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CMC - Mailchimp for Joomla

CMC is a joomla extension that integrates with the Mailchimp API. (Mailchimp( is completly free for up to 12 000 newsletters to 2000 subscribers per month! Get an account here: )

* let your users subscribe to your newsletter during the registration on your site (default joomla registration & k2, Jomsocial or Community Builder)
* let the users subscribe to your newsletter through the use of our ajax module
* option to unsubscribe & to update the provided data
* Two way list & user synchronisation
* create, edit, delete users right from the backend of your joomla
* add the users from any joomla group to your mailchimp lists
* ecommerce360 support (works with akeebasubs, Hika shop, Matukio, Payplans, Redshop & Virtuemart)

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 7
I'm using this extension for all Joomla projects that require Mailchimp registration. A good, and very easy to setup product. Thanks for your free version :)
Reviews: 18
I would just like to echo what others have said regarding this excellent Joomla!/MailChimp extension.

It is FREE but there should be a way of offering a donation to the developer, if there is, can someone point this out to me.

I didn't have any problems setting up the module, I was able to position it where I wanted, the link into MailChimp worked almost first time, cannot ask more than that from a FREE extension.

I have made a request via the developers forum, to a 'Wishlist', asking if there was any way that I could link the module to a popup. The sort of thing that sits off to one side of the website/browser. Daniel has come back to say that he will try to incorporate this feature in the next version, if he can, that will make this the BEST extension that I have working and it is FREE.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent extension. Easy to use and problem-free so far. But the real value to me is the support. I had a little (very little) styling issue that actually wound up being caused by someone else's code, but Compojoom's response was quick, patient (I'm not an expert at this), and effective. I'd use this extension even if it weren't exactly what I needed, simply because the support experience was so pleasant. In a world where folks can sometimes be a bit cranky if you're not an expert, service like you get from Compojoom means something.
Reviews: 7
With my first attempt at setting up email marketing I decided to try CMC. I have a Joomla 3.2 site and there weren't as many options as there are for 2.5
What an excellent choice I made!! This component was so easy to install, the instructions are very straigh-forward and I had my MailChimp account set up and tested within a couple of hours.
I can't comment on support, because I didn't need to use it, but that in itself is a positive thing!
MailChimp is so easy to use too, so if that's the way you want to mass-email then I recommend this extension highly.
Reviews: 11
Documentation was very good. Walking through it step by step makes this very easy to install and use. Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 8
I had a bit of trouble setting it up at first but I was missing some of the settings..

After going through the steps and checking a couple of forum posts, I managed to set it up pretty quick...

I can now see my users on mailchimp. No fuss :)
Reviews: 3
I tried this to avoid always installing entire components for sending newsletter directly from my sites. It works great.
Reviews: 8
The module works very well, thanks. It is strange that the signup fields for email/first name/last name do not have labels but not disastrous.
Reviews: 8
Until recently, I was using another connector between sites and mailchimp, that seems to have stopped working recently and emails to the devs have fallen on deaf ears.

I cam across this one this morning and WOW! So much better, it is the best connector between your site and Mailchimp.

Super job guys!
Reviews: 5
This component makes integration of Mailchimp easy. The adminview is clean and clear.

I had a problem with multiple lists, and they responded so fast... Combine the power of MailChimp and Joomla with this extension, and you'll have a great newsletter!
Reviews: 1
It works as a charm without any problems.
Reviews: 2
This is very good in setup and use ... all of the bug is resolved ...and the support team is very good ...thanks for all
Reviews: 4
This i very good version 1.0 !!
Som functions are missing, but overall this is a great component to keep track of your subscribers and a nice module to add them.
It would be nice if the component only fetched a specific list and the subscribers to this. Adding groups would also be nice :)