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GK Weather Module

GK4 is new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Weather GK4 is a module used for presenting weather conditions from Yahoo! Weather forecast services.

This module allows you to display weather forecast from any place in the world you wish with a great ease. It is displayed in the form of images and text.

Module version for Joomla 1.5 (support only Google Weather Services) you can download here:

- Google Weather API is no longer available so all options connected with this API was removed.
- Support for Yahoo! Weather forecast added
- Module options interface totally rebuilt
- New system to download data which creates backup copy, thanks to which in the case of unavailability of data, there will be used data downloaded recently
- Possibility of specifying number of days a weather forecast involves

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Reviews: 2
Simple, simple setup. Looks great with my yootheme template. Location works unlike other extensions i've tried. Great!
Reviews: 8
Works like a charm (J3.3), really happy with this module. Easy install, looks great, lots of configuration options. Did I mentions it' free? Don't look any further if you are looking for a great looking, very functional weather module. Five stars easy.
Reviews: 1
This extension installs without a hitch and works perfect (joomla 3.2). No need to go searching for WOEID # as there is a link in the admin area to make this easy. Choose between 3 different icon sizes and 4 icon sets to match your web site. Select the amount of weather data you want to display; wind, humidity, temp,Celsius/Fahrenheit and multi day outlook. One of the easiest to use and set up and I would highly recommend this extension to anyone needing weather data.
Reviews: 3
I have to say that I was a bit puzzled reading the reviews but I took a chance and got it. I like this module. It looks good in the frontend, it's easy to manage and perfect for s tourism site. It even offers different languages depending on the location you select. It works perfectly.
Reviews: 6
This is the best weather module, tried almost all of the modules and only this provided me easy customization, and really beautiful, simple and understandable widget on the frontend, really good job! thanx!
Reviews: 1
The module is simple to install and use but it has dysfunction problems (for ex : two different towns, same weather in each but not same icons, etc...) and there's no support.
Reviews: 6
This may work great but it requires a WOEID for your city, but there are many zip codes that WOEID doesn't recognize, rendering the module useless.
Reviews: 7
I found this the very best weather module. Easy to install, looks nice.

But ... it installs itself in a separate subdomain. That's something the developer should inform the user about. Not somewhere on page 999 of a manual, but right away.

Apart from that, I certainly recommend this one. But I can't give it 5 stars due to the above problem.
Reviews: 1
They had to remove the Google feed and left it only with the Yahoo feed, which is not too bad, unless you're outside of England, then you'll be wasting your time for hours trying to fix all the issues, you'll be facing, such as the icons, the languages, and finding the WOEID... If you have a suscription with them, then they'll fix it, but if you want this as a FREE extension, then look somewhere else since you don't have a suscription, if you click help then you can choose between paying between $40 and $199 euros...
Reviews: 4
Great extension. Very easy to configure. It uses Google and Yahoo weather data. I used Google data and checked with our official local webstie, Voila! they match. Only (-) minus was (maybe I couldn't see) was the unit of wind speed was in mph while I prefer kmh. Thanks to devs.
P.S. You can see it working at
Reviews: 14
Installed on 1.7, haven't tried it with 2.5. Works great for a simple weather module, easy to custimize. Looks great on a light colored template, but looks bad on a dark template.
Reviews: 1
Works fine for me, except for two issues. Firstly, it uses "floor" instead of "round" for the celcius to fahrenheit calculations, so 2.9C is displayed as 2C (not a big issue, and easily fixed with a quick hack). More importantly, it has a limited set of icons, so "sunny", "mostly sunny" and "partly sunny" are all shown with a blazing sun icon, which is pretty misleading.
Reviews: 1
Would be better if it had proper timezone support for my locality, Australia ACST (UTC+9:30)
ACDT (UTC+10:30) etc.
When I opt to use Google weather feed, the icons don't show and there is no option to use Google's default icons.
The Backend user interface would be more friendly if it were to use Joomlas default styling instead of the orange sliding DIV's.
I don't understand why you can not forecast more than 2 days when using Yahoo Weather.
Apart from the above mentioned it has great functionality, easy to implement and looks clean from the front end.
Reviews: 8
Beautiful, easy to setup and to install. Work in a "little" town in the west of France!

Unfortunately, the support is not free, even for one question…. I hope it will in the future!

Reviews: 4
Weather data through yahoo is accurate
Clean look, great icons, nice feel
Good customization options.

(tried many other extensions but they didn't come close to matching this one)
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says. Easy setup and support for multiple languages ​​(including PT-BR). I'm using on my site and recommend it to everyone. Perfect.
Reviews: 10
I like it but I experienced that my site got a loooooong load time and a nasty PHP XML error because the weather service was down for some hours. I got my site up and running normal again when I disabled the weather module (using Joomla 1.5 and GK1 v.1.2). So kind of weather online service check is needed in order to use it fully on a professional site :-) So for now I have disabled it, but I loved it before I knew about the missing weather service online check.
Reviews: 7
Works well for "famous" cities like London, Paris etc.

But for anywhere else it's very hard to know what to put for Location and you'll get "An error occured - you set wrong location or data for your location are unavailable".

Supposedly it uses both (or either?) Google and Yahoo weather. But it's not immediately apparent if this can be configured or how, or which one it is using at any given time.

The location I want (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia) shows up in both Google and Yahoo weather, but I've tried all possible combinations of names and spellings and can't get anything but the error message. Perhaps with clearer documentation it is simple.

Click on the "need you help" link and you'll be invited to pay between 40 and 199 Euros.

I'm not too impressed.
Reviews: 3
Problem with certain countries (Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto ....)
Reviews: 12
I downloaded the extension from their Gavick website the version 1.1.0 which the website says was last updated Jan 25, 2011. However, upon installation, the backend says the extension was actually Jan 31, 2010 update.

The extension itself looks nice. Unfortunately, the latitude, longitude, and timezone settings don't work. Supposedly, based on these settings the displayed icons will alternately show either a sun or a moon depending on the time of the day for these settings. However, in my case, the icons appear stuck as a moon 24 hours a day based on the latitude/longitude settings i obtained from Google Maps. If you change the values to null, the icons are stuck to a sun all day long for 24 hours. Changing timezone values don't have any effect.

Also, the weather forecast displayed seems to be less accurate compared to The Weather Underground. The other day, it was raining heavily here in my place, but the forecast says "Partly Cloudy", while The Weather Underground accurately says "Rainy".
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