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JUX Weather Forecast Module

JUX Weather Forecast is a beautiful, simple and feature rich weather module for Joomla. It allows you to interact with to download and present all the latest local/international weather information on the go.
JUX Weather Forecast helps you to easily display weather information from basic to detailed to meet your need. With its features, you now have access to the comprehensive insight of weather forecast in any region of the world.

Key features:
- Support Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
- Fully Responsive: Display the same on any devices
- Beautiful design with CSS3 transition effect
- Compatible with Tablet, Smart phone
- Flexible Configuration: Easily control any setting & information in backend
- Provide all the latest weather information (Temperature, Wind Speed, Humidity, Visibility, and much more)
- 10 days weather forecast (version 1.0.8+)
- Automatically store client settings (version 1.0.3+)
- jQuery with noConflict

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Reviews: 3
Extreme designed module, the appearance of the weather forecast is stunning.
It has many options to play with and get the exact result you want to show.
Reviews: 12
After spending hours looking for a decent weather widget for a client website I found yours.

Purchased, installed, and configured this in 60 seconds and was blown away.

It's beautiful and elegant, and so very cool!

Forget any other weather widget as I tried them all. This is now a permanent member of my Joomla toolbox! Thank you for such a beautiful piece of coding!
Reviews: 7
Looking at the demo site convinced me to buy this module.It's one of the best looking weather modules I've found, simple to set up and the animations add both color and effects for the end user. There was a slight color problem on my site in the list when setting the city but Long Do gave me instructions within a couple of hours that worked wonderfully. Reasonably priced and without a doubt, at the top of all weather modules. Thanks guys for a great job
Reviews: 1
I bought and install the JUX weather forecast to my site. It is very easy to install and setup and the result is the best from every weather plugin i have tryed... Very beautiful, many informations, very accurate and weather animations are a big plus to hole package... A small problem with the display of data was solved in few minutes by Tulio from support center. Overall a must have plugin for your site in a vary small price!
Reviews: 4
I had a problem to make the module work and I contacted the customer service. They solved the problem quickly and explained me what the problem was (yet the problem was a due to a plugin I had installed in my website).
Now, everything in the module works perfectly.
Reviews: 5
I wanted to get a weather widget for a customer's site and the JED Weather extension fit the need. It is nice and well laid out. I did have a small issue with the default download not being able to save the default location unless you lived in New York, NY. However, their technical support was aware of the issue and quickly guided me to a newer release for Joomla! 2.5 that solve the issue. If it wasn't for that small technical glitch, I would have given them 5 stars. Well worth the money. GW
Reviews: 1
I have fallen in love with this module at first sight!
The animated sun, animated drops of a rain, moving clouds is very beautifully looks on a site! I have fallen in love with this module at first sight! The module has now Russian translation.

This best weather extention on JED!
Reviews: 1
i have looked at all the weather mods here repeatedly. to me jux weather is the best here. especially for the $. support is responsive. i looking forward to future versions.
Reviews: 2
Looked around for a nice crisp looking module and this one certainly does the trick. Had a couple of small css issues clashing with external template, but support were excellent and problems soon solved by adding a few lines of code.
Reviews: 15
Normally I don't go for commercial extensions, but this is worth the money and exactly what I was looking for. Very beautiful and a treat for your eyes.
The support is also exceptional.
Reviews: 2
Not only does this weather module look 200+% better than any others, it can also boast that it has the best customer service of anyone on the planet.

If you purchase this module and have any kind of an issue or customization you need help with, Tulio will not only respond within hours but will have your issue resolved! I don't think I've ever experienced that kind of service before with any extension I've ever purchased. Even those at a much higher price.

Snatch this module up, people. It's all it's cracked up to be!
Reviews: 3
This weather forecast is a bit different. Not just some tiny icon or image. This is a lively weather show! Wow!

I had an issue with the display on non english browsers. And the support of Tulio Ha was exceptional. He spent time right away and I got a fix within hours.

Reviews: 6
Installation was easy, many options, presentation is great and the weather data is thorough. Responsive design is a big help. Had a small adjustment request, wanted to reformat the date for the U.S., and received a modded file from the developer within hours.