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VTEM Weather Module

This module will read the current weather for a location using Yahoo! Weather. It produces structured HTML with in-built CSS classes for styling. Simple and easy to use.

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Reviews: 1
Seemed to be what I was searching for, but there are no means to adjust the unusable for me.
Reviews: 2
Got it working in minutes. One correction since I see some people had the same problem. You are not getting the code from Yahoo site but from the service that Yahoo uses and that is It does display Yahoo weather one you click on the link but if you follow further you'll see that Yahoos source is Other than that this module is Perfect.
Reviews: 1
This looks good and works fine with the default rss feed codes, but just will not work with the location code generated by Yahoo. For instance the default codes are using the prefix UKXX, although yahoo doesn't generate a code like this so for the code it generates for my area (Fort William) it gives me 20465 however this seems to also be the code for Washinton US. Tried the forums to seek a soloution but there is no search feature, no sub catagories and the solution posted isn't a solution. Not sure why the guy would expect anyone to join his forum for $30 a year to use a free piece of software any way...
Reviews: 4
I installed this extension today and it worked with the defaults, but as soon as I decide to change the city to my own, I don't find any way to do that efficiently.

RSS method does not work any more, as noted by the user review above, and the owner's reply to visit the forum is useless, since the forum itself is not searchable for guests and even using the google search on that domain (using site:domain) didn't help that much. If the owner cared enough to make a reply to a user's review, he could have already posted a link to the correct forum post, so that we don't have to loose entire day searching a simple forum.

Also, not being able to find a proper city code means that the module itself is practically useless, unless you want to use default cities.

Also, for some reason, when I finally found a way to get the city codes properly (view source in my browser and analyzing html code from yahoo weather), I realized that Serbian cities' names are not displayed at all with this module. I've checked these codes so far, which don't give any city name at all: 'SRXX0005','SRXX0006','SRXX0008','SRXX0009'

If you check Yahoo Weather page here: (and also try with all the other codes I mentioned above) you'll see these are the correct codes.

All-in-all, the module seems like it is working and is fast-loading, but doesn't load the data :) So I don't really know what else to say.
Reviews: 1
As of right this very minute, July 7, 2012, there is no longer a weather RSS on Yahoo EXCEPT for weather news and you have to go to their RSS page just to find that by clicking on the Y!News RSS link at the bottom of their page .. the weather RSS on their website is no longer for a weather feed.....if it is hidden, post a proper link...
Owner's reply

We have provided a solution to solve the problem on our forum.
Thanks for your feedback.

Reviews: 1
This is a great extension, looks good, but when activated in either Joomla 1.7 or 2.5, it stops menus extending on hover / mouseover. The sub-menu items will only appear on click. If this extension is deactivated the menus will extend on hover.

It would be wonderful if a solution to this could be found as really there isn't a better looking weather extension.
Reviews: 7
Super simple, looks great, support was outstanding. I bought the package where you can download many extensions, and it was well worth the money. As I said, support was great, I had many questions when I started, but they answered them quickly and had me up and running in no time.
Reviews: 1
Excellent, first of all I want to thanks VTEM for this nice looking extension. I have used in 1.7 and it works perfect. It would better to understand if you please write the way to get location ID in the extension's description section. Thanks again for this nice extension and hope more non-commercial ext in future.
Reviews: 1
The module seems to be good. But Please tell me how to get the country codes. For Ex, Where can i get the code for Bermuda...

Owner's reply

To find a location ID visit the Yahoo! Weather page and select a location then click on RSS, the location ID is at the end of the URL address ie UKXX0085 for London, UK

Reviews: 2
This should be a commercial extension, but I am SOOO glad it isn't. It works like a charm. THANK YOU and may God bless!