog lovers. Keep it up and I look forward to the new version
Reviews: 1
This extension meets all my mapping requirements for my website, its easy to setup and the support you get from the developer is second to none, if you are looking for a mapping extension for you site I would recommend you look no further than hotspots It truly is superb.
Reviews: 1
I did pay for this extension but its already worth the money. I had a configuration problem and in few hours the component it was working as I had imagine from the begging. Don't worry about the details just send a ticket or use the ticketing answers and will have your system working
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension as well as support. Worth it money. Support are helped me to finished very big project and I want to say thanks to all of them. Keep going on this way.
Reviews: 1
Perfect support. The developer speaks german very well. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
The component is perfect... it works as it supposed to be... Also the support team is great... they answer fast and they surelly give the solution to any problem might have... Thanks a lot for this excellent component...
Reviews: 1
Unbelievably robust/feature rich mapping component! Multiple maps, multiple categories on the same map, enter an address, coordinates or simply drag the icon to the map and the other details are added for you!

I had a JS conflict with my template provider and Daniel not only did the problem solving quickly on the forum but also took the time to log into my site to assist with it's correction.

If you're looking for a full featured, flexible mapping application with outstanding support... you've found your component!
Reviews: 6
This component is absolutely great and my customer love's it.
The support is exceptional too: very quick answers, very professional and very helpful!

6 stars of 5 ;-)
Reviews: 2
This component makes creating a web-based mapping system easy.
Reviews: 4
After several months i returned to Compojoom Hotspots. I have tried several other components but all of them could not do what this component can.
After a few minor poblems that Daniel solved in a few ours (on a sunday) i now can build what i had in mind. Great!
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a google map extension for my joomla website until I saw hotspots demo. It has all the features I want (and much more). Excellent Work!

The support is also great. 5 stars!
Reviews: 4
I recently installed a different extension from HotSpots and wish I had tried HotSpots first. The support alone is worth the money and the extension so far is wonderful. I had a problem (or thought I did) and posted the error on their forum and within minutes Daniel came back with a simple solution. I am very impressed.
Reviews: 1
have only one word for this component, AMAZING... It is so easy to setup and use, and the street view options in the frontend is brilliant.

I had a few issue´s with the component (turns out to be my template), and the support was FAST, within 1 hour i had an answer.

perhaps the best money i have used on a joomla plugin...
Reviews: 8
Needed this kind of extension for en camping website which we work at. This is a superb extension and easy to adept to your own style! It has the features we were looking for. And the support is very quick by the team.
If you ar elooking for a hotspot map this one you should consider.

Reviews: 2
I have been impressed from day one with the level of customer service provided with this component. I've needed to customize hotspots for our needs a handful of times, and the developer is always more than happy to guide me in the process (and I am NOT good with code!!). If you need an interactive map on your site, I'd recommend this one.
Reviews: 1
I agree that this is a very good extention. It´s a bit frustrating that the support team doesn´t answer the tickets on a daily basis.

Reviews: 3
It is very easy to install, to use and to upgrade.

It is very useful for frontend users.

The crew is very helpful and they have great support system.

And for me; it is the important feature for me, they are always working on develop to new versions.
Reviews: 2
This is one of my favourite extensions because it works so well and is backed up by the best support I've come across.
Reviews: 23
My 3 star rating is based on the following: For a hotspot thing the component is good,some minor bugs, but there are things i dont like and thats the frequency of updates offered by the author. He doesnt release bugfix versions, or additional functionality...nothing. If he stays on this speed you get 1 update/release per year. This has been discussed on his forum and its clear that customers pay the price for the time he needs to learn things and reading books. Personally I think thats a big no no. His view is to release stable versions. But nothing is really that stable. Because of the variety of users and their situations more releases would be in his best interest. As for support, well ive seen worse but already seen topics of 6 days old not answered, and thats in the customer forum. And it does happen a lot he doesnt follow replies from customers so you end up with a non answered question. So is it a good buy ? Probably yes...the author is a nice guy but he should step up a little bit. However, be aware of 1 release per payment, and support when he's not reading and learning.
Owner's reply

Hi Yamada,

Yes, the last stable version was released in August, but this should actually speak about the stability of that release. You should also note that there have been several development releases released to all subscribers to test and discuss the progress of the component.

About the forum threads not answered - I would ask all of the JED users to visit our forum and to see for themselves if we answer support requests or not. Let me put a little bit of statistics, because stats never lie: There are total of 2527 topics of which 118 don't have a reply - and if someone want to examine closely - you can see that 99% of those 118 topics are in the "Wish list" category or code contributions from other users. + 99% of those are older than 3 years.

Kind regards,

Reviews: 1
If I have the choice to choose more than excellent i would never hesitate.
Daniel with his support is a great man.He did me a wonderful favor and provided a fast ,reliable and efficient support.
The extensions worked perfectly and smoothly and the output is perfect .
Thank you compojoom and keep it high.
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